Bhagya Vidhata 1st February 2011 Written Update

If they don\’t stop making fool of Phool\’s innocent and trusting nature. Why is it that every time PPW makes rest of the women suffer that is including the daughter of the family and get away with it?

Phool goes to some Baba. He calls her by her name and tells her what she is looking for ? Baba\’s knowledge about her name and she is looking her husband love impresses her. She falls on his feet with trust . He tells her that there is a negative energy from bad souls in the house so she needs to follow his instructions. She can not tell anyone about meeting him or what is she doing. Family will be angry at her but she has to keep the secret . He tells her a plan while music is playing.He asks her to get some hair strands from Ratan\’s head. She agrees to all.
Pooja is going on for the ancestors. PPW and Kamini make noise about Phool missing. Bindiya is doing pooja at her house as well. Purva\’s creepy husband is looking over at Mamta. Back at Sinaha house Pundit calls Sooraj for special pooja just for him. Finally secret is out and Sakshi knows the truth. She is shocked to see Vinay\’s picture. Vinay\’s mom comes there. She goes to Vinay\’s picture and takes garland off of his picture. She tells them to stop pooja. Vinay is alive and where is Bindiya. She has a look shock and hysteria on her face. Akhilesh takes her from there. Sooraj drops the pooja and walks away. Sakshi follows Sooraj but is stopped by Akhilesh. He tells her that Sooraj will return soon. Sakshi asks Akhilesh who are Sooraj\’s parents? Akhilesh tells her that Sooraj is his younger brother Vinay\’s son and he tells her not to look in to it any further since he loves Sooraj like his own son. Sakshi is helping pundit clean up but still thinking about Sooraj. She is feeling sorry that Sooraj has no parents with him. She also wonders that Bindiya\’s picture was not in the pooja so where is she? who is she? Sooraj is walking . He ends up at the temple. He goes to the godess Durga and complain about his misfortune.
Precap He is angry/sad while talking about his mom who had left him and we see Bindiya walking in to the temple.

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