Pavitra Rishta 2nd December 2010 Written Update

Manav\’s house
Archana comes in with a bucket of water .She is thinking about all that savita said .She looks unwell .Keeps the bucket down and she gets dizzy and faints .
Manav comes in and he finds her lying unconscious on the ground .

Satish\’s house
Varsha is talking to Sulochna on the phone and Mohan Rao and Satish are in the room .
Varsha: Aie , at least Tai is back . Now stop taking tension and look after yourself or you will get sick.
She puts the phone down .
Varsha: One wrong decision of Archu tai has done so much harm to Aie .She has not been able to sleep properly since Archu tai left house .She isgoing to get sick like this
Satish :I can understand you are worried about your mother but please don\’t blame Archana .If she would have married Jaywant she would have been unhappy .That would not have made your Aie happy .
Varsha: I do not have a problem with Archu tai but only to make herself happy she has made so many people unhappy and that cannot be forgiven , I cannot forgive her for making Aie so unhappy .

Manav\’s house :
A doctor is here to see Archana .
Doctor : Her blood pressure is very low. I have given her injection and some medicines but you will have to be careful .She has to eat well …if you don\’t take care of her she can become seriously ill.
Manav looks worried and thedoctor leaves .
Archana ; Don\’t worry Manav and don\’t listen to this doctor .They just talk and they want to come for many visits and make money .I wouldn\’t worry about it ..
Manav : I told you not to work but you still did .
Archana: You are telling me off since morning , I may look good when angry but you don\’t .
Manav smiles: Please Archana don\’t do this .
Archana: I am hungry .
Manav : I will go out , get your medicines and some food , please rest ..

Outside on the road :
Manav sees his friend Dinesh .
Manav: How are you Dinesh ;
Dinesh Where were yo uManav , have not seen you for so long . Manav : How are you ?
Dinesh : Not good …my wife died , she was not well and I could not look after her well.I was busy and there was no relative as well where I could leave her .
Manav consoles him and takes an auto …
He is thinking about what the doctor said and what Dinesh was talking about .By mistake he gives the address of his old chawl house to the auto driver .

Deshmukh house
One chawl lady looks at Manav and comes running to him .She tells him that Sachu is very sick and no one is at home and savita is crying a lot . Manav rushes i n the house .
Manav : What happened to him .
savita : He is very sick and your dad left for work , he is not going to be home for the night .
Manav : Let\’s take him to the doctor .

Karanjkar house :
Sulochna : I am angry with Archana but I cannot keep away from her .Now that I know how she lives I am worried about her .I can\’t take this any more .I want to see her and meet her .
Manohar : Good that you listened to me , now let\’s not waste time and see her .

Pedeatrician clinic
The doctor is checking Sachin .He tells Savita and Manav that sachin\’s chest is badly congested and that is why he is coughing so much .The child is almost unconscious .
He says that the medication should work and if it doesn\’t then sachu has to be admitted to the hospital Sachu needs to be watched carefully overnight .He has to be bought back in the morning .

Manav\’s house
Archana is very weak now and she gets up to get water and the glass falls from her hand .Her parents see this .They rush inside .
Savita : She has fever .Just lie down , God Archu , what have you done to your self .It\’s only been 10 days you got married and you are in this shape . Where is Manav .
Archana : He has gone to get medicine and food for me
Sulochan :You didn\’t listen to your mother and look what is happening .You did not listen to no one .I know you are not well could manav just leave you like this .
Archana : Manav is only trying to look after me .
Sulochan interrupts …OK baba , I will not say anything against him .For him you will fight with me …Thank God we came to check on you .

Deshmukh house .
Manav looks at the time and he gets worried about Archana but he doesn\’t know what to do .
savita : Look at your dad , he just left me this way with the baby .
Manav : Don\’t worry sachu will be all right .
savita : Manav please stay here tonight .If anything happens top sachu then what will this old woman do .
Manav : I will stay here but first I ahve to go and see archan first , she is really sick .
Savita : No , yo uare not going .That witch will not let you come .You got married and broke relations with us .You are now no more concerned about your responsibilities .
Manav : Please don\’t say that .Let me just go and make some arrangements for Archana then I will come back ,I promise .
Saviat : Fine , you also go .This old woman wil llook after this baby .

Manav\’s hosue
He finds Sulochana and Manohar there and is shocked .
Sulochna : What is the matter Manav , yo u cannot face us now .Is this why you married our daughter . To keep her this way .
Archana: Don\’t say anything to manav Aie …
She tells Manohar to go and get some medicines to get Archu\’s fever down …Manav says that he wil lgo and get the medicins but Sulochna tells Manohar that he should go and look after his daughter .
Manohar is about to go but he changes his mind and tells Manav nicely to go and get the medicine for Archana …

Deshmukh House .
Savita : I don\’t know what to do .sachu\’s condition is looking bad .That chudail is not letting Manav come now ..
She tells her friend to call Manav and let him know that sachin is in a bad shape .

Manav\’s house
Manav gets Archana \’s medicines and he is thinking that he should be going back to see sachin and stay at his parents but how should he say this to Sulochna …

Pre cap :
Sulochna telling manav ..
OK I can underdtand that Sachin is in a bad shape and you have to be there but what about Archana .Today we came only by chance and we will look after her bu tif we had not come then what .I wan t to know what would have been your decision then .Tell me manav ,what would you have done ..

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