Abhi has the expression of irritability and disgust after learning that he will have to pick up Mili himself.

Mathur Residence

Vishal and his father are in the lawn. His father expresses his opposition to Vishal\’s plan of studying in India. Mili joins in their conversation. Mr. Mathur says, “Listen Vishal. You will not be continuing your studies in Management but research on economic development. This will be a waste since you have to take care of my business in the future.” Mili interrupts that she doesn\’t see a problem in Vishal\’s decision since after completing this course, Vishal will do his post-graduation in Indian economy and in present times, this degree holds the same importance as the degree in Management. She then feigns a humble expression and adds, “Honestly speaking, Vishal and I wish to remain here, close to you so that we can serve you.” Mr. Mathur looks convinced. Vishal gives her a look of disgust. Mrs. Mathur joins in with tea. Mili offers to serve. Mrs. Mathur happily agrees and reminds her to be ready to go to her home for pag-phere ritual. Mili looks delighted. She serves tea and expresses how happy her parents will be to see her. Vishal looks upset. Mili offers tea. Vishal declines. Mili gives him an \’I-don\’t-care\’ look. Vishal walks away. Mili looks determined.

12/24 KB

Manju, RS, Anita and Dolly are sitting in the living room. Dolly is advising Anita against drinking something cold. Manju offers to bring almond milk instead. Anita denies and asks about others. Just then, Simi & Omi enter supporting Neetu. Manju looks worried. Neetu tells her not to worry as the doctor has advised her to rest only. Omi adds that this is the reason why Abhi had to go and pick up Mili. Manju clearly didn\’t like that. RS looks doubtful.

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Mathur Residence

Mrs. Mathur shows Mili a large framed wedding photo of Vishal & Mili and asks for her comments. Mrs. Mathur says that she loved this picture and so she got it framed. She tells Mili to have Vishal put it up in their room. Mili gives her a huge smile. Mrs. Mathur continues, “When you two won\’t be at home, the picture will suffice to relieve me.” Mili agrees and says, “I was thinking the same. When Vishal won\’t be at home, I can express my feelings to him through this picture.” Vishal overhears and taunts, “I too will have to talk to the picture.” Mrs. Mathur looks curious. Mili quickly clarifies to Vishal, “You\’ll need it when I go to my parents\’ home.” Mrs. Mathur accepts that. Vishal is upset and leaves. Mrs. Mathur leaves too, reminding Mili to get ready since Anuj must be on his way. Mili deviously wonders, “What if I don\’t return from my parents\’ home?! And stay at 12/24? I wish something like that could happen.”

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12/24 Living Room

Neetu remarks that both daughter and daughter-in-law are pregnant. Everyone looks delighted. Omi wants to take a photo. Simi looks worried. He pulls out his camera and clicks a picture of Anita and Neetu. Omi loves the picture and wants to click more. Dolly remembers a similar situation of two pregnancies in another family and shares it with everyone. RS and Neetu also add what they know about them. Simi continues to look worried and detached. RS wonders that Abhi hasn\’t returned yet. Manju worries.

Abhi reaches Mathur Residence. Vishal is sitting lonely and pondering. Abhi comes near Vishal. Vishal notices him and looks vexed. Abhi questions Vishal, “What\’s wrong? You don\’t answer my phone calls nowadays.” Vishal replies, “Abhi, I don\’t have anything to talk about with you nor do I want to listen to anything from you.” Abhi questions, “What\’s wrong? Did Mili say anything? Or did anyone…” Vishal interrupts, “Listen Abhi! Mili & I got married. I shared something with you so that you can help me. I made a small request to Simi di to aid me in meeting the man whom Mili…” He pauses in anger then continues, “But what did you two do? In front of Mili\’s parents, my parents were falsely…” He suddenly pauses after noticing his mom. Abhi is in confusion. Mrs. Mathur is pleased to see Abhi. Abhi greets her. Mrs. Mathur wants to know if he is there to fetch Mili. Abhi reluctantly agrees. She forces Abhi to sit down and expresses how happy she is to see him. She asks about Simi and offers tea or coffee. Abhi politely refuses. Mrs. Mathur does not take \’no\’ for an answer and asks the helper to bring tea. Abhi looks disappointed. Mrs. Mathur tells Abhi that Mili is getting ready and will be here any moment. Mili enters dressed in a sky blue salwar kameez. She looks surprised to see Abhi and Mrs. Mathur talking. Mrs. Mathur notices her. Abhi looks shocked and worried. Mili smiles sweetly. Vishal is standing nearby and looks upset. Mili delightedly asks Abhi, “YOU came to fetch me.” Mrs. Mathur remarks, “Ofcourse! If a brother-in-law won\’t worry about his young sister-in-law, then who else!” Abhi looks on in disapproval. Mrs. Mathur continues, “And besides Simi loves you like her daughter.” Mili continues to grin at Abhi. Abhi stares at her. Vishal looks dejected and speechless. Mrs. Mathur looks at Abhi for approval. Abhi hesitantly agrees. Mili excitedly sides with her.

