Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani

The episode begins from where it freezed yesterday, Abhay leaves saying that they r leaving D town.

Pia is all upset..!!

Abhay:I\’m leaving Pia ..leaving u all alone….!!

Pia thinks their is some thing strange abt this n she finds Abhay\’s book n a ring on bench .. [she finds Metz ring which she had gifted Abhay centuries ago..!!]

In Panchi\’s work place,

her boss is avoiding his meeting\’s for his Date\’s..

Panchi is all angry n feel\’s where has she landed up..!!

His Boss only think\’s is abt is Girls , she feel\’s Disgusted but suddenedly he call\’s her up n says that don\’t cancel my appointments..!!

Panchi is shocked with his Boss strange behavior..!!

Misha n Angad r on Date..!!

In a restaurant,

Misha thinks she\’s imaging Shaw arund..

Angad says luk @ the looser \’Shaw\’..!!

Misha is Shocked tat even Angad n waiter\’s can imagine Shaw..

Misha tries to ignore Shaw n laughs Like Hell..!!

Angad says u\’re gone mad whats wrong with u..??

Just than Shaw sees them, n comes to say Hii..!!

Shaw says he was here to attend meeting n what r u guys doing here..??

Misha replys tat she\’s here on a date with Angad..

Shaw says okay..!! n leaves from there..

Shaw attends his meeting n Misha thinks Shaw is ruing her life..what meeting is a constructor attending in a restaurant..!!

Dobriyal House,Arnav asks a servant for packing up his bags but, Madhu come\’s n says that even she is coming with him to find his daughter..!!

In restaurant; Misha sit\’s on Angad\’s lap..acting all wired as if she loves him..

calling Angad Baby.. she was going Ga- gaa over him..

but , Angad makes her sits on chair n says we have booked this entire table, u can sit on the chair no need to sit on my lap..!![he feels disgusted] But , Misha [acts as if, she\’s Tracker] n says u\’re so sweet that u booked entire table for me..!!

Angad clearly says tat he loves Ruhi only..!! He excepts tat he had a crush on Misha but now it\’s only Tracker whom he loves..!!

Misha thinks that I can\’t believe that someone is dumping me for Tracker.. but she\’s happy for them, but on other hand she\’s worried what\’s happing to her.

Mean while, Pia goes to Raichand Mansion to return Abhay\’s belongings.

But to her surprise she finds the Mansion empty ,no one arund.. She get\’s all worried , but than a watchman comes in frame n on asked by Pia where is everyone he says they\’r gone..!!

On way in search of his daughter, Arnav n Madhu r on highway..but suddendly Madhu asks driver to stops the car.

Arnav asked wat\’s wrong..??

Madhu says she can\’t see her daughter knowing the ugly truth about their father .

Arnav states he has left his daughter alone , lonely , she must be in wrost phrase of her life , I need to get her bak , give her all what\’s her right..n now no one can stop me from getting her bak in my life..!!

Madhu worried..!!

Kabir , Misha , Angad n Pia r in college campus,

Angad : Don\’t knw wat happened but they left , this is shocking n sad also .

To which Misha adds that Abhay also celebrated his B\’Day with us n all was fine what went wrong..??

Kabir says they were wired from beginning, thnk God they left

Misha says u leave it , I know why u\’re happy..

But, Pia was only thinking abt Abhay ,she felt guilty ..!!

Piya believes that it\’s becoz of her that Abhay\’s parents were sooo angry on him that they decided to call packers n moves..!! Where r u Abhay..!!!!

We see Abhay in a room [may be of his new Mansion]

Abhay is all hurt his pain is visible in his sternface, He\’s only thinking about Pia.. again he culdn\’t distinguish btw Pia n Metz..

He says that he has brought along with him Pia\’s belonging , her memories can\’t be erased from his cache..!!

The episode was filled up with emotions , one must watch specially AbhiYa\’s n Misha..

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