Laagi Tujhse Lagan 15th November 2010 Written Update

A Divine Moment that was on Saturday . Admist the holy hymns, Nakku & Dutta got married and have to say it was just spellbinding . No other shaadi can beat the one we saw in the special episode. Everyone of us got to enjoy it irrespective of whether we like the fact that Nakku was still in her dark avtar or not. Dutta & Nakku got married for the second time and it was seriously an affair to remember. D-N vowed (Agni ko saakshi maankar) that they will do everything they can to keep that relation going. What a amazing sight to watch !!! . Baaji smiled, AS breathed a sigh of relief and Babi ……… hmmm as usual shed couple of tears , but for a change they were tears of joy . If u happened to miss the special episode, pls do watch it. Its worth 100 watch-es . So while TaSha got married, someone on the other hand sent Nakku\’s fair snaps to AS. Who is this unknown enemy and what was the purpose behind sending the snaps to AS and not Dutta?, Something which might come forth in the coming episodes. Anyways, at the end of Sat\’s spl epi, we had Dutta at the SR room\’s entrance, while Nakku who is in her fair avtar was inside the room along with Kala. Chalo lets go see if Dutta indeed gets to see the fair Nakku and if at all he does, whats gonna be his reaction………… to the epi………..

1)Episode starts off on……………. Kala (), says to Nakku, “If Dutta can love ur black avtar Imagine how bad he will love u now?” . Nakku looks on , worried. Kala looks at the door, notices Dutta enter, says, “Its time to show ur face. All the best and u sure are looking damn beautiful”. (Ya she does need loads of such “All the best\’s” ). Nakku tensed, Kala walks off. Nakku walks back to the bed. Kala goes to Dutta, puts her hand on his shoulder and says, “All the best Bhaou . I wish no black truth or white lie , shed its evil eye on ur married life” (Nakku is kaala sach, we understand but who is safed jhoot? U ? . U calling urself Jhooti? . Miracle indeed !!! ). Dutta smiles, Kala walks off.

2) Cut back to Babi maa at her room. She remembers a flashback scene where she said to Nakku, “U always ended up in trouble, Whenever ppl saw ur fair face” , and cries out loud ( It would indeed be another miracle if she didnt cry . Ab teek hai, now that she is crying normally ). AS remembers Pandits words, “Nakku is Dutta\’s sheild” and then remmebers Nakku\’s true face scene, gets worried. Kala in her room, thinks to herself, “Today was my last ploy”, remembers the 25 yr back FB scene, where her dad got killed by DP, and then she remembers how Dutta shunned her of from his life for bad mouthing Nakku. Back to AS in her room, standing worried. Kala comes there, asks AS if she is worried abt the same fact that she is worried abt (. Try being a bit explicit the next time Kala . Tell ur AS exactly what ur worried abt . Dutta\’s reaction or non-reaction at Face Revelation). AS nods “yes” and says that it was difficult to hide the truth from Dutta. I did everything thinking its good for Dutta. Kala has a slight smile on her face (??Shouldnt Kala act worried infront of her mom? Why is she grinning instead? Isnt she worried that she will be caught by her mom?) . Kala says, “Did we make a mistake in getting D-N married? I had to lie to my bro because of that today” (?? and AS buys that? . Did AS forget that Kala hates Dutta?? ) . Kala continues her emotional athayachar of the day, says, “Iam worried thinking, when Dutta gets to know abt the truth he might be mad at us. What if he harms Nakku or harms himself?” (Aur kya, u will break into a jig . Iskeliye AS poochne ki kya zaroorath thi Kala. Humse poochthi, Poor AS Dont disturb her, she is busy communicating with Jagadamba, cant u see? ). AS worried and tensed, keeps pestering Jagadamba . (PN wasis and their GODs ko pester karne ki habbits, I tell u . One tortures Bappa, other tortures Jagadamba ). Kala gives out her evil smile .

