Pavitra Rishta 4th July 2011 Written Episode

Deshmukh House

Savita is entering her house, and sits down on the sofa with Archana. Archana is wondering why it took so long for Savita to come home. Savita asks Archana why she lied to her. Archana is confused. Savita says I have found out everything that happened at the party, you could not talk in English and you and Manav are in an argument. Savita says I have gotten you something, and tells Archana that learning English is not that hard to learn, the easiest language to learn is English. (Very true!) Savita tells Archana that she has learnt to speak English by reading her English book and by watching TV, and I used to not know English but slowly I started to learn. Savita says now that I have learned it, I will teach you some. Savita says if someone met you, and they asked you “how are you” and you will say what do you do? Archana laughs and Savita tells her not to laugh, and also says that it will be easy for her to learn English as she has gone to school, and I will also teach you English by watching TV, but first since you do not understand I will teach you from the book. Savita says the name of the book and it is an English Speaking Course book, Savita says they will start it today. Archana asks why right now, I have to make dinner, and says we can do this later. Savita says it is not that late right now, it is 9:00, and says we do not sleep early. Savita explains that first they will make dinner, then eat dinner together, watch English on TV, and you will slowly know English. Both aere very happy and enthusiastic about this idea and Savita says she will wash the clothes and asks Archana to prepare dinner in the meantime.

Deshmukh House in the kitchen

Archana is making dinner in the kitchen, and Savita is telling Archana that from now on she will only talk in English, and she says in English no Hindi, and says that you will learn English as you speak in it, ok so talk in English. Archana asks in Hindi if Savita wants to eat any achar. Savita is upset that after telling Archana so much, she is still speaking in Hindi and urges her to speak in English. Savita says now ask me in English, she tells Archana you will say to me aai, achar want, and says how will you ask me? Savita repeats aai, achar want, and says aai you eat. Savita asks Archana to say it in English. Archana says no aai, I can\’t talk in English. Savita says why can\’t you speak in English? Manav has entered the home. Archana says Manav has come, and she leaves the kitchen and offers Manav tea. Manav does not want tea so Archana offers him water. Archana goes to the kitchen and Savita says to Archana I have told you so many times to talk in English, and says you will say it like you want chai, and Savita would say I do. Archana says no aai, I can\’t. Savita says why not, you are my student, so how can it not happen? Archana says no aai, I can\’t do it, and says you can let it be. Savita says she should speak in English to trap her husband or else gori wll come and take your Manav away and you will be saying in Hindi where is my Manav? Manav comes in the kitchen and tells his mother about DK sir and Aashna Ji\’s marriage anniversary on Friday, so I was wondering if you would come. Savita says in English you no pull me, I no coming, and says Archana is coming and says in English you both are going party together boy and girl. No fighting, aunty no coming. Savita strokes her son and Archana and leaves the room. Manav says to Archana that he really wished aai could come to the party, she would like it, I was thinking that you should come too but I was afraid that you would object. Archana says I will come to the party Manav,and repeats that again that she will come to the party. Archana says she will need to buy new clothes as there will be a lot of people from your office. Manav says there is no need for that, Manav thinks to himself what should I do, should I ask Archana for forgiveness, and I am regretting? No, I have to do as Aashna told me to, I will ask for forgiveness in front of everyone at the party, Manav leaves the room. Archana thinks to herself ifshe should tell Manav something, but then thinks not now, he does a lot for me, so I should do something for him too, I will go to the party and I will do as I am expected to. Archana has a smile on her face.

