Sasural Genda Phool 15th December 2010 Written Update

Salaam Namaste SGPians….. Hope u all had a lovely week…… today\’s episode has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions, different real life situations and how emotions change in a fraction of a second. The scenes have been enacted so well that the transitions become almost transparent and the emotions smoothly flow into another one without our knowledge, teek, my reviews khatham, here I go with SGP meri zubaani!
Suhana applying ointment with her nose closed(bechari, can\’t blame her) keeps persuading hubby dear to go and try her dish while she will apply the ointment. Hubby dear still standing and smiling at her and Sona glancing at his face. Literally Madam gets bugged and tells him he needs to go right now. Sona sees Suhana\’s torture to her poor nose and tells her she will manage to apply it herself. Madam damn delighted at this proposal and gladly accepts it in the first take itself saying “Sach mein, tum laga logi, Main abhi jakar dekhthi hoon ki Ishaan ne dis taste kiya ki nahi.” Seeing her excitement Sona laughs to herself.
Raunak house
Panna sitting by Raunak on his armchair and Ms. Rubberband besides her husband. Raunak says he needs to leave to stay in a hotel till his company provides him an accommodation and he needs to leave in a week. All confused and asks him where to leave? He says his job is in Bengaluru and he needs to leave for that next week. Ms. Rubberband pounces for this also on Panna saying it must be her plan to send him away from his parents. (yaar kabhi toh socho, aisa karke who khud bhi pathi se door rahegi) But Raunak supports Panna (after a long time) and says it was his decision to consider this job as it met all his requirements. Ms. Rubberband reminds him that they r ageing and he needs to be here as if anything happens to his dad( Poor husband of yours, life is so uncertain, can\’t u take your example. I believe u too r no more a doll) they need Raunak. Panna and FIL try to persuade her. But Rubberband shocked me even more as she said ” Main tumse door nahin reh sakthi” and starts crying bitterly. (oh goodness, U do care, thank god u remembered u r a MOM) Raunak rushes to console her and says he will not consider this job. PHUS goes Panna\’s happiness and smile goes down the drain. Sadly nods her head thinking everything is back to SQUARE 1.(kismat ka khel hai bhaiya,zindagi kabhi sukh dethi hai, usi raftar se dukh bhi dethi hai)
Suhana-Ishaan bedroom
Ishaan starting a conversation with Madam saying “Bahut mazaa aaya aaj, bahut din ke baad sab milkar baitke khana khaye” Madam is just quiet looking at him. (guess guess why) He our Bholu starts his madness again says Sona had that food even when he tried his best to tell her not to have it. Thank God she had the medicines for the same else it wud have been worse.Madam still looking on.(socho socho why) Then he asks she wanted to ask something, she says no nothing . He lays down.Madam talking to her herself and says ” Yeh Bholu toh kuch bhol hi nahi raha hai” Then Madam also lies down , but She again turns and wakes him up badly. She tells him “Patha hai Dadaji ko na Chicken dumplings bahut accha laga, badimaa, rajni didi, Disha bhabhi sab last tak kha rahe the.” Says good that they all got to try a new dish this way. Still not happy at his reply, she says “Maine yeh Bholu ke liye itna mehnat se banayi, yeh toh kuch bhol hi nahi raha hai. HOW MEAN!” Then she wakes him up and he gets up and says with a SMILE,says he knows what she wants to hear from him(naughty Bholu, toh pehle kyun nahin bola) Madam interrupts to which he says “Ab sirf mai bolunga aur tum sirf sunogi” He says the chicken dumplings were too good and he is glad that everyone liked it, but she need not have done all this mehnat , what if she hurts herself ? ( Bholu ji u better cross-check Madam\’s mehnat factor with other ladies of the house ).Hearing this she tells him “Mujhe kuch nahin sunna hai so javo” Lays in bed and turns on other side, smiles and asks him “Tumhe sacchi aacha laga” ???( ab samjhe??? yeh huvi na asli nishaani aurat wali, tareefein sunna bhi hai, magar zara itrathe hue) saying so she smiles at him. Says “Suhana Bajpai kuch bhi kar sakthi hai, Suhana Bajpai U r the best ” and pats herself on her arms. Bholu is giving his patent glance at her and Madam says “Phir se Goorne lag gaye ! So jaavo- Mujhe neend aa rahi hai!( so toh hai bhai, ab jo sun na tha who sun liya, kaam khatham, paisa hajam)

