Khottey Sikkey 4th February 2011 Written Update

Two people are fighting on the terrace. The man in the white jacket pushes the man in the brown jacket. The crowd stares on.
Damodar comes there. His background voice talks about how once again a Cabinet Minister, Rahul, will get off because everyone there is worried about themselves. He calls all 5 sikkey. Everyone is questioning why they are doing this all over again. Damodar comes there and Patel gives each their charge sheets. Damodar tells them that they need to bring witnesses from the list that they have been provided. Damodar says that forensics are clear that the guy, Diwakar, was pushed.

Mohit says that he went to the party, but left early because he didn\’t know anyone. Mohit says that he went because of Rahul, even though he hates the guy. Everyone comments on how Rahul is an . Each person names someone they know.

Damodar says that only one guy, Nitin, came forward and even that guy says that no one will come forward because Rahul\’s father is a minister. No one is worried about Diwakar, who has no high contacts. Nitin says that he and Diwakar were together and then Diwikar went to the loo and didn\’t come back. Nitin thought that Diwikar had found someone. Nitin says that he heard Diwikar\’s screams and he ran towards the balcony. He says that by the time he reached there, Diwikar had already fallen. Nitin says that he didn\’t see who pushed Diwikar.

Damodar orders Dilnaaz and Hameer to go together and Ayush and Uttara to go together and speak to the people they know. Hameer goes to meet Zulfi and gives Zulfi money. Hameer and Zulfi talk about horse racing. Hameer lets Zulfi go.

Ayush and Uttara are sitting in front of a radi wala, who is an old computer\’s dealer. Ayush is surprised at that and asks if he can go see the old computers. They talk straight forward, but Kshitij is about to leave. They finally get him to agree and he decides to give a statement (because he wants to impress Richa, a girl he loves).

Dilnaaz questions how Hameer knows that Zulfi knows something. Hameer says trust him. Zulfi comes and gives him the money and then leaves. Hameer tells Dilnaaz to relax.

Kshitij and Richa come into the police station. Uttara comes in and pretends to meet Damodar for the first time. Kshitij tells Damodar what he knows. He says Rahul started abusing Diwikar at which he gets surprised. Then all of a sudden Diwikar fell. Uttara and Damodar are surprised. Richa leaves with Kshitij. Damodar is sure that Kshitij is lying and one angle is finished.

Zulfi has put 4 lacs on the same horse again. Hameer says that because of Bhaktiyar, Zulfi will phone him. Zulfi phones him. Hameer says that if he gives information about Diwikar\’s death to the police then he will get police protection. Zulfi and Hameer come in, but Zulfi does not want to say anything. Hameer says that the police can save you from everyone, but if he leaves then Bhaktiyar will kill him.

Zulfi tells Damodar what happened. He says that Diwikar and Rahul were fighting on the terrace. Diwikar was asking Rahul if he\’s gone mad. Then Rahul pushed him off the balcony. Everyone was scared. Zulfi and Hameer sign statements and then Damodar tells Patel to arrest Rahul. Patel arrests Rahul and the media arrives there and makes their stories.

The 5 sikkey and Damodar meet in the godown again and Damodar treats them to samosas. Damodar is happy that the 5 sikkey helped solve the case and Rahul is behind bars.

Then Bhimrao Kamlakar comes in and meets with the ma\’am. Damodar is called in and he tells ma\’am that Rahul is in special custody. Ma\’am orders Damodar to find out where Rahul is and to allow Kamlakar to meet Rahul.

Kamlakar meets with Rahul. Damodar leaves from there and Kamlakar asks the officer left in the room for water. Then Kamlakar says something (we don\’t hear it because it is in mute). Kamlakar leaves while Damodar is talking to an officer outside. Then a constable goes in and sees that Rahul is unconscious. Damodar goes in as well and gets frustrated. An ambulance is called and Rahul is taken away. The media is there and they raise their fingers on the police and Damodar.

Mohit finds out that Rahul has been let off. He phones the rest of the sikkey and tells them what happened. Kamlakar announces that he won\’t do anything against the police. Ma\’am is angry that Kamlakar made her a fool. Damodar says that it is hard to catch this ministers. Then he salutes and leaves.

