Pavitra Rishta 29th November 2010 Written Update

Manav\’s house

Manav and Archana are talking
Manav : The way Vahini sopke was not right , but she was absolutely right in whatever she said .
Archana : If you are with me then I am so happy .When I was alone I hated even though I was living a comfortable life .How will I tell you that I am so happy right now .
Manav : I will make you even more happy , I got the job .
Archana …very happy : I knew it , Bappa will not let you down this time .
Manav gives her the advance money .
Archana: How come you don\’t look happy , it is the first proper day of our garhasti .
Let me show you something .
Shows him a radio that she asked Raghu to get for manav and also tells Manav that she got the lunch .
Manav and Archu sit down to eat but somene comes in and tells Manav that his new boss wants him to come for work immediately .


Manav si driving and his boss with another fellow are in the care .
Boss : The maal betetr be in good shape and shoudl be checked .If anything goes wrong then I will be in trouble as there is not much work now in smuggling ….
Suddenly police sirens start in the back ground the boss panics and tells Manav to drive fast ..
Manav drives really fast .
Boss: It\’s Ok , you can stop .
Manav : The police is not after us any more .
Boss: Hero , you are one hell of a good driver .It is only because of you that we could escape the police .I will reward you well for this .
Manav is in a total shock and trying to overcome his feelings after knowing what kind of people he is working for .

Manav\’s house :

Archana is alone and someone knocks at the door .Archu opens it and a drunk man just barges in .He is talking a lot of nonsense and keeps telling her that he is her neighbour and will look after her well when her husband is not at home .
Archana is really shaken up and she is terrified as this man clearly does not have good intentions .
He slowly starts coming towards Archana when his wife comes in the house .
She apologises to Archu for his behaviour and drags him out of the house . Archu locks the door …
At night Archu is lying down and in unable to sleep then again someone knocks at the door ..
She gets terrified again when shehears Manav\’s voice .
Manav : Archana open the door ..
Archu opens and when she sees Manav , she breaks down and starst crying in hsi arms .
Manav : What happened , look at me and tell me .
Archu tells him everything .
Manav : I was afraid of this .I did not wishe to leave you like this .Why did I take this job .This is a strange new place , should have never left you like this .
Archana ; Please don\’t let me regret telling you .I will be careful , will keep the door locked then it shoudl be all right .Tell me howwas the first day at your job .
Manav avoids the subject .
Archana : I want to go to the mandir tomorrow morning . Manav : I will take you there first then will go to my job .

In the train

Archana goes i nthe train when she sees her mother sitting .
Archu is very happy to see her but she hides and she gets very emotional .
The lady sitting next to Sulochna gets up and Archu takes her place .Sulochna is stunned to see her daughter .
Archana ; Aie , please talk to me , won\’t you even talk to me ..
Sulochna : Talk about what , what is left now to say .You have made your decision .Look what you have done to yourself .Manjusha told me everything .Look where you were before and where you are now .Just look at yourself ..
Archana : But I am very happy .
Sulochna : by making everyone else unhappy …
Her station comes and Sulochan leaves the train …

Manav\’s house

Archu comes in and sees manav sitting down .Manav notices that Archu has red eyes and demands to know what is goign on ..Archu tries to evade but then she tells him .
Archana : I met Aie in the train .
Manav : Did she say anything .
Archana : forget talking , she didn\’t even look at me properly .Why is she doing this to me .She wanted to see me happy and now ehen I am happy she is behaving this way .
Manav : No Archana , she loves you very much .The way we got married was very wrong , she is angry but she will accept us one day .
Let\’s go out today , have fun .We are hardly giving ourselves any time . There is one condition though , you have to take somethign with you .
Archana : What ??
Manav : Your beautiful smile ..
Archana smiles at him and he too smiles back …both looking very happy now ..


Manav buys Archana a gajra and she tells him to put this in her hair .They think about the old times .
Archana : I had stopped putting gajra in my hair after the divorce , never thought such a happy time will come for me again .
Manav : It has come again for us .I don\’t know what will happen tomorrow but hatever we have today we will enjoy it and live it up because we are together .
Archana : Forever ….
Then they are walking and Manav notices a stall that is selling bangles .
Manav : Remember Archana , I bought you bangles when we first went out together . He goes to buy her bangles and lovingly puts them on her himself .They both remember the first time when he bought her bangles .
The song \’ Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gaeyi \’ is playing in the back gorund .
They also go to the Pav bhaji stand and they both are eating .Both extremely happy .Manav starts feeding her and keeps smiling at her .
Archna is also very very happy …..

Pre cap : Raghu is talking to Archana and they are bot extremely worried ..
Raghu : Do you know anything about manav .
Archana : What ? please tell me everything .
Raghu : The care he was driving was being chased by the police and there was an accident .
Archana is shell shocked ………

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