Pavitra Rishta 21st December 2010 Written Update

Outside a Car repair workshop ..

A new character is introduced .His name is Yasir Khan and he looks like a very good person as he is shown to be going to all the workers working in the garage and making sure that they had tea and that they are all doing good .
Manav approaches Yasir .
Manav : Can I see Yasir Khan please ?
Yasir : That\’s me , I am Yasir Khan .
Manav : Mr. Khedekar send me to you , he said that I should be able to get a job here .I am a motor mechanic and need work . I promise you Sir that I will work hard and will give you no reasons to complain.
Yasir : I would love to but I am already overstaffed and will become very tight if I keep you .
Manav looking dejected turns and is about to leave .
Yasir looks at his dejected face and stops him.
Yasir : On one condition I can help you .
Manav looks anxiously .
Yasir : If you can call me Yasir bhai instead of Sir .
Manav has the biggest smile on his face and Yasir gives him a big happy hug ……

Dharmesh\’s factory
Dharmesh is talking to Jaywant , he is extremely worried about the outcome of the forthcoming court case .
His main concern is Satish .He thinks that due to Manav , his relationship with Satish has taken a big set back and Satish is all out to take up for Manav in the witness stand .Dharmesh has fear that all the workers too are in favour of Manav and this tilts the verdict in Manav\’s favour …
Jaywat : If you want to defeat Manav then you will have to make him weak . Manav has no power of his own but he only has two strengths , one is Ajit and the other is Satish .Break him from them and he will become weak himself .Now leave this to me .

Karanjkar House
Manav comes in very excited .Archu is sitting in the family room.
Manav : I am very happy Archana .You are not going to believe this but I have got a job .
Archana : What ! You got a job , thank God .You were right Manav .Good things happen to good people , maybe late but they do happen . Now we will have our own house , our own garhasti .Manav I don\’t want anything .I just need a roof over my head and I need a chulha ( cooker ) , thats\’s all to start with …then leave everything to me , I will take care of everything .
While she is talking all very excited , Manav is lovingly looking at her .
Manav : I hope that God gives me the capabilities and the strengths to make all your dreams come true .
Archana holds his hand.
Archana : Your dream and my dream are one , aren\’t they ?
They both look at each other and Manav nods to her question ..He looks very very happy .
Manohar baba comes in , he doesn\’t looks well and is coughing a lot .Archu tells him of the good news and Manohar is delighted .He aska Archu to give mithai to everyone but his coughing gets bad .Manav goes out to get him medicines .

Outside the factory
A few workers are playing card , Jaywant approaches them .He asks about how they are doing with their various gambling ventures .
The rest of them leave and jaywant talks to one of them .
Jaywant :So how is your gambling going ? I know all your bad activites , don\’t hide them from me .if you want to make more money then I have a way .Just spread a rumour amongst the workers that this year the comapny is doing really well and despite of this there will be no increments or any bonus given .
Make sure that Union leader Ajit gets to know about this ..
The boy tells Jaywant to consider it done and that he will spread these lies around .
Jaywant smiles and says to himsel;f that now he will put satsih and Dharmesh against each other .

Satish\’s house .
Mohan rao wants some help from Varsha .She is not around .He tries to do it on his own but falls off the wheel chair .Satish comes running and calls Varsha but she is no where ..
Satish : Where is Varsha , how could she leave you like this , she just took off without telling you .
He looks very angry at Varsha .

Dharmesh\’s house .
Varsha : I don\’t know what to do .Satsih doesn\’t even fights with me , he keeps it all inside .
Vaishali : he is like this .Tha tis his nature .He will not fight but will just keep it all to himself .You should know what he likes or doesn\’t like , do things to make him happy .
Varsha : You are right , I hurt him and I will have to fix this .

Karanjkar house .
Archana is out in the varandah and folding the quilts .Manav comes to help her .She tells him not to as his hand is in bandage .Manav refuses to listen and tries to take the quilts from her . There is a little tug of war between them which results in Archu almost colliding in Manav and manav gets pushed to the wall .
Getting so close to him archu gets mesmerised again …. She starts looking at him non stop .Manav too is looking at her .She is very close to him and keeps staring at him ….A romantic song is playing in the back ground .
Suddenly someone on a cycle passes by and Archu realizes it and she gets very awkward , grabs the quilts and runs inside the house .Manav too is standing there feeling rather odd …..

Deshmukh house
Damodar ; There is a grown up son at home but look, I have to do everything .Bappa please do something .Help foolish people to get some sense .
Savita : Stop it .this is not your stage .I do everything and you cannot even do this .Don\’t do nakhras .Wha tdo you think about me .You think I don\’t love him .His hand got burned and it hurt me more than him.But my son is crazy , he is ready to put up with insults and becoem a ghar jamai .Tha tManjusha must be torturing him day and night .
Damodar : If you love him then why don\’t you get him back .
Savita : You know the reason so why do you ask .

Karanjkar house
Manav gets medicines for baba and is sitting with him , Vinod comes and sits besides his father .Manjusha gets irritated o see Vinod spending time with baba but Vinod tells her to go and sleep as he wanted to spend time with his Baba .Manav is watching all this .
Baba ;Wha tis the matter Vinod ?
Vinod : Why can\’t I spend time with me baba ?
Manohar : What do you wan tto talk about ?
Vinod :Cricket .India beat Newzeland again today .Wha ta match .Too bad I am busy and cannot see any cricket .
Manohar : You should have seen it , Gambhir was palying so well.
Manav is happily looking at them talking .
Vinod: So tell me about it , did India win the series .
Manav : They won 5 / 0 .
Vinod : What ? 5 / 0 that is great .
Manav : They broke the 10 year record .
Vinod ; Oh I wanted to see thsi so bad , wish I could at least see the highlights .
Manav : The highlights will be on 6. 30 tomorrow morning .
Vinod : Manav , please wake me up tomorrow morning , I have to see these highlights .
Suddenly Manohar\’s coughing gets worse .Vinod goes to geta doctor ..
Manohar is in a bad shape and it looks like he is about to go in a seizure ….
The doctor comes in and is shocked to see that the medicines were expired .He tells the family off for giving a heart patient medicines without checking their expiry date …

The next morning
Manohar is feeling bit better .Sulochan asks Manav to get Manohar\’s medicines as she is busy cuttng vegetables .Manav gets the medicines and is giving them to Manohar .Vinod is reading the newsparer and Archu is giving tea .
Manju: Wow , first he gives the poison and now he gives him the medicines .
Sulochna: what on earth are you saying ?
Manju : You know what I am saying .Don\’t act naive .You all know what happened yesterday .
Archcna is terribly upset and everyone is in shock on hearing her say this .
Archu : Can you be a little more clear ;
Manju : Fine , the person responsible for baba getting sick yesterday is Manav and only Manav .He is not such an illetrate that he cannot read expiry dates .If it was his father than this would never have happened .This happened because it is your father and Vinod\’s father .Why should he care if your dad lives or dies .
Archana : Enough …..You better remember one thing vahini may not like Manav but he is the ledest damaad of this hosue and you have to learn to respect him but why am I telling you all this .You have failed in being the bahu of this house so how can you respect any other relation …
Manjusha screams : Archana ……..
Archcna : Enough Vahini …….

Precap : Jaywant is talking to manju on phone .
Manju is looking very happy .
Jaywant : Great , you keep doing all this and then the day will come that both Manav and archan will be kicked out of that house .
Manju : that is exactly what I will do ….

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