Pavitra Rishta 17th December 2010 Written Update

Karanjkar house
Sulochna is cooking in the kitchen when she notices that Manohar is standing out alone .She goes to check on him and finds him standing quietly with tears in his eyes .She gets worried .
Manohar :Sulochna these tears are tears of joy .No one is more precious to a father than her daughter and when that father gives her hand to another person than he is always worried if she would be loved by that person as well. Call it my fears or anything but every father feels this way .Today I am so happy .My daughter has got a husband who is going to love her perhaps even more than her father loved her .
Beleieve me Sulochna ,accepting Manav and Archana \’s marriage is the most beautiful decision of my life .
He is very emotional and is wiping his tears as Sulochna looks at him .

Deshmukh house
Savita and Damodar are sitting quietly when cops come and knock on the door asking for Savita Deshmukh.Looking at them Damodar gets worried and Savita smiles but immediately fakes her expressions as if she is scared and miserable .
Savita: I am Savita Deshmukh .This is my husband ,Damodar .He drinks and then beats me up , just half an hour ago he locked me up and tried to kill me .
Damodar : What the hell are you talking about ?
Inspector: Damodar , you get drunk and hit a woman, take him in …
They take him away and Savita claps with glee
Savita : You locked me up for one hour , now go to jail for the whole night .You will never take a panga with me again …She looks extremely happy

Ajit\’s house
Manjusha and Rasika are talking
Manju: Really Aie , I am telling you . No one can cure that disease called Archana .I was doing so well but she spoiled it all . I had succeeded in making two garhastis under one roof but she used emotional black mail on Vinod and now it is back to square one ….all nice and peaceful again .
She looks extremely angry and frustrated .
Rasika : Sorry to say Manju , but your husband is a fool.
Manju : You only blame Vinod , believe me it is not him but Archu and that useless husband of hers , Manav
Vandita coming from outside hears this and seeing her the mother and daughter go quiet .
Vandu comes in when Lakshmi kaki calls her on her cell and informs her about Damodar\’s arrest .
An extremely worried Vandita tells Rasika what happened .Manju cannot hide her happy expressions and jumps to get her cell phone so that she can tell Manav that his father is in jail .
Manjusha is on phone with Manav
Manju:There is a new problem in your home .Your baba has been arrested .God knows what he is up to , your mother has locked herself in .Talk to your sister
Vandita : Please dada , do something .Why did the police arrest him
Manav : Don\’t worry Vandu , I will do something right now .

Little later Manohar comes in , he was with manav to get Damodar out . Archana and Sulochan are extrelemy worried .
Archana : What happened , why was he arrested .
Manohar tells her the whole story .
Archna: Where is Manav ?
Manohar : He is taking his father home .He is so worried .
Sulochna : Of course he will be .How can a wife do this to her husband , chi chi ……
Archncna decides to go there .Hr parents try their best to tell her not to go but she gives her mother a kassam and tells her that she is in no danger as Manav is there as well.

Deshmukh house .
Manav storms in the hosue with his father .
Manav : Aie , today your crossed all limits . You have no shame .I can understand what you do with Archana and me but why my father ??
Savita : he was crossing his limits and I had to teach him a lesson
Suddenly Archana comes , she is standing out of the house and she calls out to Savita .
Archana : I know you don\’t like me coming here , I know you do not like me . But I cannot stop myself now .Savita tries to speak but Archana firmly stops her .
Archana : Not today , I will talk and you will listen .I will not come in your hosue but will talk to you outside the house .
Savita : Don\’t play with words , quickly say what you have to say .
Archana ; I came here to tell you .What yo udid to Manav is unacceptable and will not be forgiven I know I am younger than you bu twhat you did is totally wrong .
Savita tries to talk but Archana stops her again .
Archana : You have a problem then punish me Beat me , tell me off, burn me ….do what you want .I will not say a word but this is not about me this is about my Baba .\’
Savita : Baba is my pati , I will do what I want , who are you ?
Archcna screams : I am her daughter . he considers me her daughter .I tolerated what you did to me but if it comes to Manav or baba then I wil lnot tolerate it .I will never toelrate Manav getting hurt and even if his mother hurts him I wil not sit quietly .You only know this Archana but if you hurt Manav or Baba then you will see another Archana and you do not want to see the other Archana , believe me …So let me be the way I am and stop all this .
Savita looks scared and goes quiet . Manav looks very happy and proud and so is Damodar .

Outside the chawl
Archana is leaving ….Manav quickly comes to her ….
Archcna : I know Manav , I was rude to Aie but after she did this to you and baba I could not stop myself .I don\’t have many people in my life and one of them is Baba and you , you are my whole life .How can I let someone paly this way with my life I will not let a scratch come on you , believe me ,I won\’t .
If I have to die for Aie , I will but will not let her hurt you .
She holds his hand which was hurt .
Manav : You have a very honest heart and you speak nothing but the truth .Wha tyou did was absolutely right and I am so proud of you .He lovingly pats her face and is looking very happy

Satish\’s house
Varaha : It is so cold and really very tough to get out at night . Loo k Satish we will take turns in watching the Tv so that we can both enjoy our shows …
she is trying to be all chirpy and happy and talk to her husband but Satish is in a bad mood and ignores her .He is messaging on his cell phone .Varsha gets irritated that when ever he gets angry he totaly cuts himsef off and that is not fair ..
Satish : You know that I am not used to fighting.The way you have treated me I a m very hurt and it will take me some time to get back to normal .he leaves the room and Varsha looks at him very frustrated and worried .

Karanjkar House
Sulochna Manav and Archana are sitting on the dining table and having tea .
Sulochan : How cold it is , such fun to have tea in this weather .
Manav : Specially if the tea has been made by you Aie ….
Sulochan looks happy ..
Manju and Vinod are going to work .
Sulochna : Please Vinod , can you give this kundli at Vasihali\’s house .
Vinod : I am getting late Aie , I will get in trouble with the boss.
Manju : Why don\’t you give this to Manav ,he will give it .He does nothing else anyway , just sits at home all day …
They both leave .
Manav : Give this here Aie , I will take it .
Sulochna : No Manav .I will not tolerate it if one my my son in law insults my other son in law . You will not go .
Manav : It makes no difference to me who says what about me .If this job has to be done then that is more important .Give it here Aie , nothing will happen , trust me .

Dharmesh\’s hosue
Manav comes in and Dharmesh looks at him very angry …
Manav : hello Dharmesh , This is vaishali\’s kundli .
Dharmesh : Keep it here .
Manav : Where is Vasihali ?
Dharmesh : She doesn\’t wish to see you .
Vaishu comes in and she looks at Manav .She ignores him and goes to sit besides her husband .Manav looks at her quietly .
Dharmesh : You have done what yo u came here for ,.Now leave ….

Pre cap :
Jaywant is talking to Manjusha .
Jay : Vahini , I know you hate Manav and for me the word hate only meand one name and that is Manav . I want yo uto help me get rid of Manav from a\’s life .Believe me , there is a lot in it for you here .
Manjusha : What could be in it for me .
Jaywant: believe me , this will benefit you a lot ….

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