Laagi Tujhse Lagan 23rd November 2010 Written Update

So U Guys Happy? . What? Dont get it? . That means u guys sure didnt watch yesterday\’s episode . I was asking abt Dutta\’s black pathani\’s and earrings . Didnt u see how he was making sure u gals get to see that he indeed got ur fav things back on him . Jks apart, so Dutta thought abt the pagal niwas and its happenings, thru the weekend and dedcided that he needs to first take a shower . Ofcourse he has to , cuz the last time he showered was way back during Anna\’s time where he went to save Nakku from Anna\’s clutches . Srsly jokes apart, so ya Dutta showered and got back to being Dutta Bhaou.Ok stop giving me those confused looks . I meant to say Dutta who recently mellowed down a bit, ofcourse Nakku ke love mein , felt its high time he changes back to his pre-Nakku days. In one word he went from Dutta back to Dutta Bhaou yet again (and there completes one viscious circle in Dutta\’s life ). It took almost a yr for Dark Nakku to mellow down Dutta, now wonder how long this Fair Nakku will take to change Dutta bhaou back to the smiling wala Dutta ?. Dint I tell u the smile he gave on his SR day would be the last smile for a long time to come?. I hope someone does a ghudghudi to him to get him to smile . Looks like I like many\’ve gone crazy seeing Dutta in a sad mode yesterday. Anyways , anyways and anyways so Dutta got back to black pathani\’s (symbolic to “Dead” life ) and gave an angry stare to Nakku at the end of yesterday\’s episode, asking her to not to step into his room. Now lets go watch how in the hell will Dutta manage to block Nakku off from his heart ……. afterall she is the love of his life, and as some intelligent banda once mentioned,

“Hogaya tujhko tho pyaar sajna ,
Laakh karle tu inkaar sajna ,
Dil daar sajna ,
hai yeh pyaar sajna” ….. (courtesy DDLJ )

Alright lets get on with today\’s show at our beloved Laagi Tujhse Lagan !!!…………..

1)Episode starts off on ………………. Nakku in red and Dutta in black at their room (Nakku looks simple and beautiful, while Dutta hmmmm….. the less said the better . He looks like he is hungry and tired . AS is busy fainting and teleconferencing with Jagadmba and so cant blame her for starving Dutta so badly . Poor guy bhook ke mare soch nahin paraha hai kya sahi kya galath . Even poor Kala had to subdue her hunger by drinking ek cup chaai. Lagtha hai Pagal Niwas mein sab shok manarahe hain , no one is cooking and the usually hanging at Dinner table wale Pagal niwasis bhi not showing up there. Kahin sach much ka bhikari tho nahin bangaye yeh log?). Dutta picks up the revolver that he saved in the magic box, in his closet (Dutta u planning on chidiyon ka hunting kya? . Give up buddy, itne purane revolver se chidiya bhi nahin maar payega tu. Also on a more serios note, Dutta dont tell me, u had to sell all ur Naye revolvers to feed ur pagal family and thats why u went back to that ten years puarana revolver ). He then starts playing with the barrel on the gun and gives one deadly look (not “I give looks, u die drooling” wala deadly , but “I will eat u off” wala types of deadly look ) to Nakku. Nakku on the other hand stands mum and sad. Dutta says, “I dont want to look at ur face, Why cant u get that straight?” (Dont misunderstand her Dutta . Now if u keep looking at her and say u dont want to see her, she will get confused na bechari . Next time try not looking at her and say it. Shayad thab uske beje mein kuch ghuse . I know ur dumb Dutta but now ur becoming plain right ridiculous and fimli ). Nakku sad keeps watching. Dutta continues, showing the (phati purani) revolver , “Or should I get u to understand in Dutta\’s style?” (Sure why not, hum bhi tho dekhe aakir aap kar kya sakthe hain . Arey pagle, that girl was never scared of death . How can u forget that now ?. Oh how I wish Nakku said, “Saab ji, Uss revolver se chidiya bhi naahin maarpayenge, mujhe kya khaak marenge?”. or better she shouldve said, “Kicthen ka lighter kaam nahin karaha hai, can I borrow ur revolver to light up the stove? ” ) . Nakku ji looks worried at the gun, (and mustve felt that “If I dont go, kya patha this pagal banda might shoot himself” ) , walks back sadly. (Haila !!! . Yeh kya yaar Nakku, tune tho humari naak katadi aaj ). Dutta looks down, stands sad and relieved.

