Pavitra Rishta 7th December 2010 Written Update

Karanjkar house

Seeing Vinod\’s rude snubbing of Manav, Archana gets very angry and she just wants to leave the house and goes in her room to pack her stuff.Unable to take so much stress she faints .
Manav and her parents come running when they see her lying on the floor ..
Manav picks her up and puts her on the bed .Sulochna gets some water and Manohar puts the fan on .Her parents are crying …
Manav puts Archana\’s head on his lap and is slowly massaging her forehead .Archu in this state also is grabbing on to his hand .Manohar and Sulochna are watching both of them quietly .
When Manav finally puts Archan to sleep he puts her head on a pillow and tells her parents that he has to go back to his house to get her medicines ..
When he is coming out , he coems face to face with Vaishali and Varsha . No one excahanges any words .Varsha and Vaishali both give him cold and indifferent looks and manav just stands there very uncomfortable .
Without even greeting him or anything like this , both the girls just go in the room ….

Manav goes out and varsha and vaishali go and confront their mother .
Vaishali : What is goign on here ?
Sulochna: Be quiet , don\’t make so much noise or else Archu will wake up .
Vinod : There is no point talking to her , I tried but she shut me up .
Varsha : I can understand Archana coming here but now Manav …..
Sulochna : Your sister would have never come without him , I knew you would not be happy about him coming here .
Vaishali : but how can you forget that he insulted Dharmesh so much .
Varsha : How can you forget all the humilation that we all went through when the wedding happened ..
Vinod : Yes , because this man did such a big dhoka with us .
Manohar : Did you not hear your mother just now Vinod .Nothing is more important to me than Archu\’s health and I know Manav will leave as soon as she gets better . Manav is the kind of person who would rather live on the road than come and live here .
Manjusha: Then tell him to go and live on the road why is he becoming a burden on us .
Manohar yells at Manjusha : They will not going to be a burden on anyone .I have some savings on the side for myself and Sulochna , I will use that to bear all the expenses , you will not have to pay anything Manjusha .
Manjusha : Just see , the minute they come there are misunderstanding happening in this house ,I did not even mention expense and how badly Baba is talkign to me .
Vinod : baba , Manju did not say anythign about expenses
Sulochna : We are all trapped in this situation and Archana\’s life is totally bound with Manav so like it or not , we will just have to put up with him as well….and now no more talk on this ..she leaves the room .

Outside Manav\’s house :
Manav is saying good bye to Raghu and Mushatq .
Manav : I will never forget that when my own family was not with me , both of you supported me .
Mushatq : We were born and bred in a place that we turned out they way we did but when we met you , we knew that this si a good man and he has to be helped .You have made us into a better person and we should thank you for this .If you even need us , just ask , we will always be there for you . Mushtaq : I did speak to someone about you and this guy has a garage and he needs a mechanic This is his number , you should get in touch with him ..
Manav hugs both of them and leaves …

Outside Karanjkar House :
Manav is going in but Varsha and Vaishali are waiting for him .
Vaishu: How can you do that , have you no self respect ? The house that you dishonoured so much , that very house you are a ghar jamaai .
Varsha: I used to like you once but after this thing I can never respect you again ,you have totally fallen for me ..
Manav : All I know is that I love Archana .Will always love her .You love satish and you love Dharmesh and maybe one day you can try to put yourself in my shoes then perhaps you both will understand why I am doing this .Archana means more to me than my own life ….and then he goes in …
Manohar Baba is listening to this and he starts crying .He stops Manav …
Manohar : What is right and what is wrong , I don\’t know and who are we to judge the wrong and right but this old man can see one thing very clearly …how much you love my daughter and nothing makes me more happier than to see this ..

Manav goes in and he comes across Vinod and manjusha who give him nasty looks , Vinod leaves and Manjusha taunts him very badly but stops when she sees Manohar coming in …..

Archana\’s room
Manav sits beside Archana who is sleeping .She wakes up .
Archana : Are you all right ?
Manav : You are the one who is not well, you fainted and you are asking me if I am all right …
Archana: Did we do the right thing by coming here ,I am so afarid .
Manav : I don\’t know right and wrong , right now nothign is more important than your health and the best place for you is this house and there si nothign I would not do for you …this is nothing ..
Archana : how can someoen lovesomeone so much .
Manav smiles : You are askign me ? Ask this question to yourself and you will know the answer ..
If you get someone who loves yo u and is just like you then one shoudl love that person more than oneself ….it gives you so much happiness ..they both smile at each other ..

Outside Karanjkar house

Manav sees that Manohar is not well and has slight fever but he has to go to the bank for some urgent work .Manav tells him that he will do that work for him . Manohar is happy ..

Outside a bank :
Manav coems out and he is looking worried .Due to so much rush in the bank he missed his appointment at the garage .Whe nhe calls the person he is todl that there is no job abd the vaccancy has been taken by someone else ….

Karanjkar House :

Manav goes in the hosue and gives manohar the money ..Manohar gets him a glass of water and tells him to take Manohar just like he would take his own father .
Manohar : Come Manav , come and sit with me beta .
Vinod and Manjusha come in ..
Vinod : I have to tell you one thing baba …we have invited Jaywant for dinner .
Manohar : What , ? How could you do that ? Are you doing this deliberately Vinod ?
Manjusha : Let me speak ..baba , Vinod got a great oppurtuniy because of jaywant . Archana was the one who ran away from the mandap and that got so much disrespect to Jaywant still he was big enough to still forget about it and get Vinod this job .So what is wrong if we want him to come for dinner .
Manav and Archana have come to live with us so they have to adjust , why should we adjust .
manohar : Manjusha …
Vinod : Manjusha has said nothing wrong …
Both give baba very angry looks and leave .Manav is sitting there totally shocked and angry to know that Jaywant is coming for dinner …….

Precap : Rasika is telling Savita that Manav is very happy and he is a ghar jamaai now .Savita is shocked on hearing this …

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