Laadli 26th November 2010 Written Update

gursheel says kuku called them paupers, they have to do something so he can never think about this again, she will punish kuku in such a way tonight that the whole home will shake. bebo looks on shocked.

viju wakes up amrit. amrit sees arjun and bebo\’s pics as the dart game. amrit remembers fake bebi doing the accident and hugging someone. amrit shoots at bebo\’s head with the gun. viju looks on happy.

bebo tells prabjot that without talking kuku made the sisters his enemies, gg will do something, they are dangerous, they have to save kuku.

gg are shown to be thinking.

viju shaves off amrit\’s beard. viju tells amrit that he is ready to take revenge now, he will take him to the right place at the right time. amrit looks on determined.

anchal says to kamini that bebo didnt come yet. kamini says to anchal she is talking as if bebo comes everyday at this time. arjun looks on. arjun calls bebo and asks where she is. bebo says she went out to buy things for everyone, she is in the bazar. prabjot tells bebo to leave, she will take care of kuku, they have to find out what gg will do.

gursheel crosses the wires on the light switch. gursheel says to goldie that kuku loves fireworks, now it will be in his brain, he will go more crazy when he turns on the lights. goldie praises gursheel. gursheel says today is happy diwali. both laugh.

kuku says to prabjot the sweets are good. prabjot says she will give him more if he stays here. amro tells prabjot to check the milk. prabjot tells kuku she will go get him more sweets.

bebo does fireworks with ria. arjun looks on lovingly. biji notices. arjun walks away. arjun asks viju why he is worried. viju asks if he is worth anything in this company, he gave the workers so much bonus for diwali, if there is a loss the workers wont support them. arjun says the workers have been with them for many years and will stay, from now on he will ask before doing anything. viju tells arjun that he wants to hire a new architect. arjun gives viju permission.

gg come to kuku. kuku says it was fun. gursheel says yes they had fun, it would have been more fun, today is diwali and no one lit the lights, on diwali there should be light. gursheel tells kuku to light his room first, he is the eldest. kuku says if he goes prabjot wont give him sweets. kuku goes to eat the sweets. gursheel says she has other sweets that are better, but diwali didnt start yet, once the house is lit she will give everyone, she will give him the most. kuku says he will light them now. kuku goes. prabjot comes and is worried. amro and saru also come. prabjot asks where kuku is. gursheel scolds prabjot. door rings. gg force prabjot to go open the door.

bebo prays for kuku\’s safety.

kuku goes to the room and turns looks at the light switch.

the narangs and gg are shocked to see some people at the door. it is not shown who they are.

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