Pavitra Rishta 16th December 2010 Written Update

Deshmukh House
Savita is packing a bag with sarees .Damodar is looking at her concerned and is asking her what she wants to do with these sarees .Savita doesn\’t answer him and leaves with the bag .

Karanjkar house
Outside the house , Savita comes and takes the sarees out of the bag .She arranges the sarees properly and starts yelling that the sarees are worth 150 rupees and tries to sell them .
On her hearing her shouting , the Karanjkar family and Manav and Archana come running out .
Manav : What is this Aie , why are you creating a scene?
Savita : You call this a scene .I am trying to make money to run my house .Look everyone , my son , who was to take care of us in our old age has left us .He lives here , in this house so I am trying to make some money for our food .Don\’t teach me , go and hide behind your wife\’s pallu or go sit on your mother in law\’s laps .Who are you to tell me anything .There is a baby at home and for him I am trying to make some money .
Archcna ( She brings her jewllery set ) : I want to buy these sarees .Please give them to me .This is the same jewllery that Baba took from you and gave it back here .You take it back but please don\’t create this scene .This will hurt you also , even now I know you are hurting very bad .Manav was always your son and will always be yours .You have all the rights on him .
Savita: Snatches the jewllery box .
Who told you to say anything .Come here , you think you will give me bheek and I will take it , now take these sarees .wait , I did not give you anything on your wedding .Let me put a tikka on these sarees .
She goes and gets a can of oil and starts pouring on the sarees and burns them .There is a fire ..
Savita : Now pick them up . You burned my dreams , your life will burn like this .One day my son will leave you an come back to me . Keep this in mind , don\’t even forget that .
Manav : Come insidie Archana
They all start walking in ….savita unable to control herslef turns …she goes to Archana and grabs her .She is looking like a woman obsessed and starts pulling Archu towards the fire ..Archana starts screaming .
Savita is using all her might to pull Archan towards the fire and Manav looking at this rushes towards her while Archu\’s parents look horrified .
Manav pulls Archana just inches away from the big fire but in doing so his hand goes in the fire , it gets burned ( I think second degree burns as it is very red and burned badly )

Savita : Why did you come , why did you save her .If she had burned alive and died then all of us would have been better off.
Manav : before I say anything disrespectful , just go away .
savita : I will go but remember , she is the bad luck in your life .She will burn your life , she will destroy it .This is your mother\’s words and do not ever forget these words .You will come back one day crying .
Archana : Please Manav , just come in .
Every one goes in and Savita walks away .Sulochna is the only one who is standing there , unable to move and is crying ..

Inside the Karanjkar house
Manav\’s hand is very badly burned …He is holding it and looks as if he is in a lot of pain …
Manohar : Savita Tai really crossed the line today .How could she be so mean to her own child .I can\’t believe a mother can do this to her own child .
Archcna comes with medicines , she is crying .
Archana : Let me put this on you .
Manav : How are you ? Are you OK ?
Archana : Even in this state you are asking about me ? Just look your hand .I am OK, now stay quiet and let me put this medicine .She applies the medicine but unable to control her emotions she holds his hand and puts her head on it and bursts out crying .Manav also has tears in his eyes and is very hurt and emotional ( he can barely talk ) . He puts his other hand on her and starts consoling her .
Manav : Please stop crying , I am fine .As long as you are with me , nothing will happen to me ….
Sulochna, Manohar and Manjusha are quietly watching them caring for each other .

Satish\’s house .
satish is ignoring varsha completely and not even looking at her .Varsha looks worried ,satish\’s words that if you try and keep working on changing a person , you will end up losing him forever …

Kaarnjkar house .
Manohar comes rushing from the kitchen with a bowl of hot soup and instructs Archana to feed this soup to Manav quickly ( such a lovely baba he is ).Archu is still sitting with Manav , putting medicine on his hand .
Damodar walks in .When he sees Manav\’s hand , he is in shock .he wants to know what happened to his son .Manohar tells him everything .
Damodar :I knew it .That is why I came here .I knew she was crazy but today she crossed all her limits .She has to be punished for this .
Manav : baba…treis to stop Damodar .
Damodar : No , you will not say anything ..he leaves ..

Dharmesh\’s house
Dharmesh has to go to Puna to attend some business.Vaishali tells him that she is used to being alone without him now as he is always out on business.
Dharmesh loving puts his arm around her and tells her that he has started a business and has to look after it .
They both hug but suddenly Dharmesh\’s expressions change and he is looking serious .

Deshmukh house
Savita is cooking i nthe kitchen when Damodar walks in shouting
Damodar :You are blind , from eyes and also your akkal .
Savita : What bakwaas are you saying ?
damodar : You are the one who did bakwaas in Archana \’s house
Savita : So you have been listening to all these false stories fro myour bahu that is why you are talking so much .
Damodar : What do you want ? Today because of you some one would have died .
savita : Great ….my life would have becoem a lot easier …..
Damodar : Enough , now just shut up . I am tolerating and you just are not going to stop .
savita : you have seen nothing yet .I am going to create such dramas every day .You have seen nothing as yet .Manav will have no choice but to leave that girl and come back to me .
Damodar : he is your son and you do not care about his happiness .
savita : I a mhis mother , of course I care .That girl has given him nothing but pain .For him to be happy , he has to be taken away from that girl .
Damodar : You cannot judge Manav\’s happiness from your own yard stick . His happiness is his and you cannot decide for him . His hand got burned . Doesn\’t that hurt you ?
Savita : He is our son and still is not taking care of his responsibilities .Those scars will remind him every day of his responsibilities towards us ..I will take that girl away from him ..Do what you want .
Damodar cannot take it any more and he pushes Savita in the room and locks it from outside. Savita is screaming at the top of her voice , now she is screaming that Sachin is hungry and needs to be fed ….

Karanjkar house
Manav and Damodar are in the living room and Manav is trying to eat the food but because of his injured hand he is unable to eat .Archan comes in quickly and starts feeding him .
Archana ; I told you I was going to feed you , why are you even trying .
Manav : But Archana
Archana : I know , you don\’t ask me because you do not want to trouble me , but not letting me help you you hurt me .When I am trouble yo u tell me off to look after myself all the time .Now I am going to tell you off today.
Manav : isn\’t that what you have been doing .
When Archu looks at him with angry expressions Manav gives her a big smile .That makes Archu smile as well..
Baba and Sulochna are now looking from the other room at how much they love each other and even now how they look so happy together .
Manav : Did you have your medicines ?
Archanna : Not yet , I will have them after wards .
Manav : No , you first go and have your medicines , only then will I eat .
Hearing him say this ….Sulochna starts smiling , she had been seeing this entire scene fro mthe other room , there is satisfaction and happiness on her face today as she sees her daughter\’s husband making sure that she is having her medicines ..

Deshmukh house
Situation seems to have calmed down .Savita has stopped yelling and Damodar is sitting .he unlocks the room and savita comes out looking down and resigned .
Damodar : Next time when you go to create a scene like yo udid today , just remember what I happened today .I am, letting yo u go for sachin .Now leave Manav and Archana alone .I am still alive , I will not let you destroy my son\’s life ..
He walks away .
Savita\’s expressions change into revenge and hate .She says to herself that now she will teach Damodar what it means to take panga with Savita ,.

No precap only a promo of Savita\’s dance in Zee Rishte Awards on Munni badnaam song …

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