Laagi Tujhse Lagan 7th January 2011 Written Update

Baji zeroes in on CHaskar and Suds abt him and Suds says he too wondered the same and went and chaskar right away ..and says that chaskar has no guts to do such a thing …Baji is still doubts chaskar and says betrayal has happened and this work is of one of our own and Suds is like why are u looking at me and Baji says its not the time to fight amongst ourselves the enemy wants this only , I will now find out from Chaskar in my own way and tells the bodyguards to be on the look out and leaves

Suds and Kala worried but kala says let chaskar go to hell for all i care i never told him my name but all i want is Dutta\’s dead body

Baji on the fone talking to his Men when Naku arrives and asks him to tell all Baji is like u wont be able to hear ,Naku says if u can see it then I can surely hear it ,Baji starts to tell all in mute ….Roops is also overhearing the convo.Baji says it wasnt an accident but the enemy\’s trap ,Naku is like we shud bring the culprit out of his hiding and Baji islike thats what I am trying but cant do ,the day I find him I\’ll kill him .Naku asks did u file a police report..Baji says police is not a part of our business rule
Naku is like now change the rule cause I am going to file a missing complaint and before the enemy tries and gets to Dutta we will get there and I am doing this cause I have to find Saab and the culprit ,Baaji tries to argue but Naku is in no mood to listen and Baji gives in and goes to get the car out .Roops also leaves after hearing the convo and Naku prays to Bappa

Kala eating into CHaskar\’s brain bu asking him for Dutta\’s dead body and chaskar getting irritated Roops arrives so kala cuts the call and chaskar realizes that kala is playing some kind of game with him ,Roop tells Kala abt Baji nd Naku going to report in Police station ,Suds is like oh no

Roops tells about the convo and says even she now believes that Dutta may be alive Suds is maha agitated and Kala tries to cover up and leaves

Naku and Baji are about to leave in the jeep when locals arrive at PN and ask Baji abt any info on Dutta\’s attackers , the locals vow to bring the culprit to justice and offer Naku all their blessings and support and say that Dutta\’s attacker will have a dogs death .Kala and Suds are loosing it big time and are super worried

Naku says to the locals that she has their blessings and they should let her go and both Naku and Baji leave

Police station the junior officers are singing praises for Dutta and the senior officer reprimands them

The polics officers discuss the happenings post Dutta\’s disappearance …Naku and Baji arrive and meet up with the senior official forcibly …the senior officer gives his bHashan and how the temple of justice will not help in finding a culprit and Naku begs for help

Precap:Baji tells kala upon her request to take the police complaint bak that the complaint never got filed


Sorry once again …at work

PS the police bit was ridiculous …..its the police\’s job to find culprits or anyone …the dialogues there were wrong and OTT

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