Pavitra Rishta 13th December 2010 Written Update

Deshmukh house
Savita is very happy and gloating to Damodar that she has played the perfect card and soon everything she wants will fall in place , suddenly Sulochna comes in her house .
Damodar : Sulochna tai, what brings you here ?
Sulochna hands over a box with Baigan ka bhurta in it to savita ..
Sulochna : I only came to give you this . You bought those baingans and I made bhurta of that and have come to give it to you .You gave me something , I have given you something back as we have to take care of rishtas whether we like it or not .
Savita : Stop talking nonsense and tell me what you have done about what I was telling you ?
Sulochna : I am also angry with Manav and Archana specially Maanv but the truth is that they are happy together and they love each other .I can never be so cruel that I snatch my daughter\’s happiness away from her .
Savita : Why don\’t you just accept defeat .About Manav\’s peace and life , I wil l not give up on that and that is why I want Archana away from him and I will make it happen .
Sulochna : That is all up to you , I only came to tell yo u that I am not with you in these efforts of trying to seperate them …She leaves …
Savita keeps cursing her after she is gone ..

Ajit\’s house
Manav is telling everyone the reason of going to the Karanjkar house and Ajit , Rasika and Vandita are listening …..
Ajit : You did the right thing in a way Manav by taking Archana to her mother .You guys wait here , I will go and get mithai .
He goes out ..
Rasika : Manav ,your father used to do small jobs in theatre but I had no idea that you could write such brilliant scripts .
Manav : What do you mean ?
Rasika: This whole story about Archana getting sick is pretty interesting but I will not buy it as I know you well.You just want freebies in life .
Vandita : Don\’t talk to dada like this.You know he is not like this .He is a hard working man .
Rasika : Sure he is , first he spots a girl from a good family , traps her in his love and makes her run away from her mandap bringing disgrace to her home and then goes back to that very home to becoem a ghar jamaai ….sure , this needs hard work , doesn\’t it ?Vandita : You are insulting my brother
Rasika : He is a ghar jamaai and so has no self respect as it is , so how can I insult him .
Vandita : That\’s enough , I will not hear another word .My brother is a good and a hard working person. He used to support this house at one time .
Rasika unable to hear this tries to slap Vandita but manav holds her hand not letting her hurt Vandu
Manav : Just because I am not saying anything don\’t think I am weak. Do not make the mistake of hurting Vandu . let\’s go Archana
They both leave

Ajit comes in with hot jalebis .
Ajit : Where are they ?
Rasika : The yleft because they could not hear the truth .All I said was that find another place for yourself and he got angry .He todl me off so badly and told me to keep out of his personal life ..starts crying
Vandiat tries to tell Ajit what really happened but rasika shuts her up and goes on to shed crocodile tears ..
Rasika : This time Manav is wrong and people will talk Ajit , no one can stop them .

Outside Road
Manav and Archana are walking and Manav is very frustrated and angry .
Manav : How can Rasika Tai hate Vandu so much .She tried so hard to fix that house in bad tiems .She made Ajit into a better person , still….
Sometimes I think that my mother and rasika are the same , she hates you an Rasika hates Vandu .I feel sick when I think that my mother wants to celebrate your death …
He stops and looks disturbed .
Archana : Don\’t worry Manav .I will again try to win her back one day .
Manav : It is only this ( her spirit ) about you that is keeping me alive , nothing else …
Archcna smiles : Honestly manav ,you know what I am doing these days .I just don\’t think about problems , not even money problems anymore because I know that one day yo uare going to get a job soon and all this will be taken care of .I have full faith in you , you will take care of everything .
Suddenly a small boy picks his pocket and runs away ..
Manav runs after the boy and so do other people …
When the boy is finally caught , people start beating him up but Manav stops them .The boy is crying and tells everyone that he did this because his mother is sick .Manav immediately gives the boy the only 200 rupees he had in his wallet and pats his cheek and tells him to go …
Everyone else makes fun of Manav for falling for a cheap trick like that but Manav says that he trusts that little boy and if he helps someone today then God will help him tomorrow .Archu is happy and she tells Manav that he is like no one else and very special …

Both Manav and Archana are walking by the road when Manav sees a man stranded by the road side as his car has stopped .Manav offers to help him and works on the car and gets it started .
The man thanks him and gives him money .Manav first refuses but when he isists on giving him in a nice way , manav accepts ..While taking the money out , by mistake a 1000 rupee note and a card falls down .When that guy leaves Manav spots this and tells Archana that he will go and give it back to this guy and he keeps both the 1000 rupee note and the card in his wallet .

Girish\’s house
Girish is talking to Savita :
I am all alone so for me a small flat is enough .I got this falt made for Manav and Sharavni .So what if they did not get married , you did so much for my daughter so as of today this falt is yours .Here , take the keys .
savita : Girish Ji , am I dreaming …??
Girish : Absolutely , yo uare dreaming ……
Savita wakes up
Savita : Archan , this is all happening because of you .I will not leave you and I will seperate you from manav one day , you shattered my dreams , I will not leave you .

Karanjkar house
Manav and Archnaa go in the house but no one is in .A man comes in to collect 800 rupees for the gas bill.Archana calls Vinod to pay that and Vinod goes to pay the man .Meanwhile accidently Manav\’s wallet falls in front of Manjusha and that 1000 rupees note is seen by her.
Manjusha : Why didn\’t yo upay this bill.
Archana : This is not our money .This note dropped from a person \’s wallet and we have to give that back .
Manju : Stop lying
Manav : I will give yo uthe money for this bill, but this money is not ours ..You are both eating free and you both don\’t even wish to contribute .
Manohar : Listen , we have invited them ehre and thsi from our will .Why should they give anythign ? Why are you expecting anythign fro mthem ?
Manjusha : We have taken responsibility but that does not mean that they shoudl take advantage .Money does not grow on trees .
Sulochna : We too are giving money , we take care of thei expenses ,what is your problem Manju ?
Manju : Of course I have a problem where money is concerned .
Sulochna : Money , money , money …it\’s all about money for you …stop it right now .
Manjusha : Yes it is about money and that is all that I can see because we are the only ones who earn it ..
Manohar looks at Vinod : Someone stop her … why can\’\’t she stop .
Manjusha : No one can stop me .I have decided what is to be done .As of today we are seperating our garhasti from yours .We will live in the same house , under one roof but will have sepearte garhasti as of today ..
Every one is looking shocked and horrified …

Pre cap :
Vinod looks happily when someone walks in the hosue .It is Jaywant Rane ……

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