Pavitra Rishta 1st December 2010 Written Update

Manav\’s house
Manav comes home and he finds Archana there and Raghu is there as well.
Raghu tells manav that Archu came back long time ago but as manav did not have a mobile he could not be contacted .Then Raghu leaves . Manav hugs Archana and starts crying and he tells her off for leaving like this and then suddenly notices that there is bandage on Archu\’s foot and her arm .
Manav: What is this ?
Archana: I was crossing the road and slipped , but now I am all right .
Manav : Why did you have to go out like this .
Archana: What was I supposed to do .I was told you had an accident .Was I to just sit at home ? You went out to look for me , I did the same .It is my right to look out for you and no one can take this right away from me , not even you can .I went to all police stations , hospitals , all the places where I thought you could be .Then I thought that maybe you came home and here Raghu Ji told me that you are all right .Only then I could relax .
Manav : Never do this again .
Archana: I cannot promise you because if Manav is in trouble then Archana will come and she will try and help him , even if it kills her .
On hearing this Manav immediately puts his hand on her mouth and starts crying and he gives Archana a nice tight hug , they are both crying and holding on to each other …

Karanjkar House
Sulochna : What should we do .We still don\’t know about Archana .Manav is not even picking up the phone .Since she left this house with manav , every day there is some trouble .
Manohar : Will you relax now .
Sulochna : I will not relax , till we know about Archu we cannot relax , that good for nothing Manav ….
Manohar : Will you stop blaming Manav for everything ..
Vinod : That\’s it .I will go and check out on Archana .Manju tell me where she lives .I will go not for myself but because I cannot see Aie like this .

Manav\’s house
Archu wants to go and get water but Manav stops her .
Manav : Just sit there quietly .
Archana : I am really not that hurt .
Manav : Today I will do the house work and you will sit .
Archana : but why ?
Manav : You do house work everyday , why can\’t I do it .
Archana : Because it is a woman\’s job to do all this .
Manav : Which idiot said that .A house belongs to both husband and wife and they should both do whatever is needed together . No one is more dear to me than you and if to keep yo usafe I have to fight anyone , I will do it …I will even fight you if I have to , now listen to me or we will have a fight right now .Archana tries to say something …
Manav : Be quiet ..don\’t say anything ..We are both one and if yo uare in pain then I am in pain ..I don\’t want to see myself in pain .They both come very near to each other , Archu looking totally mesmerised and I think Manav is about to kiss her but suddenly there is a knock on the door …
Manav opens the door and it is Vinod .
Manav : Why don\’t you come in Vinod .
Vinod : I only came to see you , Aie was worried about you …
he leaves and Archu starts crying …Manav comes and gives Archu a hug and tells her that he will get her medicines ..

Outside the chawl .
Manav : Vinod please listen to me .I know what happned was wrong .say whatever yo u want to say to me but please don\’t behave this way with archana .She is so hurt and I know she missses you all .
Vinod : Instead of telling me what to do , why don\’t you do what yo uare supposed to do .We cannot expect any luxuries fro m you , at least give her the basic necessities of life .
Manav : I am trying .
Vinod : Why did you bring her here in this dirty place then .When yo udid not have the aukaat then why did you marry my sister .You are right , she never complains and never says anything .She will never tell you how unhappy she is with you and how troubled she is after marrying you ….
A person should only take responsibility if he is strong enough to carry it …..
Manav is terribly hurt and shocked to hear all this ….

Deshmukh house
Vandita comes in running and very happy .
Vandita : Baba I have good news for yo u, we know where dada and vahini are . Ajit \’s friend lives there .This evening Ajit will go and meet them .
Damodar : This is great news …
Savita : Wow , what a fantastic news , why don\’t we celebrate .Put the music on and let\’s all dance on hearing this . Thank God for that , let\’s do a pooja now . But now we need money for the house , All the money is finished .You have to go out and earn .
Damodar : I have enough strength to go out and earn , you need not worry .
savita : I know how strong yo uare .It was my bad luck that I married you ..My family was tricked that your family told us that yo uwere able to earn well.
Vandita : Aie , stoop talking to my father like this .
Savita : Why don\’t you leave if you cannot hear this ..

Manav\’s house .
Archana is crying to and thinking how Vinod just left without coming in and she thinks about her family .Then she suddenly thinks about how Manav was talkign to her and that brings a smile to her face .
She goes to get water bu tthere is no water so she picks up the bucket and goes out to get water …

Karanjkar house :
Vinod : She is all right .Just a little hurt on her foot and arm .
Sulochna : How did she get hurt .
Vinod: I don\’t wan tto keep relations with her .Definitely not as long as she is with that Manav .He will never keep her happy .Wha tdid she see i n this man .She is completely destroyed and this man cannot even feed her properly two meals a day …
I will never forgive her for destroying herself like this ..

Outside Manav\’s house
Savita is coming to see some one with her friend …
Friend : Don\’t worry savita .Sachu\’s illness wil lbe cured completely once when we get this taveez for sachu .
savita ; Tha tbetter be .
Archan sees savita and she smiles at her ….
Savita : what are you doing here .
Archana : We live here .Why don\’t you come to our house .
Savita : Am I mad to come to your house ….Starts shouting and calling every one around …
Savita : Listen everyone .I have to introduce you guys to the new member of this basti ….This girl used to be my bahu , she got bored living in my house after some tiem she started missing her old pati .Then she got bored again so got divorced from my son .Then her marriage was fixed .On the mandap she realized that her old pati was better than this one .So she ran away from her mandap and came to our house where my son was getting married to another girl .There she met my son and ran away fro mthere.
Now they are both here .This is her proper introduction ….this is what they have done ..
Thats\’ it , I have to go from here because I cannot bear to look at this girl ..
Savita leaves and Archana stands there looking down and crying …

Precap :
Manav comes running in a house where Savita and Sachu are sitting . Savita looks at him very angry and Manav is looking at her and Sachu ver y concerned …

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