Pavitra Rishta 15th December 2010 Written Update

Vinod\’s room
Archana comes in the room and goes straight to Vinod .
Archu : Why are you doing this dada?
Vinod: What ?
Manju: Archana….she is interrupted by Archana.
Archana: No vahini, today you will stay quiet and I will talk to my brother .Why don\’t you understand how much your parents love you .Do I have to tell you this .Why are you making two homes under one roof .Aie is not saying anythign but she is very hirt .
Vinod : I don\’t have to clarify myself to you .I know what I am doing .
He goes and sits on the bed , Archu approaches him but Manju stops her , Archana pushes her away and goes and sits besides her brother .
Archana: I know you are angry with me and you don\’t like manav , but please don\’t punish your parents like this .If you had to do this why did you come back in this house .
Manju : Will you just be quiet ?
Archana : Will you just be quiet ? You are not the only one who has rights on him , so do we .Ok , forget about me , what about his parents ? Have they no rights on him .I am here because of thoses rights .Please dada , don\’t do this to your parents , don\’ttake away their son from them .Why are you doing this ?
She opens a drawer and takes something out , manjusha tries to stop her but Archu pushes her back .It is a notebook which used to be Archu\’s homework book when Vinod used to teach her , it has a picture of little Archu and little Vinod in it .
Archanan : Why do you still keep it , why do you still treasure these memories .I cannot tolerate what is going on . I can bear that you stay away from me but a mother and a son breaking away like this is unacceptable .Don\’t keep any relations with me now
She takes the book and the picture .
Archu : If you don\’t care about all this then just let me tear all this …she starts walking out of the room but Vinod stops her .
Vinod : Don\’t do this .
Archana: Try understand my and my mother\’s pain ….please try and see what we are going through.
Manju : Vinod , don\’t listen to her .She is emotionaly balckmailing you .
Vinod thinks for a second and he goes out of the room .
He sees his mother crying and he goes straight to her .
Vinod: I made a huge mistake Aie , I was angry I didnot want to do this but I made a mistake .Will you forgive me .He starts crying .
Manav looks at Archu , he is happy and he gives Archu a nod of approval .
Vinod : Aie , will you not give me Sheera ?
Sulochna feeds him sheera with her own hands , both mother and son are crying .Manohar is crying and manav and Archana look happily at each other .Manju is looking disgusted to see this happy scene .
Vinod : Archu today you did me a favour and corrected me when I was going wrong .But unfortunately my sister who can correct me doesn\’t know that she is going wrong herself .
He looks angirly at manav and leaves the room …..

Jaywant\’s house
Jaywant is sitting in his room and his mother comes in
Prabha : Oh no, you are thinking about all that again .How much will you think about it .Accidents happen in life .It was not your mistake .You are getting good rishtas fro mgood families so will you look intio that .
Jaywant is quiet ..suddenly he starst thinking about Archana .One image after another comes in hsi head …he tells his mother that he will only get married to the girl he wishes to marry …All this time only images of the time that he and Archana ( like him putting the engagement ring on her finger , when she first proposed to him ) were together keep coming in his head ..
He is looking very disturbed and tells his mother that when time comes he will tell her everything but he wants to make one thing very clear that the only girl for him now is this girl he wants to marry ….

A small drinking joint ..
Damodar is having a drink in a very bad looking drinking place when he sees Dharmesh sitting with a gunda ..( what is he doing here ? ) .
Dharmesh is giving the Gunda instructions to get the Kholi empty at any cost .
Damodar : Why do yo uhate my Maanv so much .Dharmesh : I don\’t want to talk about it baba.
But if you have to listen to it then do so ..Manav is a third class man , he has insulted me so much .He will go to any lengths to use people .Even right now he is using Archana to save his skin .In my whole life I have never seen such a user ever , he is using a woman to get what he wants ..
Damodar gets furious and breaks a bottle and threatens Dharmesh ..Dhamresh gets worried and somehow runs away from there ..

Satish\’s house
Varsha is telling Satish about the misunderstand that happened between them and his mother .
Satish : don\’t worry I will talk to my mother and clear it all out .
Varsha : You should have talked to me before booking a flat .
Satish : I wanted to give you a surprise .I can afford that flat now and I booked it , big deal .
Varsha : Now your mother wil lthink that I am trying to use yoru money to make myself happy .
Satish : What is this .Whatever I do is wrong for you .Remember Varsha , don\’t try to make me like you yourself are , you are going to lose me forever ..
he walks out of the room very angry and Varsha looks frustrated .

Dharmesh\’s house
Vasiahli : Dhamresh those guys who were teasimg me the other day , they cam after me again .Will yo udo something about it ..
Dhamresh :Please don\’t start all this , I am busy .You are always dancing on my head
Vaishali: This is serious .
Dharmesh : Oh please , I know the limits of your thoughts .I have too many problems of my own and I want you to leave me alone .
Vaishali : I know you are disturbed these days , wh ydon\’t you tell me what is keeping yo uso disturbed .
Dharmesh : I have problems of my own and I need not tell yo uanythign ,Just do me a favour and leave me alone .
he tells her off pretty bad and leaves the room …

Karanjkar house
The rooftop, Archana is hanging the washed clothes ….
Manav comes and starts helping her .
By mistake some water is splashed on hsi face ..Archu quickly wipes his face with her saree pallu
A romantic song is playing in the back ground .
Manav pushes away her hair that are on her face .
Archu is totally lost looking in his eyes , she gets closer to his face and is about to kiss him then suddenly she realizes that there are others also on the roof and she moves her face away from his .
She goes on the other side of the clothes and gets shy and starst smiling at what she was about to do …..
Manav tries to peep from behind at her . He is really happy and very excited . .
They both are trying to see what the other is doing but keep missing each other .then suddenly they look at each other and give each other a big smile …..( very romantic scene)

Precap :
Savita is burning saress outside Karanjkar house and suddenly she leaps at Archana and starts pulling her so she can push her in the fire .
Manav rushes and pulld archana back .
Savita ; Why did you come in .If she had died then all of us would have been much better off…
Sulochna is shocked and starst crying .Manju and Vinod are shocked .Archanan is crying and manav is looking very disturbed .

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