Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani 18th November 2010 Written Update

The show started with Pia & Kabir entering the restaurant. A waiter welcomes them. They sit on a table & Kabir just looks at Pia (very cutely) & says thanks to Pia & says that every person in this room in must be thinking what I am doing with such an angel. Then Abhay & T came & Maya comes to welcome them & T insults her by sayings “it must be bad for you to pick up the dishes of your fellow student” & then she looks at Kabir & Pia & says\’ look at the losers\’. Both the couple exchange glances. Kabir asks Pia for a dance & Pia accepts it. Abhay is jealous. Pia says she wanted to use the washroom & excuses herself. Abhay also goes behind her. When Pia is in the washroom, a guy says him “you\’re so beautiful” & tries to flirt with her. He holds her hand but then suddenly Abhay comes & rescues her. He says “there are a lot of girl\’s outside, so go”. Pia runs away & then has an encounter with Misha (who\’s dressed like a boy) & Tracker (Who comes as her date). When Pia comes back, Kabir asks what happened, she says nothing. Then he clapped his hand once & suddenly musicians start playing a song around there table. She asks what\’s all that (impressed) & he says “just trying to impress you”. Pia says “That was really sweet”. On the other hand, Abhay takes the mike & announces that he will offer champagne to everyone as today he met someone really special (T). Kabir again asks her for dance & Pia accepts & same way Abhay does the same. The song \’Pyar Ki Ek Kahani\’ starts. Both of the couples are dancing & then Danish & Panchi also come & see both the couples dancing. Then she sees Misha (who\’s still dressed like a boy) & says to Danish that her dad had the same jacket & things it\’s strange & then, the song starts again. They do salsa. Suddenly a smoke machine starts & then Misha says there is going to be some chemical problem. Then T comes & says Abhay you so lucky, everyone is watching me & her hair goes half green, but she doesn\’t realize that. Everyone starts laughing & Abhay says that yes everyone\’s looking at you. Then Misha comes & says she is a huge fan of her & takes a picture of her & then shows it to her. T goes really angry &then Misha reveals herself. Abhay & Pia are still dancing. Suddenly Panchi comes & scolds Misha & then Danish comes. Abhay looks are Kabir & Pia in jealousy & then suddenly Pia slips from Kabir\’s hand & falls in Abhay\’s arms. They have a cute \’eye-lock\’ session & both of them smiles a bit. Then Abhay imagines Pia & himself dancing (Pia in straight hair). They still look into each others\’ eyes & then Abhay comes back to his senses & releases her. Kabir watches them. Pia thinks what\’s happening to her, why can\’t she take herself away from Abhay. Kabir goes away angrily & she thinks that he must have felt really bad.

In the car, Abhay is thinking about their \’eye-lock \’moment & the dance he had imagined & says that she should control himself & that she is not methyl & can never be her & then suddenly overtakes Kabir\’s car. In Kabir\’s car, Pia says sorry to him & says that she didn\’t want to hurt him & says that she knows he is angry with her. Then Kabir says he can never be angry with her. He says he is angry with Abhay because he becomes a little different with her & says then indirectly asks her that whether she likes him. She doesn\’t say anything so he asks again and she says no, but then he thinks “I am not sure, because the way you looked at him, It was different”. Then as they reach home, Kabir goes close to Pia & Pia thinks about what Misha had told her about \’not going too fast in the relationship\’.

Suddenly Kabir says “something was there in her hair” & then takes it out & then asks “what were you thinking?”. Pia said she thought she saw someone in the jungle & then he says “I know you need time, don\’t worry, I will not go too fast”. Then he drops Pia & Pia thinks “Kabir is so good, but I don\’t love him” & then suddenly she hears someone\’s voice & its Maya\’s. She says “This time I am not lying, I will expose you, and I cannot handle everything on my own” & then Pia runs there shouting “Abhay…Abhay”, but till the time she reaches there, both Maya & the guy (Most probably Danish, according to the new TB article) runs from there.

Tomorrow: Same as yesterday.

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