Pavitra Rishta 20th December 2010 Written Update

Deshmukh house
Rasika ,Ajit and vandita come to visit Damodar and Savita .
Everyone looks happy and Vandita goes in to make tea …

Ajit :How are you Aie ? Manav is not at home .If there is an that I can do for you then please let me know .Consider me like your other son .If I can do anything for you , it will make me very happy .
Savita: Then I will make you happy right now .
She goes in and gets a bg and tells Ajit to go and buy some vegetables for the house .
Damodar and Vandita look very embarassed and Rasika is looking disgusted but Ajit takes it well and goes out to buy the groceries ..
Rasika: You are really an awesome lady Savita Tai .Taking care of the house on your own .Your husband is useless , he hardly earns or helps around the house . He has even started to torture you , that is why you made the complaint , didn\’t you ??
Savita : What my husband does or doesn\’t do is nothing to do with you .You are a guest so behave like one ..
Rasika: Savita tai!!
Savita : savita tai gaeyi tel lene…….you are lucky that you are vandu\’s saas , if anyone else would have said this about my husband then I would have dragged her out of this house .Now drink this tea …
Rasika is fuming and she leaves the house …
Savita is happy to see her go but Damodar and Vandita look worried .


Vasiahli is walking with some shopping bags .The same gundas surround her , they are on their bikes ..
Gundas : Good , yo uare out here all alone , where is that mota of yours ?Don\’t worry we are here for you .
Suddenly out of no where Manav appears …. comes running to Vashali .
He grabs the gundas by their faces , two of them single handedly , and pushes them away .
Gundas : Who are you , why are you protecting her ?
Manav : She is my sister .
The Gundas run away

Suddenly Manav sees the guy whose car he had fixed .He tells Vaishu to wait and runs to this guy .( I will call him his new friend as he keeps calling manav yaar ).
Manav : Sir , do you remember me .I fixed your car .
Friend : How can I forget you .because of yo uI could make it to an important meeting .
Manav : I was coming to see you .You dropped a 1000 ruppes note that day .
Friend : What do you do ?
Manav : I am a motor mechanic but currently looking for a job .
Friend : here , take this card .My friend has a garage and he needs mechanics and if yo utake my reference you are sure to get a job here .I appreciate good people like you and so does this world …
Vaishali watching all this , hearing that man say all this for manav .
Manav goes to Vasiahli and tells her happily as to what happened .
Vasiahli is very happy .
Vasihali : Oh great .Archu tai will be so happy to hear this jeeju …..
Suddenly she realizes that she is supposed to be angry with him .She looks at him and Manav smiles back at her .

Karanjkar house .
Archana is mending Manav\’s shirt when her cell rings .It is Jaywant
Jaywant : Archana , Jaywant here .
Archcna : Yes .
Jaywant :My life means nothing that you are not with me anymore .I cannot get you out of my head , you are not leaving my heart .
Archana : Are you feeling all right? I am married . Manav is my husband .
Jaywant : I was going to be your husband but you left me .Now leave Manav and come back to me .I will love you more than Manav .Just come back to me .
Archna grinds her teeth : Shut up and she disconnects the phone …
Sulochna: Who is it Archana ?
Archana : Wrong number Aie ….she is looking very disturbed .

Deshmukh house
Savita is trying to tell Damodar that she is sorry about what she did .
Savita : Everyone makes mistakes , so did I .Forget about it .You are not drinking tea and not eating .Please don\’t be like this .If I don\’t fight with you then I cannot survive ….
Damodar : You have ruined my life .Marrying yo uwas a big mistake ..
Savita starts fighting with him and they carry on their fights as always …

Dharmesh\’s house .
Vaishu : Dharmesh , those gundas troubled me again but manav came and rescued me .
Dharmesh : Manav is a mawali and a gunda himself .He is good to tackle such people because he probabaly does such things every day .I am from high society and am respected person .It is better that I ignore such Gundas.
Vashu : I don\’t agree with you . There is no dignity in watching a woman getting insulted .You cannot always be right .This time Manav is right . Your thinking is wrong .I don\’t want such status .What Manav did today should have been done by you .
Dharmesh is very angry .

Outside a restaurant
Manju comes to meet jaywant .
Jaywant : We have the same problem , same weakness…we both hate Manav .
He has always caused you trouble and I want him out of Archana \’s life .
Manju : What is in it for me .
Jaywant : Let Manav and Archana be punished ,I know that will make yo uhappy .I got your husband a job ,I will teach him ways to make money .I know he is a good man but he needs the company of someone like me to become rich .
Manju gets excited and agrees to help him .

Karanjkar hosue .
Sulochana and Archana are dicussing the cold weather in Mumbai and are getting the quilts out ..
Archana : Aie , I need to talk to you . Because of me yo uare having problems with the rest of your children , they think that you are wrongly favouring me .
Sulochna : I can never differenciate between my children .God knows and so do you …yes I have a special place for you and for good reasons ..I will not take any risk with your health .I want to say one more thing ..
I hated Manav before for taking you away from me then I saw your baba ….he loves Manav so much He respects him so much ..
Then Sulochna smiles ….
Sulochna : There is one very wrong thing in your Manav .
Archana : What is that ?
Sulochna : Your manav is too seedha saadha too sweet . Just like you he is too good .I am scared for both of you now .This world will always take advantage of both of you and make both of you bewakoof all the time .
Archana : Don\’t\’ worry and even if they do , I have my Aie to look after me .She hugs her mother and her mother happily starts laughing to see Archu so happy to hear good words about her husband .

Ajit\’s house

Rasika : So Jaywant is still nuts about Archana .What is this about this girl You don\’t worry and just help him .
Manju : But how ?
Rasika :is is great oppurtunity , you should encash it .Manav and Archana \’s relation can break and if your get caught then blame Jaywant and what if it works ….you will benefit .Do what you have to do bu t yo uhave to create differences , misunderstandings between them .
Manju : That is impossible . They will never misunderstand each other , they are passed that phase .
Rasika : Nothing is impossible .You will just have to find the right time and the right thing to do ….
Manju gets excited .

Precap :
Jaywant to Dharmesh ….To defeat anyone you have to take away their strenghts ..Manav has two ..Ajit and Satsih .break him from his strengths and he will become invalid .
Dharmesh : Good idea but how will we do this …???

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