Laadli 21st December 2010 Written Update

prabjot says to kuku to act as before. kuku says to call bebo. prabjot says they cant call bebo now. kuku calls. they are shocked to see amro at the door. kuku says on the phone it is the right number, he is kuku narang. kuku acts crazy. amro walks away. prabjot says what if amro heard them. kuku stops prabjot.

bebo reads shalini\’s diary. bebo sees that the last page is ripped out. bebo says maybe the person who killed shalini ripped it out, why didnt they just take the diary and just rip the page, maybe shalini herself ripped it, she must have hidden it. bebo searches the storeroom. bebo finds a card for shalini\’s yoga class as well as the locker room number.

bebo goes to yoga class. the two ladies explain the class. the lady leads bebo to the locker room. bebo finds the ripped pages inside the locker.

kuku looks at the paper and says shalini knew her life was in danger but she could not write who did it. bebo says shalini knew her life was in danger and hid the paper, but she still had time to hide this, all this points to the person who. amro is at the door. bebo covers her face. bebo says she has work and to bring madam\’s juice. bebo walks away. amro asks why nimmo was here. kuku says to bother him to bring the moon for gursheel and goldie. amro says its time for his medicine. amro walks away. prabjot is relieved.

arjun remembers the knife being thrown at him and viju saying he saw bebo talking to someone outside and bebo running out of his room at night. arjun says why bebo would do this, he has to ask bebo. arjun takes out a tape recorder. arjun records his words. arjun says he has to tell her a lot and wants to ask her a lot. arjun talks in mute to the recorder.

gursheel talks on the phone about a kitty party. gursheel bumps into amro. the milk and things fall. gursheel and goldie taunt amro. gursheel takes the medicine. amro says to give the medicine. gursheel says to first clean the stain off the clothes. bebo looks on. gursheel says to first do the work. gursheel and goldie walk away. amro calls after them for the medicine.

in the room, goldie and gursheel talk about it. they go back to the main room. gursheel gives amro the clothes to wash. amro walks away. the nri\’s wife comes and asks for the newspaper. goldie calls nimmo. bebo comes. goldie tells bebo about the newspaper. bebo has the newspaper and searches gursheel\’s room. downstairs, gursheel tells goldie to check on nimmo. the lady says they should go shopping to the mall. gursheel says the sale is in the newspaper, nimmo is. bebo finds the medicine. gursheel is about to get up. bebo comes. goldie says she took so long. bebo shares a look with the nri\’s wife. goldie notices. she says to tell her about the plan, she will wait. bebo is about to go. goldie asks what is in bebo\’s hand. bebo says nothing. goldie tells bebo to show her hands. bebo shows her right hand. there is nothing. goldie asks to show the other hand. bebo says what joke is this. goldie tells her to do so. bebo opens her left hand. gursheel and goldie look on.

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