Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des 27th December 2010 Written Update

1st of all very sorry for the late update…but it will be short one since it was not much happening…

Rasel gets up from the place and yells at everyone that she is not widow and runs upstairs
Dadis and BT takes decision not to make her widow as she is in pregnancy stage
Dhapu run behind rasel and tells her that ranbeer is really dead but rasel does not listen to her
Rasel blames dhupu that because she bothered rukmi that why this happen and blames her
Chanchel disagrees with them and says rasel has always given ranbeer problem
Kamel agrees with chanchel and MS assures them it will happen
MS tries to explain rasel but she is lost in her wedding album and says no to him
Chanchel forcefully brings the other women and brings her downstairs
Chanchel forcefully takes all rasel jewelry and then her sindoor and rasel is shocked
Rukmi gets cut and remembers the time rasel bandaged her and thinks of ranbeers words
She washes her wound and says i will never think of you rasel and Mharaj ji come there
Mharaj ji tells her to never say things such because god would you back in the same situation you wanted to get out of because this world work according to him
Man comes running telling them some man found a body and he is in bad shape
They both go there and the guy tells him i found him yesterday in drench in blood and i have bandaged him but he has not gain conscious and maharj ji says god will take care of him
rukmi comes there and trying to see who it is and show ends on rukmi

Tomorrow: rasel dressed as widow and wonders why she is dressed like this as she needs to look nice when he comes and dresses up and everyone is shocked to see her such way

P.S. i want rukmi to see ranbeer i hope they dont starch that she does not see him till like 3 week or it will be really boring what you guys think….

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