Pavitra Rishta 24th December 2010 Written Update

Manav and Archana are walking out of the hospital and Dharmesh hides in a room so that they do not see him .
When they are gone then Dharmesh starts wondering what they are doing here and that too in the hospital.

Deshmukh House
Damodar walks in .He is in a very happy mood and is singing and dancing on romantic songs .Savita gets highly irritated to see this .
She questions him and he tells her that he is in a good mood because his son in in Poona with his wife on his hoenymoon .He goes away but Savita is left fuming .She says to herself that if only she knew this was going to happen then she would have never allowed her son to go anywhere with that girl …

Dharmesh goes to see the little boy .His mother sees Dharmesh and she hugs him .Dhamresh asks about Varun.
The Girl : Doctors have only said that he has become very weak .They are doing various tests on him and soon we will get the results .I was finding it difficult to admit him here but a married couple helped me .They gave the fees to admit Varun here .God knows what would have happened to varun if they were not here .
Dharmesh : Wha tis their name .
The girl : I forgot to ask their name but this is their mobile number

Hotel Lobby
Manav and Archana walk into a very nice 5 star hotel .They go to the reception .The receptionist ask them their name politely and also asks them if they are a newly married couple and if they have come to the city for th first time .
When Manav nods he congratulates them and tells them that near the hotel is a maharashtrian festival going on and recommends them to go and see it .

Deshmukh house
Savita is walking to and fro. She is boiling with rage and cannot bear the thought of Manav on his honeymoon with Archana .Unable to bear this she calls Manav .
In the hotel room , Archu has gone in the change and manav is sitting all alone on the bed when Savita calls .
Savita : Hello beta , where are you ?
Manav happily informs her that he is in Poona .
Savita :Oh then it is all right , forget it , I will see thsi problem myself .You just have your fun .This old woman will deal with all these problems on her own . You just go and have your fun . Lakshmi told me that she is putting her grand child in a school and I also wanted to put Sachu in that school and I need a lot of money , plus that school needs to interview the parents .Bu tyou don\’t worry , just go and have your fun .At the most Sachu will stay illetrate bu t so what .Just remember one thing , when Shravani comes back , what will she say that we did this to her son and also don\’t forget your brother up there , when he will see Sachu he will never forgive us .But you just go and have your fun , don\’t worry about us .
Manav is looking terribly depressed now .
Damodar comes from behind and he takes the phone away from savita .
Damodar : Beta manav , you don\’t worry about any of this .It is Friday today ….no school is open on Sat or Sun .
Manav : But baba, are you sure …..
Damodar : Don\’t you know your mother by now ? Dont you kow wh y she is doing this ? Now you please don\’t worry , have a good time with my bahu and coem back after your honeymoon …
He puts the phone down .
Savita : How dare yo utake the phone away from me when I was talking to my son .
Damodar is looking extremely angry
Damodar : Parents are ready to give their lives for their children but you are your son\’s enemy .
I feel sorry for yo uand also angry on you .
Savita starstng : Coem on, show me your anger .Dont foregt what I did last time , come on , show me your anger .
Damodar gives her a nice hard slap
Now go and call the police .He walks away and savita stands there crying .

Hospital :
vaishali calls Dhamrsh to remind him that it is her birthday after 2 days and to make sure he is back by then .Dhamresh tries to make excuses that he is terribly busy …
Doctor comes in and tells him that Varun\’s case is complicated and he needs to be operated at quickly .

The festival
Manav and Archana enter the festival.Archaha is wearing a lovely saree and Manav is also in a nice Kurta..
they both sit down .Archu is looking so beautiful and Manav cannot stop looking at her .Some dancers are dancing in the back ground .
Archu asks him why he is looking at her like this .
Manav :I want to say somethign to you . It is strange , I always had so much to say but didn\’t .Maybe I used to get nervous at times and sometimes yo uwould understandwithout me telling you all this .But today I want to say this to you .
Your innocense , your smile …nothing is more importan tto me than this .If you take away Archana fro Manav\’s life ,then there is nothing left in Manav;s life .There may be many more beautiful girls than you but for Manav beauty only means one thing and that is Archana .I love you Archana ….I love you very very much ..
Archana is totally taken back by his confession …She stays quiet and thn mischievously says \’
Archana : So there are more beautifu l girls than me in this world , is that so ??..
Manav starts smiling and doesn\’t know what to say .
Archu is teasing him now : Come on , tell me , more beatuful girls than me??? Really ??
Manav is extremely embarassed and is looking down with abig smile .
Archu is looking at him lovingly

Karanjkar house
Manjusha walks in Manav and Archana\’s room .She has something in her hand which she puts in Manav and Archana \’s wardrobe and has an evil smile on her face ……

Hotel room .
Archana is sitting in front of her dresser and takes her mangal sutra off .She is looking extremely beautiful and is looking lovingly at her mangal sutra ..
She holds the mangal sutra to her heart when she notices that Manav is looking at her , in the mirror .
She gets extremely shy and tries to run away but Manav holds her hand and is not letting her go , then suddenly he lets go of her hand .He has a mischievous smile on his face ..Archu too smiles and goes and stands by a wall.
Manav comes near her .The song \’ Pee loon \’ and \’Tere sang jeenahi lagta \’ are playing in the back ground .
Mnav comes close to Archu and she thinks that he s going to kiss her and she closes her eyes she opens her eyes and sees that he is not there ..
She looks around the room onl y to find that he is standing somewhere else and is now teasing her by playing this hide and seek …
they are both looking at each other .
Archu goes and sits on the bed and starts taking her bangles off. Manav comes and sits next to her and he takes her hand and starts taking her bangles off.
Archu gets shy and turns the other side .Manav gently puts her hair on one side and then starts pulling her blouse strings , then he goes down and kisses her back .Archana gets so shy that she turns and hides in him .Manav smiles and lovingly holds her face .
He looks at her face and then gently puts Archu on the bed . he is kissing her forehead , her eyes and her cheeks and then they embrace ..The scene goes out of focus ..( I am sure yo uall know what I mean) ….
Manav and Archana have consumated their marriage …

please do see the scene if you are an Arman lover because the acting and the chemistry is very good and cannot be expalined in the written update ….

Vandita , Ajit amd rasika are sleeping when someone starts banging o nthe door .When Ajit opens the door he finds a drunkard damodar in a bad shape .

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