Pavitra Rishta 9th December 2010 Written Update

Karanjkar house
Savita comes in and sees manav in the kitchen and the rest of the family in the living room .
Savita : Is Manav Karanjkar at home ??
Manav comes out and is horrified to see his mother , the rest of the family is in shock as well.
Savita: So you are the cook as well now , first Ghar Jamaai and now also the cook , very good .You are doing so well in life , I feel like crying to see you doing this good .
Manav : Aie ..
Savita: I am not your Aie , I was Manav\’s Deshmukh\’s mother .
Manav : Come out with me , there is no need to create a drama here .
Savita:You look so happy with your new family and to see how you have become a servant to this new family .
Sulochna: Savita Tai ..
savita : You don\’t need to say anything .You have a free servant , how happy you must be.
She looks at Archana …
Savita : You , I salute you … for 25 years , I raised this boy and i n 2 years you took him away from me , this must be your idea to make him a Ghar Jamaai .
Manav : Don\’t bring Archana into this .This is my idea .She is not well and she needs to be looked after , you threw me out , what was I supposed to do …
Savita: Talk straight with me , the bottom line is that you are doing this for her .How much will you do for her .Don\’t you know these peopel .How they are ?
They will use you , you will be there servant .They will ruin you .
Vinod : Savita Tai !!!!
Savita : Be quiet , biwi ke chamche …people like you don\’t speak in their own language .Go and hide behind your wife\’s pallu .
Manav , you don\’t know what is right or wrong anymore .People in love go blind , you have lost your brains ..What am I to do with this girl ( yells at Archna ) .
Sulochna: Savita tai , just because we are not saying anythig ….please leave .
savita : No , I won\’t , what will you do ?
Manav : Aie !!
Savita : So because I said something to your maalik , you are angry .Fine I will go but remember this girl will ruin you one day ..
savita goes out and manav goes after her .

Manav : What is this Aie :
savita : You have become a ghar jamaai you have no self respect
Manav : I don\’t care about anyone , Archana is not well.
Savita screams loudly : Archana , Archana , Archana …..I am fed up .
She starts screaming and collecting people to do a tamasha
savita : Listen to me everyone , in this house lives a witch called Archana , she has got my son in a spell.He has become a gharjamaai , a naukar ..these people are ghatiya people .
Manav : Aie ( screams very loudly ) just go …
Savita : I will go , but when they kick you out , don\’t coem crying to me
Manav : I won\’t .
manav goes inside the house …..

Vinod is talking to a crying Sulochna
This is the reason why I was telling you not to bring them here . You know Manav\’s mother , now get ready for such tamashas every day .
Manav : Don\’t worry Vinod . What happened today will never happen again .
He leaves the house .

Ajit\’s house
Ajit : I can\’t believe manav would do somethign like this .
Vandita : Even I cannot believe , but Manju tai is saing it so there must be some truth in it .
Why would dada do something liek this .
Rasika : because now he knows his reality , that he is a weak person and he cannot take care of his own wife and that is why he has gone hiding in his mother in laws house .Truth hurts but that is how it is .
Vandita : No way , my brother has been a fighter , always .Since the age of 15 he has been fighting , you think he will give up like this .There must be a very serious reason .
Ajit : Vandu is right .Manav , is in trouble and that is why he is doing this .We need to know what his problem is .

Deshmukh house
Damodar is happy to see manav coming in .
Manav : Where is Aie ?
Savita : Where would I be ?
Manav : That\’s enough Aie , I cannot tolerate it any more .Just because I love you does not give you the right to behave this way .I love my wife also , just as much .Who gives you the right to insult my wife like this .What has she doen ? Tha tgirl is not well and you are saying all this to her .
Savita : Wow , so for that girl yo uare screaming at me .I hate that girl . She snatched my two sons away from me . She stole my son .The day she dies I will distribute mithai .
Manav : I will not hear another word anymore .
Savita : What is left for yo uto say , biwi ka chamcha yo uare …licking your susraal\’s feet , biwi ka chamcha chi chi ….
manav : Wha t gives you the right to say anything to me .I came here after our wedding for your ashirwaad .But you threw me out . My wife is not well and when I am trying to look after her I am called Biwi ka chamcha ..It\’s so easy to just talk but you have lost all the rights now …you cannot say anything to me anymore ..

Karanjkar house
Archana is not well and she goes in the kitchen to drinks milk but manjusha stops her .
Manjusha : leave that milk pan .Tha tsi for my family . Goa and ask your fatehr for milk …If you ever try to even look at thinsg that belong to us then I will nto leave you .You are so shameless. I work hard for everything and people like you come and try top get freebies …..This will not do .In this house I live my own sperate garhasti.Things are not the same in this house any more so just keep away from my stuff.
While Manju is saying all this , Archu is crying and Punni is watching this and is looking very sad .

Archana\’s room
Archana comes in and starts crying ..she remebers what Manju was saying …Punni comes in and she wipes her tears …
She tells Archana that her mother has a habit of just screaming like this .She very cutely tells Archana in her ear that she will not drink her milk today and wants Archna to drink it instead of her .
Archu looks at her lovingly and it brings a smile to her face and she tells Punni to drink the milk and tells her that she will tell her a nice story .Both of them give each other a lovely hug …..

In a coffee shop
Vinod and Manjusha have come to meet Dharmesh
Vinod : Dharmesh why did you call us like this .
Dharmesh : I wanted to talk to you about property .The way Manav is taking over everything I want Aie and baba to divide their property in all their children and give everyone their share on paper .
Manjusha ( in her mind : What the hell…….I wanted the hosue all to myself and this businessman wants his share as well.No way .That house is only and only ours .Right now I wil stay quiet and let this whole problems with Archan subside then I will sort him out as well……
Manjusha : Vinod , the time has come for yo uto tell Aie and baba that we are seperating our garhasti from them ….

Karanjkar house
Vinod : Aie baba….I have to speak to you .Manohar , Sulochna , Archana and Manav all look worried at Vinod …

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