Pavitra Rishta 6th December 2010 Written Update

Karanjkar House
Manjusha : How could Archu marry a failure like Manav ,He is so unlucky and his behaviour is so wrong .
Vinod : And with Manav , even Archana will go down .
Vaishali : I used to think he was good at one time but looking at his actions , I havng nothing but bad expectations from him …I have to go
Looks at her worried mother and tells her not to think too much as it will not get her any where .

Satish\’s house
Varsha comes home in a bad mood
Satish makes fun of her that she is always in a bad mood and that makes varsha even more angry .
Varsha : I don\’t have a problem with Aie staying with Archu tai but mother is thinking too much about her and that is effecting her health .I never got on with Vahini but this time Vahini has said something that is making me think .
Satish : What did she say ?
Varsha : Sachu was not well, and Manav just left a very sick Archu to look after Sachin .OK, this time Aie and baba were there but what if they were not there .What would Manav do ? Who would he chose to stay with .I know the answer .He will go after his family and he will look after them , this is how he is .
Satish : I don\’t understand why are you talking about a situation that has not even happened .Look , if something like this is to happen that I have full confidence in manav that he will handly it well.I have no questions in my mind about how much he loves Archana and in their relationship there are no such questions and answers .
Varsha makes a bad face and is not convinced ……

Manav\’ house
Archu is lying on the bed and Manav comes from outside .
Manav : How are you Archana
Archana : I am feeling good
Manav : I left that job Archana
Archana : But why ?
Manav : They were not right people , I was always afraid of police and also did not wanted to do night duty because I don\’t like leaving you alone at night .
Archana: But what about the money
Manav : I don\’t care right now , I will manage something but right now all I am thinking is how to find someone to take care of you 24 hours a day .
Sulochna\’s voice appears …” Now I will take care of her \’
Sulochna : I wil take care of her but from my home .
Archana : How can you even think I will leave him , I left everyone for him .
Sulochan : Look Archu he has no job no way to look after you …Ok Manav if yo uare so worried about her , you can also come and live in our house \’ .
Manav leaves the house on hearing this .
Archan : How can you say something .He is your damaad .I will die but I will not go back to that house , as long as manav is with me you need not worry about me .

Outside the chawl :
Manav is thinking
I cannot do that , I am their damaad how can I go and live their and take their ehsaan like this .The Archana comes to his mind and then Dinesh who was telling him about his wife passing away .
Then the doctor who was telling him to take care of Archana ..
Manjusha talking nasty to him .Vinod taunting him …….
And then finally he thinks of Sulochna\’s words ” Zimmedaris will never be over but the day you will take care of them along with Archana , that is the day you will do justice to my daughter \’ .

Manav \’s house
Archana: No Aie , I am not coming .I will not bring Manav to that house and I will also not leave him here alone .
Manav : I am ready to come .
Archnaa and Sulochna look at him shocked .
Archan : No , please you cannot do that .You will not make such a compromise ,You know what will happen to you if you go there , you will suffocate in that house .
Sulochna : I will go out and you both make a decison .
Archana : I cannot play with your self respect like this .I cannot see you getting humiliated .Only Baba is going to be good to us .If anything happens to your self respect I will never forgive myself .
Manav : My self respect is not more important than your life .What will I do with this self respect if I lose you .Right now my love is not enough to give you all that you need .I need to go out and look for work and for that I need you to be with your mother ..After ao many prayers I have got you back again .I made foolish mitakes before and I lost you now I don\’t want to do that again …It really is a matter of only a few days , till you get better …Then we will come back here .
Archana : You know if we go there …..
Manav : I know , I wil get taunts , beizzati …I will put up with it .Have you not been doing that with my mother all this time , now it is my turn , please trust me on this , it is just for a few days .
He hugs Archana and they are both very sad .

Karanjkar house ;
The whole family is shocked to see Sulochan bring back Archana and manav along with her .
Sulochan : They will stay with us till Archan is feeling better .
Vinod ( very angry ) : But Aie ..
Sulochna : I do not wish to talk about this , the decision is taken .Vinod and Manju leave the room .
Archan : Aie , why are you doing this , no one will be happy with this .
Sulochna : Children can take themselves away from their parents but parents cannot do that .You are my world and I can tolerate any problems but I will not let anyone destroy my world .Manav , you are the one who bought her here . I will always take care of your self respect in this house .

Vinod\’s room
Manjusha : This is great , We are not even allowed to speak a word , how can Aie just come and giver orders like this .We live in this house and this house runs on our money .
Vinod : I am so angry .Manav has crossed all limits . How can Air tolerate this man .
Manju : This is all for Archana . For her sake Aie will be totally unfair to all of you ..I will call Varsha and Vaishali right now and gtell themn to come here and fix this .

Dharmesh\’s house
Vaishali takes manjusha \’s call and wakes up Dhamresh who tells her that this exactly what he was expecting .Now manav will slowly take control of this house .Vaishali says that she will go and sort it out right now but Dharmesh says that he doesn\’t wish to get involved as Sulochan will tick him off again …

Satish” house
Vaishali calls and Varsha takes th phone .
Varsha : what ?? I really had no idea that manav could fall this low .I will go there right now .Aie has got back Archu and manav back in this hosue .Manav made the daughter of that hosue run away with him on her wedding and now he has come back as ghar jamaai in that very house .I will never forgive him now .Satish ; I do not wish to get involved but if you want to go then it is up to you .

karanjkar hosue ..
The next morning ..
Archana and baba are sitting in the living room , Vinod is having breakfast ..Manav comes in looking very uncomfortable and goes and sits on the sofa .
Manju comes with tea and gives them a nasty look and leaves the room .
Sulochna comes in with breakfast for manav , She tells him to come and eat his breakfast …unable to see this , Vinod leaves the room very angry ..
Archana : That\’s it …..Tha t does it , manav come , we are leaving this hosue right now ..
Sulochna is looking shocked and has tears in her eyes ….

Pre cap :
Baba is talking to Vinod , varsha and Vaishali ….
This is the very Manav who came to live with us during varsha\’s wedding and you all loved him then.
Vinod : there is a big difference fro m then and now .
Manohar : Still , I cannot see any reason for you guys to hate him so much …..

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