Elesh cracking up with Inder praising Suhana\’s trial dish, tells Inder he has a wonderful scope of putting a TELA(too good , guyz, i imagined Inder with a TELA selling Chicken Dumplings… even Mc. Donald got a complex of this TELA) and making a wonderful business of trading Chicken dumplings yelling ” chicken dumplings bees rupaiya plate” and Rajni laughing over their gags. Enters Disha with her comments on Suhana\’s trial. Says they don\’t know what was their haalat with Suhana\’s hand at cooking. Rajni imitates Madam use to examine and measure the carrots and beans and say “Pathetic, horrible, Fail, Fail, pass, Fail” RB cooked the tomato gravy, choti maa cut the veggies, Yahan tak ki Dadiji ko bhi nahi choda suhana ne, Dadiji was beiling the rotis aur Meena recipe ki newspaper pakdi. ” (kaash Ishaan miyan yahan hote…. so sach jaan jaate….)
Then Inder says thankfully they got a chance to go for Picnic courtesy Madam\’s new attempt so they need to enjoy to the core now. Disha says they need to invite Panna too. Rajni\’s smile vanishes and gets worried. She says they r busy so they won\’t come. Elesh says Quick Gun Murugan Raunak jeeju ko to bulana hi hai.(Awwwww… what a selection of character for Raunak…. rombha nena irrukku…. jujubee…Rajni kant istyle) He will come. Inder says yes and he goes to give a call to them, Rajni interrupts and puts the receiver down. Inder gets furious and yells that what is her prob. And he has been observing her post diwali day that she has been behaving weird when it comes to Panna matter. He says ” Yeh math bhoolna Panna meri behen hai” He tries to walk off, Elesh and Disha try to persuade him. Rajni says ” Bolne do, Aaj patha chala Inder mere bare mein kya sochthe hai aur kya samajthe hai” Inder comes to her and says ” Rani tum acchi ho, bahut acchi. Tum panna se Bhaag nahi rahi ho, balki kuch chupa rahi ho.” Rajni says nothing of that sort. But Inder says he will not ask her anything since he feels it may be for his and Panna\’s good but says ” I am your husband and her brother. I know my duties well ” and then walks off leaving Rajni to sob.
Suhana on bed, feels pain on her fingers and sees a bruise on it. Sees Bholu is not by her side, remembers bholus\’ ointment scene with sona(that electrifying application of ointment ne lagtha hai Madam ke hosh udda diye) and goes out…sees from top angle …. him with Rano in the open area. Rano is enquiring about his night-walk and he showing his anxiety on Sona\’s rashes. Rano says there r other people to worry about Sona and advises him to go back to bed. Suhana not very pleased at this, goes back to her bed . seeing Bholu getting back to room, Madam pretends to be in a nap. There comes Bholu and sees the bruise on her finger and cries his heart out that how did she hurt herself, Madam is not the one to spoil her golden act and allows him to continue his MONOACT. He tells yeh ladki bhi na and says no need to try it out next time and tries to get the ointment form his side table, Madam inquisitive about what he is doing peeps and sees. Then quickly closes her eyes again. Bholu then applies and goes to sleep. Madam seeing her finger and admiring the bruise now coated with ointment.
Smiles happily , her eyes now spark with unknown emotions awaiting for her to react!(Kya yahi Pyaar hai….. haan haan… yehi pyaar hai…. )
Disha yelling at Elesh for distributing all the bucks in their family. First to Ishaan, then to Inder bhaiya. RB overhears.
Tan-t-dan, Disha going the hindi serial vamp way??
So overall today\’s episode highlighed the few seconds of bliss followed by the greys of life…. Panna\’s few moments of bliss disappeared , Rajni\’s integrity came a question mark to Inder….. So overall felt scenes well-handled and emotions beautifully shown.

Shukran Guyz…. thankoo for reading the lenghty one patiently…… Hum hai rahi pyar ke, phir milenge , chalthe-chalthe…..

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