Behnein 2nd December 2010 Written Update

Faiba questions Purva about why she got up and went. Purva finally thinks of an excuse and says that Manik saw smoke from Smriti\’s room, so she and Mihir went to check it out.
Faiba freaks out saying that she was the one who tried to get rid of Smriti\’s ghosts by placing that smoke in that room. She blames Purva for all the bad things that will happen in the house.
She is constantly yelling at her and is about to slap her, but Aakashi fakes a stomach ache and distracts everyone and asks Purva to take her upstairs.
Purva and Aakashi go up to Smriti\’s room and share a little bit of laugh about Faiba.
Kamini aunty and Mihir both apologise on behalf of Purva and finally after a lot of pursuation she agrees to forgive Purva and orders a lot of items for dinner.
Inspector come to Mihir\’s place and asks to meet Astha for some statement about Karan.
Faiba butts in and says that there is no Karan or Astha living in the house. Mihir and Kamini aunty are maha worried and exchange looks.
Inspector points to a picture of Smriti and tells Faiba that she is Astha but Faiba says that Smriti is Mihir\’s first wife and she is dead now.
Inspector is super confused and tries to ask Mihir, but Faiba butts in and asks the cops to leave.
Mihir finally opens his mouth and says that Astha is Smriti\’s look alike and he is just handling her case. She doesn\’t seem convinced and asks him a million questions about it. He finally asks her to stop suspecting so much and takes the cops aside and explains to him and sends him away.
Mihir apologises to Faiba but she is suspicous of something being fishy.
Purva asks Manik to massage Faiba\’s legs, but Maink says that Faiba hates servants so she wont go. Purva wonders whom to send to Faiba and realises that she can go to Mihir for help.
She bumps into Mihir and asks Mihir to take care of Smriti, while she will go and massage Faiba\’s legs.
Kamini watches this and worries that Purva is ruining her own life by making Mihir and Smriti get close.
Purva thinks that she has to create more such situations to get Mihir Smriti together.
Smriti is still coughing and feeling dizzy, she tries to get up and walk and is about to fall, while Mihir holds her and makes her rest on the bed.
He checks that she has high fever and is about to go get some medicines. She holds his hand to stop him and realises and lets go off his hand.
She apologises for being a burden on him, Mihir tells her that she is part of his family and it is his duty. He gets her some medicines and feeds her and accidently spills some water and wipes it off her face.
They both feel uncomfortable and finally Mihir apologises and is about to leave. Smiti asks him to not come to the room so often as Faiba may suspect something. He assures her and leaves.
Kamini aunty is pacing in her room thinking about Purva and Shalaka comes in asking about some dress. Kamini aunty expresses her concern about Purva, Mihir and Smriti. ******Yeh Shalaka ki bacchi, kitani useless hai******….
Shalaka suggests that if Faiba gets to know about Smriti, then she wont let Smriti stay in the same house, especially as she is already married to Karan. Faiba will yell at Smriti for marrying Karan so much that Smriti will be forced to leave the house and Even Mihir won\’t seem bad to Purva.
Kamini thinks about it and says that this is great idea to get rid of Smriti.
Precap: Faiba is bringing that same smoke thing into Smriti\’s room and Smriti is hiding behind a cupboard coughing. Faiba hears the cough and asks “who is there?”

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