Laadli 20th December 2010 Written Update

bebo comes outside khanna\’s house to the rope. she hears arjun calling her inside the house. arjun says to himself where is bebo, she is not well, not in her room. arjun goes upstairs. bebo goes up the rope. arjun goes to the room and sees bebo looking out the window. amrit comes outside khanna house. arjun asks bebo how she is. bebo says she was getting restless in the room. arjun tells bebo to wear his jacket because of the cold. bebo says she is fine. amrit comes and sees bebo. bebo says she saw a shooting star and asked when a star breaks, it hurts as much as going far from human beings own people. arjun says its very painful, he felt it, he felt like ending everything, to destroy all signs of it, to make the person realize what its like to be separated. bebo touches arjun\’s shoulder. arjun realizes what he said and says he was just answering her question. bebo says its cold. arjun puts his coat on bebo. they go inside. amrit who sees all this looks on.

kuku remembers bebo crying for amrit, bebo saying shalini\’s death, their accident and her going to khanna house was a saazish, and that arjun killing shalini and taking her to the house and gursheel and goldie being involved. amro asks kuku he didnt sleep yet. kuku says he will go to bed. kuku lies down. amro lies down. kuku lies awake.

viju goes outside and sees amrit trying to sneak into khanna house. viju tells amrit “you have to leave now or you will get caught and ruin everything, you can get your revenge when it is the right time, get out of here.” amrit walks away. viju looks on.

viju watches arjun who is in the ruin. viju holds a knife. viju throws a knife at arjun but arjun ducks to get a glass of water. arjun sees the knife. viju hides then pretends to just get there. arjun says to viju that someone tried to kill him with a knife, he ducked to get water so the person missed. viju says “everyone but us are sleeping, i saw bebo going in a hurry, i saw bebo talking to someone outside in the dark, then i thought i would tell you tomorrow morning but all this happened, some shrewd person did this.” arjun says bebo cannot do this, why would bebo do this. viju says “i did not say bebo did this, he just saw bebo talking to someone so told you, someone wants to harm you, you have to be careful, i will tell security outside.” viju walks away and watches a confused arjun.

bebo remembers kuku saying he could not figure out shalini\’s death. bebo thinks if shalini got killed before kuku got there, she can find out from shalini\’s diary. bebo goes to arjun\’s room and takes out shalini\’s diary from his locker. when bebo closes it, arjun wakes up. bebo runs out of the room. arjun follows bebo. bebo hides the diary in her dupatta. arjun asks bebo where she is running to. bebo says she was getting water for him. arjun takes out a knife. bebo asks about it. arjun says maybe someone left it. bebo walks away. arjun looks on suspiciously.

prabjot brings tea for kuku. kuku asks why bebo didnt come. prabjot says no one should find out bebo is back and that he is normal, bebo called before saying she is trying to find the secret of shalini\’s death in arjun\’s home, so she will be late, he has to act like before. kuku says he wants to talk to bebo now. prabjot says she cant call bebo now. kuku calls. kuku and prabjot are shocked to see someone at the door. they dont show who it is.

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