2) Cut back to Pagal Niwa\’s center stage. Kishore, Suds sitting in there with their morning chai and newspapers while Baaji rao ends up in a convo with some farmers. The farmers request for help as some Apte guy is hell bent in throwing them out of their houses. Baaji says that he will solve their issue by talking to Apte. The farmers request a meeting with Dutta. Baaji tries to shove of their request saying Dutta is not in a mood to take up any conversations with anyone. Farmers keep requesting. AS, Kala walk downstairs to the centerstage. Farmers run to AS and plead her to get them to meet Dutta. AS stands wondering. Kala keeps looking evilishly. Baaji fumes mad, says, “Why ru pestering AS?. I told u naa that Dutta doesnt want to meet anyone. Get lost from here” (Farmers ji, ask AS to teach u how to sob , how to faint, how to convo with Jagadambe, how to make a fool of her son . When she is awake those are the only things she does . Ofcouse cant blame her, since she is so worried abt her own dukh bare dastaan\’s and her own issues . She doesnt have time for others u see ). Farmers sad start walking off and Ta-Da…… Dutta says, “Stop”. (Tum logon ki himath kaisi hui farmers. How can u go away from Pagal niwas without witnessing any of Dutta\’s drama\’s , huh? ).

3) Dutta Bhaou\’s background score starts off. Nakku in kitchen gets shocked to hear Dutta, walks out. Baaji shocked looks back at Dutta. Kala looks at Dutta and gives her evilish grin. (Ofcourse u might be so happy. Afterall ur bro is back to his blacks. This is what u wanted naa ). AS continues her glycerine sobs (?? . Why ru sobbing AS?. What did u expect will happen when Dutta gets to know the truth abt Nakku , on his SR day? . Dont tell me u thought he will jump up and down in joy that he got a fair skinned girl as wife and come hug u . U can do better than that AS) . Rest of the nautanki team get shocked, confused at seeing Dutta in that attire. Dutta walks to the centerstage. Farmers walk to him, fold their hands. Dutta responds by folding his hands. Farmers let Dutta know abt Apte\’s injustice. Dutta assures them that he will take care of Apte. Farmers feel happy and walk off. Baaji worried, walks a bit towards Dutta and tries to give out the reason he didnt allow farmers to meet him , says, “I thought the env here is all a bit tensed, so……..” . Dutta cuts off Baaji and says, “I dont want u to interefere in my life and my work from today on”. Baaji has almost abt to cry wala expression on his face . (Awwwwwwwwwwww . Dont u feel sad Baaji. We know how badly u adore Dutta and u meant no harm to him till date. Dont worry hum log tere saath hi hai iss baar and we will throw some thing at Dutta if he continues to act like a gadha ). Kala has “Oh man I didnt see this coming” wala expression. Suds smiles (). Dutta continues, “If u make this mistake again, I will make u stand outside the house with the guards ” ( . If words could kill, this line wouldve killed me million times. How hurting those were. Dutta how can u even say such a thing , to Baaji?. How can u be so heartless at times?. U called him ur bro one day and u today made sure u call him no more than a servant of that house?. Ur mom , ur sis were also involved in that mishap. Can u call them servants? Can u give them the same piece of advice u gave ur best frnd?. There will come a day when u will have to eat ur own words, and I will sure wait for that day. Someone rightly said, “Ur the master of ur words as long as u dont utter them, and once they are out of ur mouth, u become their slave”. All u needed was a split second to trash 20 yrs ka dosti and trust. Wonder how long u will need to get it all back?. I pity u Dutta, I srsly do !!! )