On the other side, the 5 sikkey arrive to meet Damodar. They question what happened. Damodar says that he was mad that he tried to arrest a minister\’s son. Mohit says that there has to be something that they have to do something. Damodar tells them to leave, but no one leaves. The 5 sikkey say that they will help get Rahul back into jail. They want to help Damodar get evidence every time. Damodar agrees and tells them that if they can get evidence, then he will arrest Rahul again. Hameer says let\’s go and catch that . (My sentiments exactly bro.)

The 5 sikkey leave. Damodar\’s voice over talks about how these 5 have changed. He says that Rahul\’s kismat is about to change because these 5 won\’t leave him.

A car pulls into a garage and Zulfi steps out of it. He walks past another car and then Rahul opens the door. Rahul kills Zulfi and then leaves from there. Damodar tells Dilnaaz that Zulfi is killed. Dilnaaz tells Hameer, who says Rahul, then they go to a club. Dilnaaz meets Nitin. Nitin tries to leave, but Dilnaaz says that she wants to talk about Diwikar. Nitin is pissed that nothing will happen to Rahul because he is a minister\’s son. Dilnaaz keeps trying to get Nitin to the police, but Nitin says in a dark and sinister way that he will send Rahul to death. His father comes running and says that his revolver is missing. Hameer says that Nitin can help them get a straight confession.

Kshitij and Richa come to meet Uttara. Richa tells Uttara that she knows what happened. Kshitij says that Rahul told him about his old antique typewriter, which he went to check out. Then Rahul tried to rape Richa. Diwikar comes in there and saves Richa. Rahul tells him to leave, but Diwikar takes Richa from there and leave. Richa says that she went to the terrace, where Rahul and Diwikar were fighting, and then Rahul pushed Diwikar off the terrace. Richa says that Rahul forceably pushed Diwikar. Uttara asks Richa if she will give a formal statement.

Uttara comes and tells the rest of them what happened, but Richa has refused to give a formal statement. Hameer tells them Nitin is making a plan to kill Rahul. He says that we can get a confession straight from Rahul\’s mouth along with witnesses.

The 5 sikkey arrive at the party and see Rahul. Ayush comes into a private room and fixes a camera in the room. He then leaves. Rahul is drinking with his friends when Uttara comes there. Rahul wants Uttara. Uttara phones Hameer and tells him that Nitin is there. Dilnaaz goes over and talks to Nitin. She takes the gun out of Nitin\’s pocket. Nitin asks for the gun back and then walks away from Dilnaaz. Hameer sits down with Ayush and Mohit and then tells them that Nitin is here. Mohit says that he has a plan. He goes over to the Rahul and takes him into the private room. Rahul orders his bodyguards to stay outside. They go in and Mohit gives Rahul some drugs. Mohit tells the bodyguards that his friend will be coming in and to let him in.

Nitin goes in and the bodyguards don\’t stop him. He pulls out a gun and points it at Rahul. Then Mohit comes in and pretends that Diwikar\’s death was an accident. Nitin puts the gun in Rahul\’s mouth. Mohit tells Rahul to confess or else Nitin will kill him. Rahul confesses that he accidently pushed Diwikar. He didn\’t mean to push Diwikar. Nitin tries to fire the gun, but it doesn\’t get fired. Damodar comes in and saves Mohit. The police arrest Rahul and Nitin.

Dilnaaz tells everyone that she took out the magazine from Nitin\’s gun. Damodar is angry that they took such a big risk, but the 5 sikkey tell him to chill out (dude take a chill pill ). Mohit says that when he faces death, then they\’ll take the anger dose. Ayush takes credit for getting Damodar there on time. He wants to explain how he managed to record everything on his phone, but no one wants to know.

Damodar\’s voice over says that without knowing it they helped save his reputation. He calls them his khotey sikkey and says that he\’ll need them again and again.


Loved today\’s episode truly. It was amazing to see the transition from selfish brats to truly mature people. This is what is called a fast-paced episode. Keep up the great work YRF. I just love this show.

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