Pavitra Rishta 8th December 2010 Written Update

Archana\’s room
Archana is sitting and is in a bad mood . Manav comes and sits besides her
Archana: how could dada do that .How could he invite Jaywant for dinner .This is all intentional .
Manav: maybe not , how can you say that .
Archu : dada is a sensible person , he knows that if Jaywant comes what will happen , the atmosphere of this hosue can be bad because he knows even we are living here , this is all deliberate ..
Manav : Look Archana, it makes sense also because Jaywant got Vinod a good job, it is only natural that he will invite him for dinner .
You cannot forget that this house belongs to Vinod , he can invite anyone he wants to .We cannot interfere .And why should it matter to us if he is coming .You left him for good reasons , He knows what he had in his mind for you, he was wrong and we were right . It makes no difference to me if Jaywant is coming , who is he to me and it should not matter to you as well that he is coming .
Takes Archana\’s hand …and asks Archana to stop being sensitive about the treatment he is getting in this house .
Manav : Promise me that you will ignore the way I am getting treated here .The most important thing right now is that you have to get well again .
Archana : I cannot promise but Ok , I will try .

Ajit\’s house :
Manju comes to see her mother .
Rasika : Manju , how nice you came to see me . You hardly ever come these days .
manju : Aie , I have such bad luck . I am fed up .Vinod\’s Aie have got Archu and Manav back i nthe house .
Rasika is shocked .
Manju : I cannot tolerate them in that house but then Sulochan Aie wil lnot listen to me ..I don\’t care about any thing , I just want them out I can\’t bear to look at them …
Rasika : manju , don\’t say this to anyone . Now leave things to me , I will get them out of there ..

Karanjkar house
Baba and manav are watching cricket
Baba: Manav , Ghambir is playing so well, he has hit another 4 .
Archana: I will go and make some dinner .
Baba: No pelase , Sulochna said , don\’t let Archu do any work .If you do then I will not get tea tomorrow
Manav is smiling ..
Baba,: Come and sit with me beti..
Archana : You will never stop watching cricket , will you ?
Baba: It\’s a habit , will not change ..
Archu : Why can\’t relations be like habit , so that they also don\’t change .I can\’t believe that this is my dada .He loved me , he trusted me and look at him now .
Baba; Relations are important and only love can earn love back ….so it is our duty to love , no matter what .
Archu is still depressed so Baba signals to manav to watch he will do .
Manohar starts singing loudly \’ Mano bhai motor chalu pum pum pum ”
Manav is shocked and Archu stops baba
Archu : Why do you sing when you cannot sing at all have no sur or taal .
Baba: People outside love my singing , how come you don\’t like it .
Archu : Others praise you because they just want you to stop singing as it is unbearable and she starts laughing . Manohar smiles at Manav to tell hi m that he made Archu laugh …
Manav looks on happliy .

A Posh restaurant
Dharmesh , Vasiahali, Varsha, Vinod and Manju are having dinner and scheming .
Vaishali : Where is satish Jeeju ?
Dharmesh : He wouldn\’t come because he will nto hear a single word against Manav ..Just because he is not with us does not makes him right and us wrong .
We have to decide what we have to do with Manav and Archana .
Manju : Aie behaves as if these 3 are step children and only Archana is her child .
Varsha : One minute , that is not right .Aie loves us just as much .
Dharmesh . : We shoudl not fight amongst ourselves .Archana is totally under manav\’s control , he has totally brain washed her so try and explain anything to her is of no use .
Vinod : Whenever manav comes in front of me I just …..
Dharmesh : No , we have to stop reacting to anythigng they do ..Our way is going to be silence .
Vaishali : What will that do .
Dharmesh : There is a lot of strenght in silence .We will give them the silent treatment Jus tnot react to anything they do or say if they are not even there ..
Our silnece will keep telling them how unwanted they are ??
manju and Vinod smile at each other and Varsha and vaishali nod in agreement .

Archana\’s room
Sulochna is giving Archu her medicines .
Sulochan : manav you should also rest .
Manav : Aie , you sleep with her . I wil lgo and sleep up on the roof , Archu will like that better ..He leaves the room and Sulochna is looking at him …

It is morning , 6 \’ o clock and Archu goes in the kitchen where manav is making tea .
Archana : What are you doing here so early .
Manav : I got up early and thought would make tea for Aie and baba .
Archu looks at him lovingly .
manav : Stop looking at me like this , I feel odd when you do that ..
When he is pouring tea it spills on his hand .Archu holds his hand
Archu : Please be careful . you take care of everyone bu t you never take care of yourself .
Manav : I don\’t do it on purpose , so that you take care of me …he smiels back at her ….
The song Pavitra Rishta plays i n the back ground and Archu is looking lovinlgy at him

Deshmukh house
Savita is sweeping the floow and Damodar is reading news paper when Rasika comes in …
savita talks to herself , whenvever I see this woman , I want to hit her with my jhadu but what to do , she is my daughter\’s MIL…
rasika : How are you .
Savita : I am fine , woudl yo ulike tea or coffee…Rasika : No nothing , I was just passing by .How is sachin ?
Savita : He is much better
rasika : You are such a great lady . How much you are handling on your own ..Has Manav not been there made any difference .
Savita ;OH no, we are fine , we are happy ..
Rasika : You are happy here and he is happy there beigng a Ghar jamaai .Savita and Damodar are shocked like anything , they look disgusted .
savita : No, that cannot be , my Manav can never do that , how can he do that .
Rasika : Go see for your self .And the reason he is doing this is Archana .That girl is so scheming ,. Just loo khow she broke your son from you and has taken him to her home …
Savita : I will not let this be .I will show then what it is to play with our self respect .I will show then what savita is all about ….

Karanjkar House
Manav and baba come in with grocery shopping .
Manav goes i nthe kitchen to keep thenigs there when savita walks in .
Savita : Is Manav Karanjkar here ,I would like to see him .Every one is shocked and manav quickly comes out and is horrified to see his mother in this mood , Archu too is extremely worried , Vinod comes out of his room …

Precap ”
savita is abusing Manav and Archna ..\’People used to say that one goes blind in love , but my son has become a gadha .. then she looks at Archana with a lot of hate ; what am I to do with this girl ; . Unable to take this Sulochan tells Savita to leave the house .
Manav is totally shocked and he doesn\’t know what to do …..

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