Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2011 Written Update

Summary of todays epi

Rajbana persuades dadaji thats its not natiks fault completly and hear him out once buaji over hears usha talking and gets to know the truth of nandani\’s marriage and leaves, she is angry with dadaji and everyone for hiding the truth from her she scolds everyone nandani says she isnt going back to her inlaws and cant live there anymore.

Detailed Update

Part 1

starts of with rajbana telling dadaji to eat something he is upset with munna and not with the food he says it is your fault since childhood you let him do anything he wants to do you didnt give me that much freedom i didnt have the courage to go against your decision , but munna argues and expresses his point openly with you he feels its his right to argue with you and complain to you, come on lets eat whenever you are upset munna cant see you in this state as he is the closest to you and even this time he is sitting outside and waiting for you regarding mehanji maybe munna took the decsion in a hurry, but the decision is wrong isnt neccasary i plead to you that first you see what actually happened hear munna out first and after that see who is right if you feel munna is still wrong then he will say sorry ( rajbana the only insane person in the oldies ) now eat dadaji says have you ate he says if you didnt eat how will we eat, (dadaji knows very well no one will eat without him) they go out @meshwaris: akshara makes nandani inlaws sit down and nandani thanks her she says everything will be alright, buaji is coming near usha when akshara stops her.

Part 2

akshara says why are you sitting there its your own house and your the eldest you sit there come, all the rest ladys arrive akshara puts a plate in front of her kaki says this is washed by gangajal expecially for you, nani is staring at this kaki goes to nani and says you also sit she says you made others sit in my place and serving everyone you forgotton me, akshara and rajshri come and says there is a empty place come nani says serve everyone then ask me,( I love nani at times ) buaji goes to wash her hands nandani goes with her, all the ladys are eating, when usha and this other lady are taking the other lady says so this is rukmani daughter in law i heard that there were loads of demands regarding mohits marriage usha is about to speak when rajshri and kaki serve them, rajshri says to kaki bhabhima and gyatri are talking nicely to gauri looks like the matter will be made, baisa comes back and sees nani sitting in her place who is smiling bhabhima gets up and says lets sit over there near usha she is agood friend of nandani mother in law you can talk to her, bhabhima, baisa and gyatri go near there when they hear usha and the lady speaking usha says that i cant believe its a love marriage can you belive nandani is 6 yrs older poor rukmani had to listen to her sons wish and got him married to nandani (didnt know there was a big age gap)

Part 3

rajshri and kaki come they say hot food is ready come she says that she wants to go home, rajshri says have hot food first kaki says that if anything lacked then forgive us please, dadi say did we make any mistake all the ladys fold there hands beside nani (why are they asking for forgivness ) baisa says are you coming with me or shall i go on my own she says forgive me there is important work and leaves gyatri follows telling akshara to come aswell @singhaniya\’s: natik is sitting in his room when mohit rings him he says that you know nandani is upset with me and she isnt talking to me will you talk to her on my behalf, natik says ok i was quite until now thinking if i say something you might feel bad but dont take tension when baisa enters screaming dadaji name natik says to mohit i will ring you afterwards everyone is back from ghod bharai, @meshwaris: they say goodbye to the guests when rajshri trys ringing akshara varsha says what happened she says she isnt picking up and went all of a sudden without eating, usha comes and takes leave she says forgive me that because of me everyone felt bad today, rajshri says what are you saying what mistake happened is from our side, usha says no i should kept nandani buaji didnt know about there wedding she heard me talking and got angry, the other lady says she heard all our talks and decided to go plz forgive us we made a mistake. They leave and kaki says thats why bhabhima seemed tensed rajshri says she shoudnt be upset with akshara she shoudnt feel like that akshara conducted mohit and nandani;s marriage all the blame shoudnt come on my child @singhniya\’s baisa says you all didnt want me to know this and hid it from me she calls mandru he says what happened she says you got nandani married to what sort of guy i coudnt belive what i heard that your son in law is smaller then nandani

Part 4

he is munna\’s age and his friend everyone is shocked the girl fell in love with someone and you got her married thats why no one told me i feel ashamed is this our family\’s tradition why did you do this sort of marriage (yeah go buaji scold that nandani and mandru ) dadaji says nandani happiness was everything, buaji says you were blinded in her love that you didnt think about the world or our family\’s honour why did you agree to this relationship dadaji says they liked each other and wanted to marry buaji says its all your fault she says to bhabhima didnt you keep your daughter in control is that how you bought them up and gave them these values nandani says buaji, she says keep quite i dont want to talk to you she says to dadaji that kids do whatever they want its enough in your house control them or they will all go out of your hands, buaji says to nandani that you married of your own choice so go and stay there what are you doing in your maayka for so many days (yeah buaji tell that nandani ) she says to bhabhima to pack her luggage nandani says i wont go there yet everyone is shocked buaji says why till mohit gets back from tour then you will return your mother in law is here so you should stay in your in laws she says to natik to drop her tomorow nandani says i wont go back there i have left that house i wont go back there ever everyone is shocked bhabhima says nandani what are you saying dadaji says whats the matter, baisa says you were lying to everyone and staying here, dadaji says i am asking you something, buaji says first her own choice wedding and on top she wont go back to her inlaws dadaji says to bhabhima if she knows anything she crys nodding her head in a no, nandani says i cant stay there anymore (nandani dosnt deserve mohit) gyatri says what happened she says nothing i cant bear this wedding anymore and leaves akshara follows behind ends on everyones shocked faces

Precap: buaji says akshara knew all this so she should have told her
my video got cut plz tell me whats after that

episiode ranking 5/10

Nandani is an idiot making issue for such a small matter she seriously makes me buaji was good today for the first tym but by looking at the precap seems akshara is in trouble and as usual nandani will love to blame her come on cv show us some naksh scenes

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