Pavitra Rishta 31st December 2010 Written Update

The Garage where Manav works .

Archana brings lunch for Manav .Yasir bahi is very happy to see her and he calls Manav who is very busy working .Yasir tells Manav to leave everything and go have lunch with his wife .
Manav and Archana go somewhere quiet and sit down to have lunch .
Manav\’s hands are dirty so Archana ( as always ) offers to feed him .
The song Pavitra Rishta plays in the back ground .
Archu is looking so much in love and she cannot take her eyes off him as she feeds him his lunch .He too is looking at her with a lot of love . She gets so lost just looking in his eyes that instead of sabzi roti , she feeds him a green chilli ….
Manav starts coughing and Archu panics to get water but Manav stops her .He starts laughing as to how this happened .Archu is first embarassed but the she also starts smiling and looks at him lovingly again ( a very sweet and romantic scene) …..

DS Automobile factory

Jaywant sees Manav standing outside and he goes and snaps at Manav that if he is here for a job then he should get lost .
Manav tells him that he has a job and would never ask a person like him for anyfavours anyway .
Manav had come to see Ajit as he wanted Ajit to come for the dinner party at Archu\’s parent\’s house .

Deshmukh house

Damodar is getting ready to go to the dinner party and he teases Savita that she cannot go and have a nice dinner because of her silly issues .
savita remembers what Jaywant told her that she should come as it might be of interest to her as to what will happen at the party ..

Karanjkar House

Everyone is getting the house ready for the guests .Vasihali , Varsha and Dharmesh come .Dharmesh immediately starts having a go at Manav .He tells Manjusha that those people ( meaning Manav _) who are themselves pathetic , expect the worse from others and because their own rishta is based on lies and deceit , they expect others also to have a rishta full of lies ….
Manav and Archana clearly understand who he is trying to tell all this and they look uncomfortable .
Rasika and Ajit come and Manju says loudly to her mother that because of some unwanted people, her and her mother\’s life has become all messed up .She means Manav and Vandita ..
Ajit goes and stands next to Manav .He tries to greet Dharmesh but he is ignored by him .
Damodar comes and Manohar is so happy to see him .He is greeted by Manohar and Sulochna with warmth ..
Now it is Jaywant\’s turn to come ..Manju and Vinod start beaming the minute they see him while Manav , Archana and Sulochna are looking uncomfortable .Jaywant goes and sits beside Dharmesh .Archu looks at him and gives him some dirty angry looks ….then Manav looks at him and gives him even more dirtier and angrier looks
Sulochna and Manohar notice that everyone is sitting in groups and is not mixing with each other ….
Manohar gives a short speech welcoming everyone and giving the reason for this dinenr that they want everyone to forget about their differences and try make a fresh start and try and be friendlier with each other ….suddenly Savita comes in …..
Manav gets worried when he sees his mother but Savita very calmly tells him that she has come to have dinner and was invited there by her bahu .
Archu and Sulochna are very happy to hear that and they welcome Savita in the house …
Manju tellsher mother that she was not expecting Savita to come but she is delighted that Savita came …..
Manav is looking at a happy Vaishali who is happily chatting with her husband , he feels bad for her .
Jaywant looks at Manav and Archana .Archana and Manav are looking very happy with each other and seem to have eyes only for each other , Archu has a big smile as she is looking at her husband .
Jaywant says to himself that Archana \’s being with Manav is just a nightmare as Archu belongs to him and only him and he will do whatever it takes to get her back …..
Jaywant comes to Vinod and tells him that he has to take the money back that he loaned to Vinod as he needs it right now .
Manju happily says to herself \’Now starts Manav\’s humiliation in front of everyone \’ .
Manju comes and tells Vinod that she cannot find the money anywhere .Vinod hits the roof .He starts screaming that he has to find that money right now .He screams and shouts so much that everyone starts looking for that money .
Vinod is now seriously panicking and is creating a scene ..
Sulochna and Manohar get angry that he is creating the scene .Vinod is crying and is saying he will find it right now .He simply cannot be pacified right now ..
Now everyone is looking for that money .Everyone is saying how could such a big amount just disappear from the house .
Jaywant is shown smiling while Manav looks on worried at Vinod ….

No precap was shown

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