Laadli 23rd November 2010 Written Update

amro says to gursheel its unlucky to do this, its laxmi pooja. gursheel says its a lucky day, new year, new beginning. narangs follow the men. goldie says to gursheel there will be no mandir or pooja. gg laugh.

bebo does fireworks. ria is happy. biji tells bebo that arjun is looking for her. bebo falls back and runs into arjun\’s arms. they stare at each other. anchal and kamini make faces. the fireworks hurt bebo\’s feet. arjun makes bebo sit. arjun puts medicine on bebo\’s foot. bebo says she is ok, she will go get ready for pooja. arjun helps bebo walk and takes her to the room. bebo sees all the gifts in the room. arjun says its all the diwali gifts. arjun is holding bebo. kamini watches.

amro pleads to the men not to remove the murti. amro pleads to gursheel that the pooja is supposed to start in 1 hour, goddesses blessings are with their kids, humans have to repay it for births, but not to remove the mandir. gursheel says the mandir\’s disha is not right, they have to remove it. amro says they will change the mandir disha. goldie says its not just the disha, mandir is for pooja, there are so many things in the living room, it doesnt look good. goldie tells the men to continue. amro pleads. daljit says to gursheel that they are living off the narangs money. gursheel says to daljit that he will be punished, she would have listened to amro once, but because of the taunt it will be done. amro pleads. prabjot walks away and calls bebo. prabjot tells bebo that gursheel brought people to break the mandir so that there would be no pooja. bebo says there will be a pooja, to open the door. some people come into narang house reciting prayers. the people say the laxmi pooja is celebrated big in this house, they do it here every year, their whole year goes well. another guy praises kuku for this. another guy says they should start the pooja. gursheel says yes. amro cheers with the people. kuku comes. the guy tells kuku to start the pooja. the narangs do the pooja with the people. gg look on mad.

bebo prays. bebo remembers seeing goldie talking to the guy and her inviting people to narang house for the pooja.

biji, anchal and kamini look at jewelery. kamini asks the guy to show one set. the guy says arjun already chose it for bebo. kamini asks for the other one. kamini looks at it. arjun comes. the guy says they are liking the sets that arjun liked before them. kamini gives it back. kamini says to tell what else arjun liked so that they will take the leftovers. kamini tries to walk away. arjun stops her. arjun says to kamini to keep the set, he will choose another for bebo. kamini says how can she take what he chose for bebo, whoever is no one to the house has everything, how come bebo is favored over her, she is the rightful bahu, bebo is not even the illegal wife either, still she has all the rights. biji tells kamini to stop, she can take the set. kamini says she wont share her status in the house with a outsider. kamini runs off. biji says to arjun not to listen to kamini, bebo is very important to this house. arjun says he knows, that is why he ignored her. biji says she will make kamini understand. anchal thinks bebo has gotten this house in her grasp.

amro says to gg she lit dias for decorations, who knew what they understood, every year. gursheel says she doesnt care what they do every year. amro says lighting dias and doing pooja for laxmi is shagun. gursheel says they wont get anywhere, laxmi wont come, they have to gamble. amro says no, she just knows about the pooja, dias and rangoli, she needs some money for that. gursheel tells goldie to make amro understand. goldie says gursheel said no, there will be no dias lit. gursheel says they are having a gambling party today, to arrange food for 1 hour later. amro says pooja preparations. gg tell amro to do the work. bebo looks on.

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