4) Madhu feels sad. AS continues to sob. Nakku stands sad and worried (Look what u got upon Baaji . The only selfless, sane human in that house gets bashed because of u and all u can do is stand mum and watch? . See how helpless u all turned into now). Roops smiles off evilishly and there walks in Babi maa and family (As if we had less of a nautanki, there comes one more nautanki troupe ) . Kala walks to them and asks where they are heading to. Babi responds that they are going back. Dutta with headdown keeps listening to all that keenly. Kala asks “Where to?”. Nakku responds, “To the place where we came from, Mumbai\’s slum” . Dutta has a very minute , worried look on his face, which ofcourse isnt very apparent to the onlookers at that pagal niwas. Ganpath trying to use it as cue to stay back tries to say that he actually was against that plan, but Kala cuts him off says, “SIL is bang on” . Dutta feels bad a bit, but stands mum and keeps listening. Kala continues, “Now that we are relatives it doesnt make sense that the girls family works at our place” (ha ha. So ? That doesnt mean they have to leave the place na Kala?. . Oh BTW why dont u go see urself in a mirror nearby. Even married women are not supposed to stay at their maike\’s . Also while ur at it, turn around and see the two men who are happily sipping coffee on the couches near by . They have no shame in staying at their sasural\’s and here u have no shame in giving out such lines . Kya zamana agaya hai, as they say “Chor ulta kothwaal ko daante” ). Baaji feels irritated at Kala\’s words. Babi walks to Dutta and tries to bid a good bye, but Ta-Da, Dutta shouts, “Gaekwaad” . The shout shakes up Nakku, Babi. Dutta continues, “Take the car out” , and starts walking out. Baaji stops him saying he will go with him (I officially declare, I love Baaji more than Dutta from today on. He is such a sweetheart. I mean just a min back Dutta trashed him so badly and look at the concern this guy shows at Dutta when the later is trying to head out alone?. Dutta is so blinded by rage that he cant see the love his friend has for him. Hope by the time Dutta realises Baaji\’s worth, things dont fall apart permanently ) . Dutta gives one angry stare at Baaji . Baaji backs off sadly. Dutta tries to walk off , leaving the idiotic evil ppl smiling.

5) Ganpath tries to plead Dutta, says, “I always thought of ur Good” (. Is that so Ganpath?. Thanks for enlightening my dimwit types of brain ). Dutta doesnt want to entertain any crap from Ganpath, so continues to walk off. Ganpath then says, “I never was part of Babi Nakku\’s ploy”. Now that was something which interested Dutta, so he stops walking and continues to listen. Ganpath continues, “I told them that I will tell u the truth. But they didnt allow me to tell. They stopped me” (Aap shayad emotion mein bhool rahe hain Ganpath ji that u wanted to tell Dutta the truth not because u believed in saying the truth but instead because u wanted to blackmail ur family and wanted to make sure Dutta throws Nakku out of his life . Hume sab yaad hai……..Hum sudarshan ki tharah ullu nahin hai ) . Babi feels ashamed, Baaji growls at Ganpath while Nakku stands sad. Ganpath understands that Dutta is not interested in his talk whispers, “A woman who couldnt keep her Dad\’s honor, imagine what will she do to anyone else?”. Dutta looks back at Ganpath fuming mad (Haiye, haiye, Kya pyaar hai …… U love Nakku, Dutta. Admit it and give in buddy ). Nakku worried, Babi tensed look on. Dutta walks off without saying a word. Ganpath looks back at PN , feels sad to leave, but walks off as fast as he can. Babi ,starts sobbing, sadly, folds her hands. Baaji, Madhu, Kishore respond by folding hands. Rest watch on. Babi says, “Before leaving I just wanted to know that we are not the kind of ppl who know how to betray anyone. U got my Nakku to be part of ur family. A mom will need nothing more than that”. AS, Baaji , Madhu feel sad. Kala smiles it off. Babi, takes Sethji and starts walking off. Nakku with teary eyes, runs to her mom and hugs her. Sethji says, “I will grow up soon enuf and will take care of u and mom,dad”. Nakku replies, “Pray that such a day doesnt come”. (It means two things to me. She wants her kid bro to enjoy his childhood a lot and she might have also meant that if Setji has to take care of her means she will have to part with Dutta. Which is ofcourse a worst dream to come true) and hugs her bro. Babi grabs Setji and walks off. “Karyeshu daase….” plays in the background. Nakku stands with teary eyes. (Nakku is now left all alone in that house. Wonder who is gonna be her friend in need? Madhu?)

