Laadli 24th November 2010 Written Update

gg gamble with their friends. gg\’s friends win the round. doorbell rings. bebo opens the door. it is prabjot in disguise wearing a dress, sunglasses and a big hat covering her face. prabjot shows goldie a paper. goldie says she is at the wrong address. prabjot says to goldie luck is good, she will win. goldie says she didnt see them herself yet. goldie says today is a bad day, she already lost 4 times. prabjot says she wants a chance. goldie says fine. goldie tells everyone that prabjot will play on her behalf. prabjot says her name is honey chawla. they sit. goldie says to gursheel that the lady keeps winning, honey might make them win. bebo walks away. they gamble. prabjot gambles 5,000, then 5,000, then 2,000 more. prabjot wins the round. goldie and gursheel are happy. prabjot says she has to go now. gursheel says they were having fun. prabjot walks and bumps into daljit. her sunglasses fall off. prabjot tries to walk away. daljit stops her and says he feels like he has met her before. bebo says he is crazy, she came to ask for a address. prabjot says today\’s men want excuses to talk to girls. gursheel tells prabjot to stay. daljit says he has met her before but cant remember. gursheel tells daljit to go to his room and think. daljit walks away. gursheel says daljit is a close relative, so she has to tolerate him. prabjot says she has to go. gursheel says they will drop her off where she wants. they sit back down. bebo says she will get bakshish from whoever wins. bebo serves them drinks. they bet money. gursheel has 3 queens. prabjot has 3 kings. gg look on shocked. prabjot gets a phone call and says she is coming. prabjot says she has to go now, she had fun playing. gursheel says prabjot won all the money, they became poor in diwali. goldie tells gursheel she told the lady to play. gursheel says she didnt know they would lose their money. gursheel cries that they are poor and ruined.

viju gives amrit the injection. viju takes amrit to his car. viju signals the girl who wore the bebo mask. viju drives. the girl follows in the other car.

outside, prabjot gives the money to bebo. bebo remembers how prabjot took out the 3 kings cards from her bag when she took out makeup when bebo gave her the drink. bebo wishes diwali to prabjot.

prabjot brings all the things for the pooja. amro asks. prabjot says a wellwisher gave her the money. amro says they cant take a outsider\’s money. prabjot says bebo\’s friend amarjit met her at the bazar, she said she knows about their home, she forcibly gave money, she said if bebo gave it they wouldnt have refused. amro says amarjit used to come every diwali, bebo used to say that amarjit is like her sister. amro cries and says her bebo. prabjot says bebo is not far from them, bebo is always with them and must be watching. amro says everything changed after bebo left, its because of that unlucky accident. bebo sees all this and cries.

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