Pavitra Rishta 30th November 2010 Written Update

Outside road
It\’s dark and manav and Archana are walking , both holding hands .
They suddenly see Satish and are very happy to see him ..
Satish : What is wrong with you guys , I have been looking for you for the past 7 days like crazy . How could you not tell me where you were .
I am extremely hurt with this .
Manav : We also wanted to get in touch but we were struggling so much to find a place for ourselves and it was not all easy , also I was looking for a job .
Satish : Why were you not coming to me for a job .I would have got you one .
Manav : I didn\’t want you to get in trouble with Archana\’s family because of helping me .
Satish : I don\’t really care about all this .I wanted to tell everyone that I was behind Archana\’s eloping but she had given me a promise that is why I kept quiet . Now that I found you both I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you .I hope God keeps you both happy and together forever . Now I want a party . You have got married and it\’s not a joke .There is a Paani Puri stall there , let\’s go there .
The 3 of them go to the Paani Puri stall and start stuffing themselves with Paani Puri .
Satish looks on happily as he sees manav and Archana feeding Paani Puri to each other .

Outside On a busy Road
Manav is driving the jeep with his boss sitting in the back seat .Suddenly Police sirens can be heard .Boss tells him to start speeding .Manav protests as to why they have to run like this from the police . His boss tells him to stop askigng queations and just drive fast .
There is an accident .

Manav\’s house :
Archana is sleeping and suddenly she hears Raghu banging on the door .
Raghu : Bhabi , please open the door quick .
Archana: What is wrong , is everythign Ok .
raghu : Did you hear anythign about manav
Archana: Starts crying …what about manav ?
Raghu : The police was chasing his car and there was an accident .
Archana: Why was the police chasing the car …she is shocked like anything to hear of the accident and is crying .
Raghu : He should have never been working there .Don\’t worry I will go and look for him .

He leaves and Archana is beside herself with worry . She prays to Bappa to help her and then herself leaves the house to look for manav .She is running on the road and has no idea what to do but is just looking for manav ….

Jaywant\’s Office
Vinod : I had been looking for a good job for a long long time but thanks to your recommendation I got this job .
Jaywant : I only made a recomendation , you got teh job on your own merits .
Vinod :No one does even this much , specially after what happened .Honestly none of us had any idea that Archu could do something like this .
Jaywant : Everyone makes mistakes , so did archana .That is all behind me now and I have moved ahead in life .
But his expressions are telling a different story .His face is telling that he still has not got over what happened on his wedding day with Archana running away and leaving him behind .

Manav\’s house :
Manav comes in and sees that the hosue is empty and Archana is not there . He starts looking for her .The next few minutes it is shown how he is asking around for Archana and showing her picture in his wallet to everyone . he is asking every one in the small place about her .
One person tells him that he saw Archana running towards the road in the night .
Manav is extremely worried and he goes even further asking about her .
he is looking everywhere like crazy but no one knows .
He goes to Raghu and asks him . Raghu tells him that Archu knew of his accident and that must be the reason of her running away .
Raghu , manav and Mushtaq are all looking for Archana .
Manav even goes to a mandir and prays for Archana\’s safe return .He is crying in the mandir .
Manav borrows someone \’s bike and is looking around the city everywhere for Archana .
He finds out in a hospital that a girl got hurt in the train and wa taken home by her family ..
Assuming tht it could be Archana and maybe Vinod took her home he goes to the Karanjkar house .

Karanjkar house :
Manav : Is Archana here ?
Sulochna : Why would Archana be here .We have broken all relations with her .She has no right to be here . Why are you askign ? She is supposed to be with you .
Manav : I cannot find her .I had an accident yesterday and Archu found out .She went out looking for me and has not come back as yet . I came here to look for her .But she is not even here .
He leaves in a hurry .
Archana\’s family is very shocked and worried .

Ploice Station .
manav goes to the police so they can help him find Archana . The police man is behaving rudely and is talking on the phone to his friends and taht makes manav very angry .Already frustrated and tired , he starts fighting with the police man for not helping him find his wife and wasting time on chatting with friends .
The police man very rudely tells him that hsi wife must have run away with another man and there is no point looking for her . Manav , unable to hear such talk about Archana attacks the police man .He gets thrown out of the police station ..

Outside ..
Manav is sitting and crying ..A sad song is playing in the back ground and he is thinking of some lovely moments he shared with archana .How he bought her gajra , bangles , how he was feeding her pav bhaaji .How she told him that they will over come their problems together .
He is crying and just doesn\’t know why this is happening to him ……
How could he lose Archu just like this ???

Pre cap : Sulochna is telling her family that though she was angry with Archan she never wants any harm to come to her and if anything happens to Archana she will never forgive manav .Manjusha is listening to this in the back ground and she is beside herself with joy to hear Sulochan say this ……

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