Pavitra Rishta 10th December 2010 Written Update

Outside Deshmukh house
Manav is coming out when Taran approaches him
Tarun : Manav , where have you been all this time .I have been looking for you everywhere but you just did not keep in touch .
I am very happy for both you and Archana vahini. We have shared so much together right from childhood but when you needed me the most I was not there for you .I am angry with you because of this .
Manav : I am sorry Tarun , everything happened so quickly that I just could not keep in touch .
Tarun : Where are you staying right now .
Manav tells him his whole story .
Tarun : manav you did the right thing by taking Archana vahini to her family home .No one may support you on this decision but I am with you .By the way I have another good news for you .My father got in touch with a very good lawyer and that guy has got the garage case reopened .Hopefully soon we will get our garage back .
Manav looking very happy : That is great .If that happens so many of my problems will be solved ..

Deshmukh house
Savita is praying to Bappa
Savita : Bappa please , listen to my prayers and get me my Manav back in this house .I hate this house without him .
Damodar : I cannot believe I hear what you are saying …Let\’s not waste time then . Let us go and get Manav and Archana back in this house .
Savita comes out yelling with a knife in her hand .
Savita : I only said Manav , Ok not anyone else …I only want Manav back in my house .
Damodar : How can that be .Manav married Archana and now she is his responsibility.You think he will leave her and come here alone ?
Savita : I not only think that , I will even make this happen .You wait and see how I will get Manav back in this house one day .

Karanjkar house
Sulochna is putting oil in Archu\’s hair and Baba and Manav are trying to fix a radio when Vinod and Manju walk in .
Manju: Vinod , this is the perfect time , tell Aie and baba that we want to live a seperate garhasti now .
Vinod is about to say when Archana suddenly gets sick and starts coughing badly .Unable to see his sister like this Vinod runs to her and panics .He holds Archana and Manav gets water for her and Vinod is making sure that Archu drinks the water..
Manju gets angry when she sees a worried Vinod looking after Archana

Vinod \’s room
Manjusha is walking here and there , very angry
Manju : Vinod what happened to you ? Looks like I will have to do something now .
Vinod : Manju , this is something big and I can\’t just say something like this now plus Archu is not well.
Savita : Let\’s not talk about archu , she is a drama queen , look what she did today , even tomorrow when you want to say something she will create another drama , maybe faint this time .
Vinod : Let\’s shift in our flat .
Manju : Are you crazy .The question of us leaving this house should not arise .We have given that flat on rent and we are getting a considerable income for that .I am not letting go of that income .This problem has been created by Manav and Archu coming here , they wil have to leave and not us .

Satish\’s car
satish : I know Varsha that you are angry about manav\’s decision but what you all have planned for them , to ignore them is very wrong .How can you just ignore both of them , it is not possible .You go to that house all the time .
Varsha : If it is impossible then I will make it possible and please I do not wish to talk to you about this .
Satish : Fine , I will not talk about it but one day you will realize tht you were very wrong about manav .

Deshmukh house
Savita is looking at the expense list .
Savita : This is all so much , I had no idea that this house needed so much money to run .If my Manav came back then all my problems will be solved .
Damodar : You never knew because Manav would do so much without even telling you .
Listen to me , get Manav back and all your problems will be gone and again yo uwill rule like a queen .
Savita : True , I don\’t have a problem in Manav\’s coming back but I will not tolerate that girl coming back.
damodar : Then you will have to decide , what would you rather tolerate …Archana or these expenses …..he gives Savita a big smile ….

Dharmesh\’s office
Dharmesh : Satish, we have finally got Vinod convinced about asking his share of the property from his parents …Manav\’s plan of getting that house will fail .Vinod is the only source of income of that house .This action will choke all the money going in that house .This is the only way to trap Manav
Satish : What ? How could you do that ? No matter what you think of Manav , this is wrong .You are breaking a house where there is so much love .Tha t love is their strength and you are breaking it .I feel sorry for Varsha and Vasihu that they are listening to you .
Dharmesh : You are calling me wrong on my face .
Satish : becaus you are wrong .Please stop this mistake , stop right now .
Dharmesh : I respect you as a brother in law
Satish : Then why can;t you give the same respect to Manav . He is also yoru brother in law or is it yoru ego tha is comign in the way .It is that …your ego .
Every day is not the same .Right now Manav & Archna are going through a bad time and we should be there for them .
Dharmesh : I am not interested in all this .

Outside on road
Manav and Archana are walking back from the doctor\’s clinic .
Archan : Why did you have to buy so many medicines , all these vitamins ….??
Manav : Please at least let the doctor do his job , he is more qualified than you ..I am not taking any more risk with your health and I a mnot going to listen to you , he smiles at Archana .
Archana : I really feel like seeing Vandita .Ithas been so long Should we not go and see her after we got married .
Manav : Let\’\’s go now ..he looks at his wallet but doesn\’t have enough cash .
Archana : let\’s just walk .I am bored of just being on bed and sitting down
Manav : You are saying this to save money .
Archana : When you know why are you asking , we understand each other so much Do we need to even say this ..They both smile and start walking.

Karanjkar house
Vinod is walking out when his baba come to him
Baba : Vinod I am very happy with the way you were with your sister yesterday .I had given up hope if you would ever love her again .
Vinod : I can never stop loving Archana she is my sister but I hate Manav .
Baba : The only reason why you are angry with Manav is because he took Archu away from this mandap and we got so much flak for it …But what was all that about , to make Archana happy .The bottom thing is that our Archu is happy again , she is smiling .We wanted that so much , We wanted to see her smile .And Manav has got her to smile again .He loves her
Vinod : That is what makes me angry the most .
There was a time when I desperately wanted Manav to stay with my sister so much but at that time all Manav could think about was Shravani and his zimmedaris towards her and he hurt all of us using Shravani as an excuse .Then suddenly he just realizes that he cannopt live without Archu .What about Sharavni then …For Manav to love Archu or to leave Archiu depends all on his moods …I see no logic in this
What Dharmesh is saying is right .Manav is using Archu for that court case …
Manohar : You know how much he did for this hosue , still you say this …
Manjusha comes and they both stop talking and Vinod and Manjusha go out .

Vegetable market
Sulochna is buying vegetables when she sees Savita .Savita suddenly remembers about expenses and that damodar was saying that Manav\’s coming back will take care of the expenses .
savita : Sulochna tai , I am sorry for the way I behaved yesterday .I should not have got angry like this .It ios not your fault and not yoru daughter\’s .It\’s all my son\’s fault .How can someone do this to a good family .He should be pusnished .
Throw him out of Archana \’s life .this will be the toughest punishment for him .Only you can give him that punishment .
She forcefully pays for Sulochna\’s vegetables and reminds her again to think about throwing Manav out of Archana \’s life …..she walks away and Sulochna is looking at her .

Pre cap ; Vandu is screaming at Rasika , while Manav and Archana are looking : Don\’t forget that the person you are insulting , your house used to run on his money at one time .
Rasika , so you are going to teach me .( she tries to slap Vandita but Manav holds her hand ).

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