[Video Part 4]

She is ready to leave with Abhi but pauses and asks Mrs. Mathur, “Mom, Today is Raksha Bandhan. Everyone will be at home…Neetu, Brother… So… can I?” Abhi nervously senses what Mili might be aiming for. Mili continues to Mrs. Mathur, “Can I stay there for a few days?” Abhi is dumbfounded. Mili says, “Actually everyone will be together after a long time so that\’s why…” Mrs. Mathur immediately says that she has no problem with that. Abhi looks upset. Mrs. Mathur wants Mili to ask for Vishal\’s permission. Abhi turns to Vishal in hopes that at least he would deny her request. Mili sweetly asks for Vishal\’s permission. Vishal permits her weakly. Mili ecstatically asks Abhi to leave with her. Mrs. Mathur interrupts that she won\’t allow Abhi to leave without having tea. Mili happily agrees to bring tea for him. Abhi gives her a disgusted look.

12/24 KB
Simi tries to excuse herself to call Abhi since she is worried. Dolly butts in and forces her to take a picture with them. Simi tries to decline but Dolly retorts, “Oh ho, why are you worried? He will return soon. He is at Mathur residence and they must be taking good care of him.” Manju looks worried. Simi reluctantly agrees. Omi clicks a picture of Dolly and Simi.

Anita looks at Simi furiously. She immediately feigns a caring look and asks, “So Simi di. You two don\’t come home these days. Abhi acts like he has forgotten his own home.” Manju retorts, “Well they both are happy here.”

Omi still wants to take more pictures. He asks Simi to come join Neetu and Anita. Simi bluntly refuses. Omi looks curious. Simi clarifies with a smile, “Let me get some breakfast and you can take a picture afterwards.” Simi says that she is going to make spinach pakoras. Anita immediately declines stating that the green vegetables should be avoided during pregnancy as they are not clean. Simi kindly offers to prepare something else for her. Anita replies, “No thank you. I don\’t want to eat anything fried. If a dietary breakfast is available then I\’ll take that.”

On the street

Abhi is driving in a van. Mili is sitting next to him. She turns and looks at him lustfully. When Abhi looks at her, she smiles sweetly at him. He looks disgusted but then concentrates on the road. Mili suddenly turns on the radio and the song, Ranjha Ranjha from Raavan plays. She smiles at Abhi. Abhi looks furious. Mili turns the music off. She apologizes to Abhi and tells him to change his expression. Abhi ignores her. Mili notices Abhi hand and begins to caress it. Abhi immediately pulls his hand away. She then caresses his shoulder but he shoves her off. Mili continues to smile and then begins to rest her head on Abhi\’s shoulder. (How obnoxious! ) He is trying hard to repel her. Mili seems upset and questions him why he is behaving in such a way. She says, “Why did you come to pick me up? Because you love me. Then why are you behaving in such manner. There is no one in the car besides you and me.” Abhi replies, “I came to pick you up under compulsion.” Mili retorts, “So it must be God\’s will that we meet each other. It is in our destiny to remain together.” Abhi looks annoyed. Mili continues her rubbish and begins to pester him by pinching his cheeks. The car is in motion. Abhi is trying hard to repel. Mili becomes forceful. Abhi is unable to concentrate on the road. Suddenly, he crashes into a fruit stand. Both Abhi and Mili are in shock.

PRECAP: At 12/24 KB, Raksha Bandhan ceremony has started. Simi is tying rakhi on Anuj\’s wrist. Anuj is looking at Simi happily. Omi looks pleased. Simi feeds sweets to Anuj. RS and Manju are looking at them delightedly. Next, Neetu performs the same ritual.