Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein 8th February 2011 Written Update

Sorry there may not be many comments today, as i really dunno what to say after watching today\’s episode…All i can say is that I was certainly moved my Kinshuk\’s performance today and at a point I did cry

Nivi says “What had happened viren? Tell me who has hurt you so much? Why were you left heartbroken?” Viren says “Don\’t you remember anything? Then i am sure you probably don\’t remember me either. You couldn\’t see anything but sid, you never once looked at the little kid who used to be after you like your shadow. You probably never even thought about it, right? Do you remember the day when we were flying kites?” *FB \’ Sid flying kite, viren holding onto the thread. Sid continuously asking viren to loosen the thread but he didn\’t know what to do. And viren gets really upset and runs off, when they lose their kite. Laal ji takes NivArth along with him.* “Now tell me how was I wrong that day? Why did sid get so angry at me for no reason? He didn\’t care for me and neither did you!” *FB \’ Viren running back to the same place with a new kite but he didn\’t find NivArth there no more.* Viren says “I can never forget that day, I tore that kite because it was due to that kite sid was angry at me.” *FB \’ Viren tearing the kite and throwing it on the floor, Laal ji sees this from far. At school, sid always won against Viren, and how his class mates teased him about it.* “Everyone laughed at me, why? Because i was Siddarth Sood\’s brother? Sid was always praised while I always got in trouble, and DS got to know about all this aswell.” *FB \’ DS scolding viren that he should be ashamed of himself for raising his hands on others. Ds starts praising sid, Viren jealous!* “I was never asked or given a chance to say something. Sid did this, sid did that it was always sid.” *FB \’ DS looking at Sid and Viren\’s Books. DS praising sid and scolding viren.* “I don\’t want to learn anything from sid, i didn\’t want to be like him. I began to hate him.” *FB \’ Sid brought a trophy home. Viren felt neglected* “It was always sid, everyone knew his likes and dislikes, but what about me? they stopped making bitter gourd in this house, because I liked it!”(OMG, viren we made it at home just today…come over…I am here for you ) *FB \’ Viren being stubborn and asking the servant to make bitter gourd. DS once again scolds him \’ “you have become really stubborn now a days, I know how to fix you up!* (OMG you oldie, enough already. I wouldn\’t blame viren for whatever he is doing; it\’s all coz of this partiality!) “At that time I could not understand what DS meant by that, how could i understand? My mind was always on you, you remember how you were requesting sid to get you an apple?” *FB \’ Nivi asking sid to get him the apple from a tree. And sid gets her with hitting the apple with a sling shot! Viren too gives it a try but he hits someone by an accident.* “I could never understand that I can never be sid, because sid was the capable son while i wasn\’t. Ds too thought I was the bad one.” *FB \’ DS decides to send Viren to the boarding school.* “No one ever listened to me; i was forced to go away from my parents, my home. To a strange place where i knew no one and i knew that i won\’t be listened there either. I stopped speaking; I sat in one corner and saw everyone having a time of their life but I was the only one who was not happy, I was scared from happiness. I was bad right? Therefore I had no right to celebrate either.” Nivi is in tears. “I was alone; everyone used to think i was quiet and scared. But i wanted to tell them that i wasn\’t scared, but I also knew that no one would be there to listen to me. If anyone did they wouldn\’t believe me. Everyone had someone coming from their family to meet them but no one came to meet me. Everyone thought that if I\’d be alone then i\’ll improve, even I had decided to not to meet anyone and never return home!” Nivi puts her hand on his shoulder, viren shrugs it off. \’Viren, no one did that on purpose and you\’re not alone in this, everyone has had their share of pain. I too have lost my own, bared pain, i too was heartbroken. It happens, but that doesn\’t mean we blame others, hatred increases pain. You can never be happy by snatching other\’s happiness. This revenge will destroy you viren! Listen to me, don\’t ruin your life, listen to me…” Nivi tires to get viren to face her, but viren pushes her off and says \’I dont\’ want to hear anything, don\’t come near me! I don\’t need you nor anyone else. I always lived alone and I can live alone now to.” Nivi tries to stop him, Viren pushes her. Nivi on the ground watching viren walk away. *tu hi saathi is playing*
Sid is escorting few guests, just when he sees the MP things and is shocked, he sees nivi in tears. Sid says “Nivi…What happened? Why aren\’t you saying anything? Nivi tell me what\’s the matter. Did viren do something? Did he hurt you? Where is he?” Nivi says \’he has gone.” Sid says “where?” Nivi says “he was long gone sid, and he was never close to us despite being near us.” Sid is confused. “You knew, you tried to tell me aswell, but I didn\’t. I have to fix everything that went wrong years back.” Nivi breaks into tears. Sid says “Control yourself nivi, do you have any idea where he could be at this moment?” Nivi thinks – *FB \’ Viren tells nivi that he too has a special place in simla, where one would go alone. Nivi says “there\’s no such place.” Viren tells nivi about he location where he always went when he was a kid and he goes there when he is upset.”* Nivi says \’I know where he is.” Sid says “let\’s go.” Sid says “I\’ll go alone.” Sid says “but how could you go alone?” Nivi says “try and understand, it\’s better if i go alone.” Sid tells her to take care of herself, nivi leaves to search from viren.

Viren walking on the streets, lost in Nivi\’s thoughts. (He doesn\’t hate Nivi, he loves her.) He almost meets an accident. (OMG, hats off to kinshuk here) Sid tells everyone that sid has elft the house, CC is worried and tries to call Viren. YD says “what could it be?” CC insists in searching for viren. BS stops her and says “let the husband and wife sort this house.” VD too explains CC that she should leave them alone.

Nivi on the streets looking for Viren. Viren sits in the park and yells “YOU\’VE LOST ONCE AGAIN VIREN! History has repeated once again, why you can\’t understand that the bad ones don\’t have the right to be happy! How long are you going to remain a loser for?” Nivi sees Viren sitting in the park, viren sees nivi behind him, she sits beside him.” Viren.” Viren says “why are you here? Did those people send you here to have me arrested?” Nivi says “come home viren, let\’s talk at home.” Viren says “what home are you talking about? Nivi says “our home viren.” viren says “I have no home, atleast not here. I will be thrown out anyways so it\’s better for me to leave myself.” Nivi says “no one will do anything as such; I know how happy everyone was when you returned.” Viren says “it\’s all a mere drama, there is a place for only nice people in Bhupat Rai Sood\’s home, not bad people like Viren Sood!” Nivi says “you aren\’t bad; the one who cares for all can\’t be bad.” Viren says “that was all a drama, don\’t you understand?” Nivi says “it may be a drama for you but not me. You supported me many times, there was no one like you in my life. No one has done what you did for me, then how can you be a bad one? Today you\’re not the viren who was sent away, DS loves you, no one wants you out of their lives. It\’s the truth and you know that. Please come home.” Iv holds his arm, viren backs off and says “I\’ve said what i needed to. I will do what i want to now, and I am not going home! And you are also free from my side, you aren\’t tied to me and my family no more, so go back to your own home if you want!” Nivi is in tears.

Precap: DS tells viren to leave the house and to never return again. Viren is again left heartbroken. CC and Nivi in tears. (I hate you oldie! I really hate you!)

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