Pavitra Rishta 14th December 2010 Written Update

Outside Kaarnjkar House :
Manjusha is telling everyone that she wants a seperate garhasti now .
Manju: From today , from now , me and Vinod will bear our own expenses which will have nothing to do with you guys .The phone and electricity bill will be halved .Archu and Manav better not look at anything that belongs to us .
Sulochna: What is this Vinod ?
Vinod : Manju is absolutely right .
Both Vinod and Manju go inside and eveyone else is just standing feeling very down .

Satish\’s house
Bhavna comes and tells varsha to remind Satish of renovating their flat .Satish comes in .
Satish : I have good news for Varsha . She always wanted to have a flat of her own in Juhu .Today I did that .I took a loan from the company and now she has her own flat .It feels so good that I have given her what she wanted .
Varsha : I am so happy Satish .
She looks at Bhavna and is surprised to see that Bhavna is looking disturbed .Satish hugs Varsha and Bhavna leaves the room .

Karanjkar house .
Sulochna is working in the kitchen and Manju walks in .She starats taunting Sulochna that now that they have to cook sperately Sulo will always try and take the kitchen first and Manju will just have to wait as Sulo is senior to her.
Sulochna : I don\’t know what you are getting out of this Manjusha but if it makes you happy then fine , you cook first and I will use the kitchen once you are done with .

Archana is on the roof top, she sees Manav sleeping and she puts her shawl on him as she feels it is cold and sits beside him ..
Maanv wakes up .
Manav : Wha tare you doing here .It is so cold here , go down .
Archana ;What about you .It is cold for you also .
Manav : It\’s different for me ,I am used to this .
Archana : No I will not go down .You come with me .
Manav : Archana please , I have told Aie that she will sleep with you , why are you giving her problems .Go down right now .
Archana : In that case I will sleep with you up here .I will tolerate the cold but will not sleep without you .I am not going .
Manav : Please Archana , he tells her off .
Sulochna comes in .
Sulochna : Archana is right .Sleeping up here will make yo usick Manav and all night we will have Archu coming again and again to check you and that will make her sick as well , so go down and sleep in the room with her .
Manav : Yes Aie …and looks at Archana who is looking very worried for him …

The living room
Manohar is asking for tea but Sulochna cannot make it as Manju is in the kitchen .Suddenly a tall dark shadow is shown and it is none other than Jaywant Rane coming in the house .
Vinod : Jaywant !!!
Everyone looks shocked at the new guest .
Jaywant smiles at Vinod and then immediately gives Archana a very intense look .
Archu gets up and her mother walks and stands next to her .Everyone is worried but onlu Manju is happy .
Manju : I invited him for brunch today.
Vinod : Tha tis very good thing you did Manju , Jaywant , please come in ..
Jaywant walks right up to the sofa where archu was sitting , Archu leaves and he goes and sits there ..
Sulochna : How is everyone at your house ?
Jaywant ; Everyone is good Aie ( he is still calling her Aie ) .
Suddenly Manav comes in from outside and is shocked to see Jaywant .Jaywant gives him a big smile .Manav looks at a worried Archana and a worried Manohar and a smiling Manjusha and understands everything here …
Vinod : Jaywant , how is the international company you were talking about …?
Manav is looking furious by now and he walks out of the house , looking at this even Archana goes in her room …
Manju gets loads of things to eat .Vinod offers Manohar to eat something but Manohar says no , even to tea .
Jaywant : Vahini , you have made very nice tea .
Manju cannot stop smiling and thanks him …

Ajit\’s house
Ajit is asking Vandita why she is not going to college anymore .
He figures out that his mother must have stopped her education . He gets angry and says that she should get ready to go to college and he will tell her off if she didn\’t .

Karanjkar house .
Jaywant is going to wash his hands and he sees Archana and he goes to her .
Jaywant ; What has he done to you ? I would have taken care of you like a Princess . Do you know something , I have a weakness and that is YOU. No matter how hard I try , I just cannot hate you .I a m waiting for you even today ..Please think about it .
Archu gets angry and turns back to answer him but Sulochna comes and Archu walks back in the other room .
Sulochan heard what Jaywant said and looks concerned …Jaywat leaves .
He goes out and sees manav standing and he goes up to him

Jaywant : Namaskaar , my name is Jaywant , Jaywant Rane .
Manav : So ??
Jaywant : You have been ignoring me so I might as well introduce my self .You can try and forget about me but I will not let you .We have a strong bond between us and by taking my wife to be from the mandap you have strengthen our bond forever .
Now Manav has a slight smile on his face and they are both looking directly in each other\’s eyes …
Jaywant : If you think you won because you married Archan then you are wrong .Next victory will be mine and also the last .You just wait and watch ..
he leaves ……

A Saree shop
Dharmesh and Vaishu are shopping for her sarees .\’
Dharmesh is irritating Vasiahli by bargaining like anything for everything .Some gundas come and tease vaishu but Dharmesh tells her to ignore them . Vaishu answers them back and then she fights with Dharmesh for not coming to her defense .
Dharmesh : Such people should be ignored as it is no use fighting with them .
vasishu : you didn\’t do anything for me , didn\’t even let me answer them
Dharmesh : When it is time I will deal with them if needed , now don\’t make a big deal …
Vasihu looks irritated .

Karanjkar house
Sulochna , Manohar , Manav and Archana are sitting having breakfast .Punni comes and asks for Sheera .Everyone looks at the adorable little girl happily .
Manju storms out of her room and grabs Punni and tells her off for asking for food from aira ghairas ..
Sulochna gets terribly emotional as all this is now too much for her to bear .
Sulochna : Why are yo u doing this .You made your first mistake by seperating and now you are trying to take away our grandchlidren .can you please leave the children out of it .
Manju : No Aie , I will not .Everytime I open my mouth and say soemthing then you all think I am wrong any way , so what is the point in telling you what I feel .You all know what I really want . She looks angirly at Manav and Archana and leaves the room with Punni .
Sulochna starts crying and Archan goes in Manju \’s room to talk to her …

Precap : Dharmesh is telling damodar that Manav is third class person and he can do anything to save his skin .That he has married Archana only to save himself ….

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