Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2010 Written Update

Part 1
Kinjal Ka Emotional Atyachar

Epi startes with Kinjal pleading Gopi to help her, as mom thinks its Elesh\’s baby so she is hurrying in the wedding. But I cant marry anyone else except Umang as I love him and he also does not want his baby to be called as some one else. Umang is a very good guy and please stop this wedding.
Gopi is still in shocked this before marriage…Kinjal says I know it was wrong but what is happening now is also wrong, how can I marry someone else And

it will be a cheating with Elesh also. We should support the truth and

mom also says to tell truth al lthe time so how can I start my life with

this biggest lie. I want to marry one with whom I m in love. Please stop this wedding…please.
Gopi says But what can I do…Kinjal says please tell mom all this as I could not tell this to her…and please make her understand. folds her hands in front of Gopi and also knees down and touches her feet, pleads to help her.

Part 2
Drama Continues
Dhaval is roaming into hall and Rashi introduces him with Jigar and he greets jigar and asks abt the business. Mehtas come and Modi welcome them.Koki glares at Elesh when he touches her feet. Urmi asks Rashi to bring Pen n Paper. Koki asks Mani to bring Kinjal down
In her room Kinjal still crying and Gopi asks her not to take tension as it will be harmful for her health. Mani comes and knocks the door, Both Kinjal and Gopi get worried, Gopi opens the door Mani tells her that Koki wants Kinjal to come down. Gopi tells her to gointo Kitchen and I\’ll take Kinjal down. Mani leaves. Gopi comes downstairs and hesitatingly abt to tell Koki something important but Koki does not let her say anything and asks to bring Kinjal. Gopi is again speechless.

Part 3
U-R Plan Execution
Rashi asks Urmila what she is doing, Urmila says Its another plan as Written words have more Impact as compared to Oral words. dont u remember how we utilized the opportunity when “Aham Ji wrote the letter that he loves someone else” and we said he love Gopi, so we got best result of it. Rashi nods her head all happily. Then Urmi shows Rashi a chit and asks her to repeat whats written in it. Rashi repeats “I m pregnant with Umang\’s baby- Kinjal”
Gopi enters Kinjal\’s room and Kinjal asks what happened , did she tell anything to mom…Gopi denies as all Mehta Family is there and I could not tell the truth. And takes her to hall. All looks at Kinjal happily while Koki is still glaring. Aham has another Tiny Miny Smile (soni u\’ll like this one m sure…) Dhaval praises her beauty Koki looks at him angrily, Dhaval shuts his mouth. Then every one is all set for Sangeet ceremony but Urmi gives advices of playing “Passing the Parcel”, Ketki agrees that it sounds intersting but doubts how we will write chits as it will take time. Urmi says we are so many people here if everyone will write 2 we will complete the work in seconds. Rashi brings pen and chits in a Big Bowl, every one Mehta and Modi Army write chits and put into the Bowl.
Rashi Urmi Smiling Cunningly,
Gopi-Kinjal in tension
Koki as usual Angry and Glaring at U-R Duo.

Game starts and Music is playing in BG…..cushion is being passed from one to other, Music stops and Ketki has one chit in her hand, Rashi n Urmi smiling.

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