Geet 28th April 2011 Written Update

Jugnu maama calls out MSK\’s name, he and baluu turns in the opposite direction to look each

other, when ballu spots fake MSk aka dev at the door. Jugnu is shocked to see two of them there but

points finger to MSK, tells ballu your face resembles to MSK ( how the heck he

knows??? Did he see the picture??? Did not teji return MSK ka wallet without

noticing that had geet\’s picture), ballu shifts his finger to dev and he says I

am MSK. Maamu is confused, but says your

name is MSK but his face matches with MSK. ( sahi bola hai kisi ne , nase

mein aadmi sach bolta hai. Maamu got this

absolutelt right). He starts counting

even at 100 he gets finger towards ballu as MSK, but no faayda as both have

disappeared. He thinks he drank too much

today ( well maamu what do you ean a lot??? You are 24/7 drunk) .


goes. Dev asks MSK is not jugnu crazy?? ( nope you guys think he is but he is

the only who knows who is MSK)MSK agrees but demands to know if he has talked

to geet and what dev is doing here?? Dev replies it is long story will tell you

later ( abe bol na ki ladki ke peecha aaya), right now geet wants to talk to

you. MSK tells him to go ahead he will

come from behind donkey dev asks why??? Oye idiot do not you know he is in

driver\’s disguise how can he enters from main gate.

Nandini is consoling geet do not worry all will be fine, tejii, biji will take care of

all. Dev comes and stops out side seeing

nandini self thought what is she doing here ( kyu??? Do you again want to spend

night with geet???), geet is in no mood to reply, her eyes looking out for

MSK. MSK comes and starts going up via

rope ( oh toh rassi latka ke rakhi hai)

nandini asks geet has she forgiven MK?? Geet says nothing, dev enters asking nandini

to let him talk to geet alone, she leaves reluctantly. Geet looks at him, he notices MSK. Geet goes to hug MSK.


tells them he will wait out while they talk.

MSK stops him saying I wanna talk to you both. Geet-dev shocked. MSK

closes the door ( what about window??? Usko kyu khoolaa choda). He questions dev what he is doing here, when

he has asked you to go back ( I love this), geet tells he did not know it\’s my

aunt\’shouse. MSK then demands then why

you are here. Dev replies to return a

book and narrates his journey with nandini ( in his heart aisi soni kudi dekhi

aur mein phir se phisla, lekin marri kismet phir se geet ki family main le

aayi). Geet asks MSK what will we do now.


says I am confused too, I thought every thing was fine now new problem ( yep,

every time is devil dev ke kaaran hi problem hoti hai). Geet tells if you would have let me tell

thetruth nothing would happen. How about me going and telling truth, dev says

geet is right ( chup khote), MSK mocks them yeah you both are right, may be

they will let us go back with geet, but have you thought that they would keep

thinking whether MSK can keep geet happy??? ( point hai) He says geet your family hate me, I entered in disguise in driver, if I go without clearing doubt

about me then it is not good. I do not want to hurt or make angry anyone for my

love. I will take you with me once I change their opinion about me. ( yeh sahi hai lekin dev MSK kyu hai)nbsp;I like the way they kept convo btwn maneet.


agrees. MSK tells dev to stay as MSK for

sometime, he nodes in yes. ( thank you

babaji, geet did not ask him to be as MSK). Teji knocks at the door, geet is scared, dev gets to get it, teji

demands to know why the door is closed, dev gives excuse geet is not feeling well

teji wonders what happen suddenly, dev tries to hold him at the door but he

gets in. He asks geet to take care and

if headache does not go by morning then we will go to hospital. While teji

talking to geet, dev wonders where did MSK go ( tum dev gadhe hi rahoge) MSK hiding behind the bed, teji is about to

go, his cell drops he starts searching, geet is scared, MSK pushes fwd. He

picks up ( typical scene, faltu ka time

pass, no creativity)


then asks dev to come with him, who reluctantly goes. Nandini comes, teji asks her to stay with

geet. Geet sends nandini to get water,

MSK out, he tells geet it is just a matter of few days, she nodes, good night

hug and he leaves. ( well they are used

to of it, I mean good night hug, how ironical when they were not married they

had history of spending night together now they have routine after being couple

sleeping in different room).


Sun, All in the hall except maamu. Biji

asks geet if she has decided what to do?? Geet replies yes I have decided to

give him one chance, pammi is happy, teji questions does it mean you have forgiven

him? I knew this would happen. Geet says

no not like that. I have decided to give

1 month time ( kyu ki IPL exactly 30 days mein 28th May ko end

hoga), if he could win your heart and prove him self then I will go. Pammi happy, teji still objects, biji calms

him down that after all it is question of her life. ( ab koi mujhe samjhaoo how

MSK as ballu will prove or change their heart?? LOGIC LOGIC LOGIC???).

Entertainment ke naam pe kuch bhi??


warns fake MK you have one month to win geet\’s heart, if you do then fine else

forget about her. She takes geet and

leaves. Teji, tells him now you have a

month of KAALAPANI saja, prove your self.

Lucky, nandini too warn him same.

All go away leaving fake MSK in the hall. He thinks a month jail would have better than

this ( for you month is not enough)

Geet is standing upstair while MSK at the

door. Fake MSK looks up both geet and

MSK. Lucky comes back and makes him

clear so does to viewers that if you are thinking to be in one room like normal

SIL then forget we have special room for you.

( smart CV made it clear they will not put geet and dev in the same

room). Hmm plus point for me, coz if

they would have kept in one room then I do not know I might have stopped watching.

Lucky takes fake MSK with him, screen freezes on MSK\’s face problem solves for now but

I will have to change their opinion about me (A million dollars question is

haunting me HOW???)

Tomorrow: Jugnu ki shaatir aankhe Maneet ko pakad ke

bhi nahi pakdengi


hug in room, ( kamala hai??? Door khulla

rakh ke ??)jugnu walks from there

notices them, geet sees him and breaks the hug. ( she is wearing same color dress as market

and hug is similar too, Will maama recollect his market memory?? Lekin us din

pagdi nahi thee)


my word jugnu maama will be the one who will find out Ballu is MSK not



for typo


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