Laadli 22nd December 2010 Written Update

bebo shows her left hand which is also empty. gursheel asks goldie what is going on. bebo says she works hard day and night and gets suspected on and she cant work for them anymore. bebo walks away. gursheel scolds goldie and tells her to stop suspecting everyone. gursheel walks away with goldie following her.

bebo says to prabjot that gg hid kuku\’s medicines in their room and to give kuku. amro comes and sees bebo giving the medicine to prabjot. bebo walks away. prabjot gives it to amro and walks away. amro thinks nimmo is gg\’s maid, but gave kuku\’s medicine, who is nimmo.

ria shows arjun her rabbit. arjun says to ria to show bebo and asks where bebo is. biji says bebo went out for some work and will come home later. ria walks away. biji follows. arjun wonders where bebo is. anchal says bebo has the habit of going out even after ria comes home, she comes in the evening, what work is outside. arjun says they will ask after she comes home. anchal walks away. viju who has seen all this looks on.

in the kitchen, amro purposely drops a glass tray when she sees bebo. amro tells bebo to pick it up. amro tries to see bebo\’s face. prabjot watches from the window. bebo sees from the broken mirror that amro is watching her. bebo walks away. prabjot comes and asks about the broken glass. amro says she dropped it. amro gives prabjot chutney to give to ashok.

viju says to arjun he heard what they were talking about, the other night bebo was talking to someone, he asked security, security said he saw someone going out last night, they have to be careful, they have to watch bebo, bebo is changing.

prabjot brings the food to ashok. amro watches. bebo watches and rubs her hands from being worried. bebo purposely makes the sabzi fall with the jug of water. ashok and prabjot are shocked. amro looks on. bebo says she made a mistake.

viju says to arjun he cant tolerate anyone betraying his(arjun\’s) love. arjun walks away. arjun goes and puts the tape in his cupboard.

daljit asks what happened. ashok says the chutney fell. daljit says this is soya chutney, how did he(ashok) forget that he(ashok) is allergic to it, its good the chutney fell. daljit questions prabjot. prabjot says she forgot. amro thinks no one but the family members know that ashok is allergic to soya, except them only bebo knows this.

amro cries and says to the narangs that she lost her mangalsutra, she took it off to shower. daljit asks if gg did this. amro says they have not been here, she went to shower after they left. amro cries. saru says it must be home, they can look for it. everyone but kuku, amro and bebo leave. narangs are shown looking for it. they come back to the main room and says they cant find it. amro tells them to search nimmo who is stranger. they search bebo\’s bag. saru finds it wrapped in a handkerchief. amro says bebo took it. bebo says she didnt take it. amro talks about suhaag. daljit says if bebo knew her husband wouldnt have left her, she has no family, she does not know relationships. bebo says she did not steal. daljit accuses bebo. ashok says she did so much to them, still they accepted her as their sister, she is not worthy of their love or forgiveness. bebo cries that she didnt do it. daljit tells bebo to stop all this. daljit calls her besharam. bebo says she didnt do it. daljit drags bebo to the door. kuku grabs daljit and stops him. kuku brings bebo back. kuku says bebo is not a thief, not the family\’s enemy, she is the family\’s daughter, this is their child bebo. kuku takes off bebo\’s ghoonghat. all are shocked to see bebo\’s face. bebo looks on.

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