Pavitra Rishta 3rd December 2010 Written Update

Manav\’s house
Manav is worried about Sachu . Archana tells her Aie baba to go as it was late and she didn\’t wanted them to miss their train .A woman comes in the house and tells Manav that his mother wants him there right now as sachu\’s condition has taken a turn for worse .

Sulochna: What , you are going to go ? I realize you have responsibility towards Sachu but Archana is very sick .She still has fever , how can you leave her here like this ?
This is a new place , she doesn\’t know any one .
Manav : Aie , really sachu is very sick .
Sulochna : It is only by coincidence that we came here .Wha tif we were not here , would you have still left her and gone to take care of sachu ? What would be your decision then Manav ?
Manav is quiet and doesn\’t know what to say ..Archana immediately sits up seeing him so uncomfortable ..
Archana : Manav , you go ..look after Sachu . Don\’t forget that we promised Shravani that we will look after Sachu . He is our responsibility now and we have to look after him because she made us responsible for him .
Sulochna: And what about you ?
Archana: I am allright and there is Bappa who has always looked after me and will do so this night as well.
Manav : No Archana , I …
Sulochna : Go Manav , we are here , we will look after Archana
Archana : But ..
Sulochna : I will not hear another word now …
Manav looks relaxed and happy …

Karanjkar house
Manjusha and Vinod are i n their room .
Manjusha : This is too much . If they were to stay there for the night then why did they do this drama of breaking relations with their daughter .This Archana is a big nautanki , she is many steps ahead of Manav .
Vinod : I don\’t have a problem with Archu but yes , as long as Manav is in her life she will never be the daughter of this family ..

Deshmukh house
Manav is thinking about Archana and whatever the doctor had said about her health .savita and sachin are both sleeping .

Manav\’s house
The drunkard comes back again and gives Sulochna and Monohar the fright of their life …
Drunkard : I am her neighbour and I have come to see her .
Sulochna : Who is he , get him out of here .
Manohar : look whoever you are . the man of this house is not here , you talk to manav when he comes in the morning .
Drunkard . I have come to see her …she knows me well.
Manohar : leave her alone , she is not well.
Drunkard : She is not well ? How are you …approaches Archana
This is as much as Manohar could take and he throws the drunkard out .Sulochna is crying and Archu looks fed up …

Manav comes back in the morning .Archu is sleeping and her parents are still looking after her .

Manav : How is she ?
Sulochna : the fever has gone down bu tshe had a bad night , all night she was only taking your name in her sleep ..
Manohar : Now we must go .
Sulochan : I know we should but I don\’t feel like leaving her alone ..
Manav : I have come back now , I will look after her .
Sulochna : Really ? well you were not here last night . How can we be sure that again some responsibility will come up and you will leave her again .
Manohar : Will you stop it Sulochna .It didn\’t happen Ok , so wh yare yo u talking about it .now lets\’s go …he gives a reassuring smile to manav who is looking as if he is about to cry …
Sulochan : Responsibilities wil lalways be there but the day yo uwill also give importance to your wife along with your responsibilites , that is the day you will do justice to my daughter …I beg you please take her to a doctor , take this much time for her
They both leave and manav sits beside a sleeping Archana ..

Karanjkar house
Varsha , Vaishali are all there and the minute Manohar and Sulo come in the y start telling them off for staying back at Archana \’s .
Sulochna : we had to stay back as little Sachu was ver sick and manav had to go .Archu was really sick as well.
Vinod : It\’s Ok if you stayed back for one night but this way you are spoiling manav , he will keep doing this . He should be the one who should look after her .
Manohar : look Vinod , manav had a genuine problem and he couldn\’t do anything then …
Manjusha : So every time there is a problem , Manav will just leave Archana and go .
Sulochna : No he will not do that Manjusha .If that was the case then why did he leave his house for Archana .I also hate him as much as you guys do but what he means to Archana because of that we wil lhave to give him some consideration ..
Varsha and Vaishali tell Sulochna that she too is not well and should be looking after herself .Sulo says that she always will keep Archana\’s health and her welfare over hers and she leaves …Her childern are just standing there frustrated .

Outside Manav \’s chawl

Manav and Archan are walking hand in hand whn two women start taunting them about all that Savita had said about Archana .They say that after hearing what savita had said about Archan they are ashamed as to how a woman could fall so low .. Archu tries to drag Manav away but Manav stays back as he wants to hear all this ..
manav : Aie came here , why didn\’t you tell me .
Archan : Forget it ..She will always hate me , she sees meand gets angry so why get into this .
Manav : this is too much , this is getting way out of control , how can she do this .She did tamasha here .As long as she was doing this in her hosue I was quiet but she has no right to do all this here .I will go and sort her out right now .
Archana : Just forget it Manav .We are getting late for the doctor\’s appointment , why are yo u making me wait i nthe sun .No wou will not say anything and will not get into all this …Don\’t make me stand here i nthe sun …

Deshmukh house .
savita comes out and tells her friends that Sachu is feeling good and she is happy …

Doctor\’s clinic .
Doctor: Your condition is not good .You must look after yourself .If anything goes wrong she can lose her life .She needs a good and a clean place to live , good food and care .Otherwise she will have problems when she gets pregnant .
Who lives in the house ?
Manav : Just me and my wife
Doctor ; No she has to be with someone who should look after her …
the doctor is talking but now manav is only thinking about what th edoctor said about Archu \’s life in danger and her having problems when she gets pregnant , his words are resonating in his mind . …..

Pre cap : Manjusha and Vinod are very angry at how Aie and baba are siding with Archu and are concerned about her and are also thinking about manav and how can they bring them here .
manjusha says , for Archu\’s sake Aie will do any injustice to you Varsha and Vaishali and that makes Vinod very angry …..

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