3) Scene shifts to the Suhaag Raat wala room. Nakku in her fair face and with her veil on (covering her face off) , sits on the bed, prays to Bappa “This is my last test. Just like I believe in u, pls let Saab believe in me too” (?? Joke?? Is that supposed to be a Joke Nakkusha ji?. If u really wanted ur saab to believe u, u shouldve told the truth abt ur face before. Not after the second shaadi and at the Suhaag raat room, buddy. Thats such an inhuman act and u ask Bappa to help u thru it?. ). Dutta enters the room, closes the door (Dutta , Meri baath maan, baag jaa uss room se. Suhaag raat kisi aur din manana . Or do one thing, go downstairs and drink as much as u can so that u loose all ur senses Aur phir aanaa room mein. Only that can save u today, ur senselessness ). Nakku tensed peeks thru the veil. Dutta walks to the bed, stands nearby , wipes off the tears of happiness flowing thru his eyes ( Dont kills us Dutta . We are already dreading the outcome ) , says, “Nakku u know me. I am very bad at this heart-talk. Its quite difficult for me to pour out my heart. I waited for this moment. I wanted to see u as my wife. I made mistakes and wanted to set them right. Today we married with all the customs and traditions” (ya Dutta, U cant just say “Nakkusha is free. She can go from pagal niwas” anymore.If u hate to see her, U wouldve to divorce her properly this time . Bahut hi lengthy process hai mere bhai ). He then walks back, and sits on the bed behind Nakku. Nakku in foreground and Dutta behind her. Dutta continues, “I want to let u know somethings. U know them already. But just think that by saying it out now, my heart will be unburdened a bit” (and u said ur not so good at pouring ur heart out? . Yeh sab baathon ko tere dictionary mein kya kehthe hain? Humare yahan tho isiko dil ki baath kehthe hain ) . Nakku, worried, keeps listening to Dutta, mum. Dutta continues, “After being betrayed in love, I was broken. I forgot that I have a heart too. I forgot that I need love. Then I met u, saved u . This is all part of fate. U meeting me and saving me. May be u met me to change me. U woke up the human in me. U got me to fall in love. The day I got u home, my heart went a bit jittery” (Heart specialist ko dikade . Nakusha unpad hai, she wont be able to diagnose ur heart problem ) . Nakku gets a bit agitated. ( ?? . U worried that ur saab changed into human? Dont worry he will soon change back to his original self, a Darinda . Moo tho dikade).

4) Dutta has flashes off the scene where Nakku entered Pagal niwas for the first time and let AS know her name “Nakusha”. (Awwwwwwwwww I adore that scene. It was so intense, I can still feel the intensity in Dutta\’s eyes that day ). Dutta says, “That was a weird feeling. It got me to believe in u a lot. I had to open up myself to u” . Nakku worried, sits mum. He then remembers his, “I respect valor” wala scene , continues, “I dont know how I couldnt sense the feelings and I took u to be my enemy”. He remembers, “An enemy can backstab me but a friend?” (From Sups fiasco) , feels bad (Dutta dear dont feel bad , u might say the same line to Baaji this time ) . Nakku feels doubly bad (Remembering abt the past and the betrayl she is going to shove at Dutta now. I feel pity for her ). Dutta continues, “I broke down again that day. Ur love reached my ears, but thinking abt ur betrayl I couldnt see thru ur heart” . Nakkku keeps listening to it all, keenly. Dutta a bit sad , a bit ashamed, says, “I thought u r just like all the other girls who betrayed me, so wanted to avenge it by getting married to u” (Just say naa that u were a Gadha. Bas ek word mein Nakku aur hum sab samaj jaanyenge . There is no need to waste so many lines for that ). Dutta remembers the forced shaadi, shakes his head a bit, says, “I was so blinded by rage that I didnt think even for a second what u might be going thru. U didnt utter a word. U bore all my vents” (She had no option , did she? ). Dutta feels the pain of the past. Nakku sits sad. Dutta continues, “If Bappa got us together, he saved our relation too. U saved me and my family. But I still was stone hearted” (Yeh koi explicitly kehne ki zaroorath nahin hai . Add on, “Iam dumb, I have no brain. I lost my brain as a child. I cant see thru any evil” , we wont mind ) , remembers the poison scene at Temple, continues, “I realised that I was wrong. I decided that day that I will free u from this marriage. I declared that u were free infront of all the ppl” (ya that was because that shaadi had no tradiitions and customs, Iss baar waise nahin chelega . Do remember that ), remembers the “Ur free from here on” wala scene. Nakku mum, Dutta smiles a bit(Awwwwwwwwwwwww , cutie pie . Wonder when we might see him so calm, peaceful and smiling again………so lets enjoy while it lasts ).