6) Cut back to a godown of sorts. Apte guy tortures the farmer guy who asked Dutta for help at the start of the epi. Ta-Da, Dutta enters the godown, with his Jeep . (Kya entry hai boss. Mashaallah, kahin meri hi nazar na lag jaaye. Iam telling u, Dutta has lots of free time now and has been watching loads of bollywood\’s 70s ka films . No wonder he is turning filmy each passing min ). Dutta bhaou\’s background score. Dutta gets down the jeep. Apte guy mocks saying, “U called him for help? Dutta bhaou?. Dont u know he is of no use now. What will he save anyone. His own life is troubled” (Yeh le sabko patha hai? ). Dutta angry, keeps listening. Apte rolls a drum towards Dutta. Dutta stops the drum with his leg. Apte smiles, Dutta starts off towards Apte just like a lion heading towards its prey. Apte walks towards Dutta (Yeh le !!! . Arey Apte just make a run for ur life buddy. Dutta sach much pagla gaya hai and sab ka ghussa tujh par nikalega woh. Meri maan pathli gali se nikal jaa. Zinda rehega tho kis aur din Dutta ka saamne karne ke liye bachega). Both stare at each other.

7) Cut back to Pagal Niwas. Baaji runs into the house shouting for AS. AS, Kala and Nakku walk into the center stage. AS asks whats the issue. Baaji says to AS “Dutta sent back gaekwaad and ramdev and went alone to resolve Apte\’s issue”. AS, Nakku get worried. Kala asks “So what if he went alone. Its not the first time he did that”. Baaji replies, “Apte is an intelligent guy. He is just waiting for such a chance. Dutta is not in his senses. Wonder what might come up”. AS , Kala and Nakku all stand worried.

8) Back to Dutta in convo with Apte . Apte holds a gun at Dutta and continues to mock, says, “Ur mom must be waiting for u isnt it?. I heard u had a love marriage?. Hey ppl Dutta fell in love, love”. Dutta ofcourse fuming mad, decides to walk off the chapad chapad . I mean to say, Dutta does a bit of left-right-left listening to Apte\’s nonsensical talk. Apte continues, “Get a ambulance , I want to send this henpecked husband to his wife. Also get a band, I want to see Dutta\’s procession”. Dutta shakes off his neck (in Dutta bhaou\’s style), says, “Do u plan to just talk or do something too?” , picks up a table nearby with his legs and throws it at Apte. Apte falls down and signals his men to attack Dutta. Dutta starts off with his fight, hits the men (BTW why is it that whenever Hero is fighting none of the villains have their guns in hands?. I hope they didnt expect to win over that place from Dutta by hitting him with their hands and sticks ). Screen freezes for the day on an angry Dutta .

9)Precap : Apte on ground, Dutta pours a flamable liquid on him and lights up his lighter. Apte cries “Dont burn me”. (This is ghastly to show ppl being burned down. Hope Dutta doesnt do anything like that. I srsly dont want to see Dutta burning anyone down).

Good episode. Watch it.

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