Pavitra Rishta 23rd December 2010 Written Update

Dharmesh\’s house

Dharmesh is talking to the woman on the phone .
Dhamresh: How many times I have told you , don\’t call me at this time when I am in Mumbai.
Girl: Varun is not feeling well.
Dharmesh: I did dend the money .
Girl: I got the money but I was wondering if you could come too.
Dharmesh : I will see what I can do .Puts the phone down .
Vasihali : What\’s the matter Dharmesh ? Any problems ?
Dharmesh: No, everything is fine …he smiles at Vaishali …

Outside the Garage
Yasir Khan is distributing mithai ( his daughter\’s birthday ) to all his workers when Manav comes in with Archana.
He introduces Archana to Yasir and tells Yasir that they recently got married and their family wants them to go on honeymoon for 4 days but he can only go if it is Ok with Yasir .
Yasir Khan : Of course you can go .
He takes out some money from his pocket and gives it to manav .
Manav refuses but Yasir says that this is advance and he would need it as he is going on a honeymoon with his wife ..
Manav and Archu are very happy and Manav takes the advance .

Karanjkar house
Archu is looking sad and standing in the verandah .Manav notices this and comes to talk to her .
Manav : What is wrong Archana .I woke up and didn\’t find you in the room and yo uare standing out here in cold .Is somethign wrong .
Archu : I was thinking about Aie and Baba .They have done so much for us but I know they will never tell us about their problems .I know they are going through money problems .
Maanv : Tha tis why wh yare supposed to consider them like our God .We can never be equal to our Aie and baba. Don\’t worry , one day our fate will change and then we will take our Aie and baba to a foreign trip.
Archu gets excited to hear this and Manav takes her inside saying that she should stop worrying about her parents and one day they will take good care of them ..

Dharmesh\’s house
Dharmesh tells his mother that he has to go to Poona for 4 days .His mother tells him that he should take Vasishali along with him.Vasihu gets excited as she is bored with her routine life .Dhamrsh is put on a spot and is unable to say No .

Karanjkar house
Manohar is sitting out in the verandah and Sulochna is worrying about Manav and Archana \’s packing as they have to go for their trip .
Manohar is making fun of her as she is all so hyper .Manav and Archu had gone to the mandir and they come back .
Archu goes in the hosue with her mother and Manohar stops Manav to talk to him
Manohar : I want to talk to you beta .It is important to love but more important than that it is to show that love .If someone is important in your life then tell that person how important she is and then just see how beautiful your life will become .
Do you understand what I am trying to tell you .
Manav nods ..Manohar lovingly pats his head , tells him to take good care of himself and goes inside ….

Dharmesh\’s house
Vaishali is packing .Dharmesh comes and starts making excuses as to why they cannot go as somethign else has come up .Vasishu is ver ydisappointed bu tDharmesh tells her that he will take her out somewhere better for a good 10 days …
Vasihu has no other option but to smile and accept his excuses …

The bus stand
Manav and Archana see baba who has coem to say Good bye to them .
They both go and take aashirwaad from an extremely happy Baba.
Damodar ; I have come here to see the happy faces of my son and my bahu .I have come here today my dream coming true .
Archu : How is everyone at home , Aie , sachin …?
damodar ; Everyone is fine and now I want yo uto totally stop worrying about anyone here .You just go have fun and coem back …tha\’s it .Do not think about anyone else ..

Inside The Bus
Both manav and Archana are now ver yhappily doing some sight seeing throug the bus window .It is a very nice bus and both of them are looking extremely happy .Manav is talking to her and showing her different sites .
Then he extends his hand , Archu puts her hand on his hand and puts her head on his shoulder .They both go to sleep .Other passengers are looking happily at the beaustiful and much in love couple …

Outside on a road
Jaywant calls Manjusha and he wants to know about Archu and manav .Manju informs him about their honeymoon .Jaywant thinks that this is the best oppurtunity to put Manav i trouble .He wants manav to get disgraced in the eyes of Archu\’s family .He tells Manju of a plan but we do not get to know about it because of the background music .
His plan makes Manju excited as she feels that this is perfect .She tells him that she knows of Manav\’s wekness and that is exaclty what she will use to make him say Yes .

A bus stop .
The bus stops and Manav and Archana come out .They see a mandir and Archu wanst to start their journey by taking God\’s blessings in the mandir .They both go in and are so very happy …
The girl who had called Dharmesh is there with her boy .She goes to get somethign and the boy who is not well gets sick and he falls down unconscious .
Manav quickly picks up the child .His mother panics and begs Manav to help her take the boy to the hospital.

Manav and Archana are standing near the boy and the doctor is telling the child\’s mother that the boy is very weak .The doctor asks for 5000 rupees to start immediate treatment .the girl says that it will take her husband at least 5 hours to get there and she only has 2000 rupees right now .Manav and Archana offer to let her borrow the rest and she can return it when her husband comes back .The girl is very thankful to them and takes manav \’s mobile number so that as soon as her husband comes back she can return the money .She tells them to go as they should not miss their bus .
Archu tells the girl to take care of varun and then both manav and Archan leave .

In the hospital Dharmesh is coming from one side and Manav and Archu are coming fro mthe other .Dharmesh sees them coming and he quickly hides …

Pre cap
Both Manav and Archana are sitting on a bed i n their hotel room , a fan is blowing and Archu\’s hair is flying and she looks so very gorgeous . Manav holds Archu\’s hand and she gets shy and turns the other way .Manav gently puts her hair on one side and then he starts pulling her blouse strings ..Then he goes down to kiss her neck ..

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