5) Dutta smilingly says, “How could I let u go? God wanted something else altogether. May be thats why God got us to wander alone in the Jungle” (Ok Dutta , God u means CVs na? Just confirming . U continue ) . He remembers the cliff scene, continues, “I still remember the day when u didnt wanted to get down my car. I shouldve realised that day how much u love me” (but as expected u didnt . Humein patha hai ) . Nakku has a wee bit of smile on her face and so does Dutta. He continues, “But I didnt, i was still stone hearted. I needed more love to break thru my heart. It was ur love that got me worried abt u. I was for the first time scared of loosing u. But I in my arrogance didnt realise it. I didnt realise that I was saving u more for myself then for sending u back safe to ur mom”. He then goes a bit sad remembers Jagtaap\’s “Even u will realise love one day” wala scene , continues, “I came back from Jungle but my heart remained there. I wanted time to stand still. I wanted u and me alone at that jungle. I also realised it the day u were kidnapped by Anna. I felt as if someone took half of my heart from me” (No wonder!!!. No wonder u had to take shower, ponder thru and watch Nakku\’s pleas and then run?…….Ofcourse u had to because u didnt have ur FULL heart to think thru naa, ya ya we get it . Phenkne bait gaya aur phenka ja raha hai, phenka ja raha hai. Tham ja . Itna bhi math phenk ki mujhe mazaak karne ka mauka miljaaye ) . He continues, “I was looking crazily for u. I felt as if I will loose u. I for the first time got scared” (Jhoot?? Dutta tu aur Jhoot? . How many “pheli baar\’s” will u get scared buddy? . I remember u using the same line when Anna\’s men attacked ur family at the temple . ) . Nakku remembers the scene where Dutta didnt recognize her and asked her abt Nakku, feels sad (Dont feel bad Naku ji, u dont need to dig thru ur memories and remember such scenes. U will see the repeat telecast of the same scene in present very soon . Ghoonghat utayiye aur apka sundar chehra Dutta ji ko dikayiye . Duniya ke liye Diwali katham hogayi, par Pagal niwas mein ab shuru hogi ) . Dutta continues, “When I met u that day, I felt as if I got back my breath. I found the reason to live” , remembers the hug at Anna\’s den () , smiles and continues, “That second opened up my heart for u. I realised that u were my life, I fell in love Nakku” (Humein patha hai, humein patha hai ……… Hum sab log uss din uss kamre mein chupkar woh Hug dekh li thi ) . He then sighs, gets up, walks a bit off from the bed, and says, “I have a dream. A dream to possess u. A dream to see u as my wife. Its only u who I think I own” (Dutta dream karna bahut galath baath hai . U and ur dreams . Looks like all ur dreams are jinxed buddy. Once u dreamt of marrying Seema, which we all know how it ended. Then u dreamt of a happy marriage with Sups, aha what a disaster that was. Now u want to possess Nakku?. Aai Saab, aap kaha ho?, jaake ek naya Pagal niwas banalo aapke pariwar ke liye. Aapka ladla Dutta dream karchuka hai means Pagal niwas ki demolish time agaya hai . U will need another shelter for u and ur family ) . Nakku looks back at Dutta, sad. Dutta continues, “Come what may, I cannot mistrust u” (Haiye mera dil . Anil and CVs are really playing with our Nazuk hearts by making Dutta spit our such lines) . Nakku gets back and starts walking towards Dutta. Dutta turns back , looks at Nakku , says, “Come what may, u will never betray me” (). He continues, “Ur the most beautiful woman in a true sense. I wish everyone gets someone like u so that they can realise that inner beauty is more imp than the outer one”. Nakku tries to say something, says “Saab”. Dutta cuts her off , says, “Enuf Nakku. No more Saab. U own me, Call me by my name” (. Lets see what u will say after she revals her true face. Naam tho bhool ja, I dont think u would love to hear her voice altogether) . Nakku replies, “I feel close to u when I call u saab”. Dutta smiles. Nakku continues, “U told me ur truth but today I want to tell u my side of the story. U promise me that u will hear me out thru. U know my whole story except the first page, I want to let u know that first part”. Dutta, smiles, says, “I know whatever ur gonna say, u will say the truth. I believe in my love and u”(). . Nakku asks, “Please promise me that u wont take any decisions without listening to my whole story”. Dutta smiles, goes on his knees (Awwwwwwwwwww ), extends his hand, says, “I never thought I will say this , but I really love u a lot, Nakkusha” ( Aha romantic ? . Man a proposal yet again …………. ). Nakku extends her hand and places it on Dutta\’s hand. Dutta gets shocked to see a fair hand, looks down to see fair feet. Screen freezes for the day on Dutta\’s shocked face .

6) Precap : Nakku in her fair avtar, Dutta super mad, Q\’s “Who ru?”. Nakku replies, “Iam Nakkusha. Ur Nakku….”. Dutta fumes mad, says, “Shut up, how can u be my Nakusha?”. Nakku sad ,replies, “Iam ur nakusha. This is my true face”. Dutta shocked and mad. ( ……. Someone save Nakkusha . Dutta jis tharah gussa horaha hai, kya patha he might just shoot her and shoot himself off . Kissa katham )

Its all the way MR today and man was he good !!!. Amazing episode, Dutta\’s heartaching, heartbreaking and an Amazing talk. What to say, just watch it. Another wonderful work by Anil. CVs were damn good . Face revealation indeed\’s turning out good .

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