Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st March 2011 Written Update

Rashi Makes and Excuse and Goes to the Market..
In the Market Urmila Tells Rashi to give the Sleeping Tablets to Nani..
Rashi tries a lot to give the the Sleeping Tabets But ends Eating them..

Urmi Rashi Plan Out Take the Chest But Chest loves Koki and is going towards Koki Rooms

The Episode Begins with Gopi Telling Rashi to Have the Milk. Rashi says that she Is fine and she will drink it later. All of them Leave the Room. Rashi is Saying this also Tablet became Useless

Gopi Has put Flour to Make Chapati\’s Rashi Tells Gopi To Put Milk in the Flour So that it the Chapati Turns to become Soft. Rashi tells Gopi that till u r doing this i will go and Keep the Vegetable on the Table..Rashi Is Dozing So Gopi Tells Her that Chapati is Ready..Rashi goes and gives the Chapati to Nani..Nani Is Praising Gopi\’s Chapati\’s..Ahem and Chirag come there and Ahem tells Mom Today i am really feeling Hungry Nani tells Yes Yes Today U will Eat 4 Chapati\’s Instead of 2.Nani asks Koki Why isn\’t she Eating.Koki says with Ahems Dad comes that time i\’ll eat….Gopi Bring Hot Hot Chapati and Gives it to Ahem..Rashi see everyone eating Chapati and in her mind is Says Here Everyone are eating Now What will Happen..?

Rashi asks Koki Why aren\’t u eating Koki says that She and Gopi will Eat Later..Then Nani Says I had Fun Eating Now I\’ll go to Sleep….Everyone Leaves and Goes…Urmila Calls and Ask weather u gave the Tablets to Nani or not She Says i gave But along with that Few others too Ate…Urmi Says Ok..And then Rashi asks Now at least tell me whats the Plan..Urmi says i\’ll come there and tell u..Keep on Splashing water on ur face..

Urmi comes there and Takes out the noise of a Cock as a signal She tries a lot then She calls her..But Rashi Cuts the Phone…Jigar Gets irritated and Puts on the light Rashi also gets up..and see that her Mummy was Calling…Jigar asks her what is this She says that this is an alarm..Alarm For What..Rashi tells tomorrow water will go so Kaki Told me to do this..Jigar Says I\’ll also come with u..

Jigar says I\’ll come with u Because i want to see who is this irritating Us..Rashi says No If kaki sees u with me She\’ll think thati m taking ur Help so she\’ll shout at me.Jigar says Ok….Rashi tells her Mom to Come from the Behind Door…Urmi Enters then Rashi asks her whats the Plan She says U see what i m doing..Rashi asks what is this Trolley for..?? Urmi tells Leave all that and tell me from here where is Nani\’s Room..Rashi takes her there Rashi shows Urmi the Room Urmi tells her to catch the trolley and come and i\’ll open the door…Urmi opens the Door And tells Don\’t make noise But There was no reply from Rashi\’s Side when she turned back she was sleeping…She Woke Up Rashi and told her to be awake..Urmi goes in with the Trolley and then Picks Up the Chest and Puts it in the Trolley ties it…Here Rashi is saying this Mummy is taking so Long Chalo i\’ll sit here..and then she goes off to sleep
Urmi slowly Comes out closes the Door…Turns Around and Looks at Rashi and gets Angry…She tries waking Up Rashi…While waking up her the trolly went Sliding down…Rashi gets up and Asks Wheres the Chest Urmi points here…Rashi asks Where She turns to see the Chest is not there Urmi is Worried..Suddenly Rashi sees the Trolley sailing towards Koki\’s room and tells her mom,Mummy Chest its going directly to Koki\’s room..

Episode Ends with the SHOCKED FACES..

PROMO:- NO PROMO (they infact showed koki Dancing with Hritik In SPA)
and they showed her saying that it was like a dream come true..!!

I\’ll Rate it 8/10 because of the last Part.
Remember My Second Update..
Hope U all Like it..

Meet U all Next Tuesday If Possible..
But all Keep Praying for Rana dii\’s Daughter..

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