Pavitra Rishta 31st March 2011 Written Update

Deshmukh House
Archana is serving dinner to Manav and Damodar .Damodar is so happy that after a long time he will eat something that has been made by Archana …Manav is worried about his mother not eating anything so Archu takes a thaali and puts dinner in it and takes it to Savita who is sitting in her room …
Manav and Damodar are about to eat , they hear a crash sound .Both go to the room only to found all that good food scattered on the floor and an angry sulking Savita sitting on the bed …
Damodar is furious and he tells Savita that this hatred for Archana is making her blind .So many people i n this world go without food and she had a thaali full of good food but she did not respect this blessing and threw the food away .He tells Savita that one day she will feel cursed due to this action of hers ..
Archana quickly tries to cover up for Savita and tells Damodar that the thaali slipped from her hand and Savita had nothing to do with it ….
Damodar doesn\’t believe Archana .
Savita tells Archana that after listening to all that Damodar said , she doesn\’t feel hungry anyway and will eat if she gets hungry .Her family leaves the room and she just sits there on her own ..

Outside the Chawl
Manav and Archana are sitting down .Manav is very depressed and he too has not eaten .When Archu asks him to eat he says that how can he any son eat if his mother has not eaten ….
He is worried that this way his mother might get sick even more .
Archana assures him that their way of dealing with Savita may be painful right now but it will be fruitful and will get good results and then one day they all will be happy again ….
She tells him that in future it will get even more tough but they have to have faith in what they are doing ….
savita might even try and hurt herself in order to throw thenm out of the house but they have to be firm and stay put in the house only .
They hear soem noise coming fro mthe kitchen .When they go they see savita in the kitchen , checking out the food and looking happily at all the delicious things made by Archana ..
This makes Manav and Archana very happy but savita senses that they are standing and watching her .
Suddennly she changes an says loudly that not even animals can eat such bad food .She just drinks water and leaves …
A very worried looking Manav and Archana are just standing looking at her ….

On the rooftop
It is the next morning. Manav is sitting down looking very worried , deep in thoughts .Archu comes from behind and starts teasing him ….
In the back ground the song fro m the upcoming movie \’ Shor in the City ” starts playing .It is a sweet romantic track and it shows Manav and Archana in differnt places and in sweet romantic moments ….

Karanjkar House
Sulochan is telling Manohar that he was supposed to get toothpaste .Manjusha coems in and she shows her the new toothpaste ..The next 5 minutes they talk about the virtues of Sensodyne toothpaste and how it can help sensitive teeth ( a clear advertisment of the tooth paste ) .

An Orphanage
Varsha comes to an orphanage and bring vaishali with her .She goes to the children and gives them loads of goodies like toys and chocolates etc .They kids are very happy and they ask her for more things like video games, cycle etc …..
Varsha is so happy with them .She promises them that she will bring everything for them .She suddenly sees a sweet looking girl who is sitting all alone and is crying .She goes to her and asks her wh yshe is crying .The girl says that she wants her mother …
Varsha consoles her and tells her that soon her mother will come to her …
The administrator of the orphange coems and Varsha asks her if she can keep in touch with these kids and if there is anything that she can do for them ….
Vaishali is so happ yto see all this ..When they are going out , Vaishali suggests to Varsha that maybe she should think about adopting a child .Varsha tells Vaishu that she has talked to satish and he has agreed but he has to convince his mother .
Varsha is looking extremly happy with the idea of being a mother ….

Deshmukh House
Archana is sweeping the floor .When she goes to another room, savita coems out of her room and goes to the wash room …Seeing this Archu thinks that maybe she should quickly clean savita\’s room as well because she is not there and she takes the risk and goes i nand starts cleaning ..
Savita comes out , she looks around but cannot find Archana ( as she is in her room cleaning it ) .Savita decides that no way will she eat anything that has been prepared by Archana and would rather go out and eat ..
Thinking that no one is in the room , she locks the room from outside and goes out to eat …
After Archu finsihes cleaning , she wants to come out but she cannot as the room is locked ..Archu is worried where everyone is goneand she sits down on the bed helplessly …

A little later Damodar also comes in the house .He too is worried when he sees an empty house and a lock on the door .He is thinking where could Archana and Savita had gone ??

Satish\’s house
Bhavna is livid to hear the suggestion that Satish and Varsha would adopt ..She doesn\’t wants to know this .She wants an heir for the family , not a child who has no parents and has come from no where …
She wants a grandson …her own grandson , her blood and not an adopted child .
Satish : That is not possible .There is nothing wrong i n adoptinga child .Many people do this .
Bhavna : I don\’t care what others do …A child from outside will not step in this house ,it\’s out of question.
Satish : Please be practical .We don\’t have any other way and please don\’t even suggest something silly .I will not have any other woman as my wife but Varsha …Think about varsha , she wants to ne a mother .
Bhavna : I also want to be a grandmother but I will not make such compromises .
Satish : Then do what you want ….but let me make myself ver yclear to you .Varsha has taken a decision and I stand with her on this …. and I will do it ….
Bhavna : I won\’t let you do it ……A child from outside is not stepping in this house and that is final ..
She leaves the room .
Varsha and Vaishali are standing outside the room and looking at all this scene …

Precap :
Manav and Damodar are standing outside the locked room .Manav is asking , who locked this room ? Archana \’s voice come from inside as she is about to say something ….Savita says loudly \’ I locked it \’ .

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