Karanjkar House

Manju and Rasika are both walking in the Karanjkar House, Rasika is saying this Savita is so silly, she did not even realize we were talking bad about her son, and insulting her. Both have a good little laugh over this. Vinod comes and sees Rasika. He greets her nicely and asks her how her club is going. Rasika smiles and says I am doing great, and the club is running great, she asks Vinod where he is going. Vinod says he has to do something at the business, he tells Manju he will be coming late, so do not wait for me to have dinner. Vinod says ok, I will leave now, Manju tells him to come soon. Punni and Ruchi come running and are happy to see their mother. Rasika is also very happy to see her grandkids and says I have seen you after so many days. Rasika asks Punni and Ruchi to come to her aagi (talking about herself) Punni says rudely we don\’t want to come to you. Manju and Rasika look a little shocked. Manju says don\’t say that, she is your grandma and she loves you both a lot. Sulochana comes out of the kitchen and says Manju, you have come. Both Punni and Ruchi are very happy to see their other grandmother Sulochana. Sulochana hugs her two grandkids and Punni says they don\’t want to go that aagi (Rasika) we don\’t like her. Manju and Rasika are angry. Manju thinks to herself that Sulochana aai taught these two kids these things(she is talking about not liking Rasika) Manju thinks you will have to pay for this. Manju tells Sulochana that her and her mother are very tired and tells her to make tea. Manju scolds her kids and tells them to go to bed as it has gotten late. Sulochana nods her head and agrees to make tea. Manju sits Rasika down and tells her to leave it, and that they are just kids. Manju asks Rasika how her and Ajit are. Rasika says what should I say, he comes back every night drunk and makes a tamasha. Rasika says he does not have any job, so he asks me for money so he can get drunk. Manju says I don\’t see the need of Ajit needing a job. Rasika says what are you saying? Manju says you and Savita Caki are kitty party friends, but first you guys are samdans to each other.(samdans mean, bahu\’s mother, or damaad\’s mother) Manju says and the daughter of that home is at your house, so you can remind Savita Caki this all the time. Rasika looks confused and says I don\’t understand what you are saying. Manju explains that when Ajit and Vandu got married, Vandu\’s family was very poor but now Manav has began to earn a lot of money and is rich now. Manju gives Rasika some idea and Rasika is very happy to hear this. Manju says the idea is good, but I will let you decide what you think how you want to use this idea. Manju and Rasika are happy and Rasika has a smile on her face.

At a construction site

A worker has called Manav and Manav asks why he has called him urgently. A worker shows Manav something about the cement, it appears something is wrong with the cement. Manav looks at it strangely.

Deshmukh House

Archana is at her house reading her English Speaking Course book, when she is done reading her book, she watches an Amercian TV show. The American TV show is about a typical family and Archana is having trouble in understanding what it is about. Archana thinks everything is going too fast for her and says this is nothing I can do. Archana says to herself she will need someone to help her but who. Archana thinks Vaishu would be a good help and decides to call her. Archana thinks that if she calls Vaishu then Dharmesh would also get to know this, Archana has another idea and it is to call Aashna Ji. Aashna picks up the phone and she says hello. Archana says to her that she needs her help. Aashna says yes. Archana says after going to Manav\’s office tomorrow, can you come over to our place? Aashna says yes, but is there anything important? Archana says yes, will you come? Aashna says yes I will come, but under one condition, if you wikll make me Kande Poy ( some type of food) Archana says not to worry, and to just come and she will make it. Archana says 1 more thing, Aashna says yes. Archana says please do not tell Manav that I have called you over. Aashna says she will not tell this to Manav, they both say bye.

Deshmukh House the next morning

Savita is sitting a chair and is working. Her secretary is over and The secretary says madam, madam. Savita says were you born correctly, I have told you so many times not to call me when I am working. The secretary says sorry madam, what are you doing by the way? Savita says do you really want to know what I am doing, she tells the secretary about her visiting card and the people who she gave them too, and she is writing all the names down on the paper. The secretary says but why? Savita says I think that people just keep taking the cards. The secretary is saying something quietly to herself and Savita wants to know what she is mumbling. The secretary says nothing in a scared tone, Savita says are you thinking of something? The secretary says no, Savita says I can\’t remember how many people I have given cards too, how can you make me remember? The secretary says Archana madam is over there in the other room. Savita says what is she doing? The secretary says she was watching English TV. Savita looks annoyed and asks how is this something bad? Savita says I told her myself to watch English TV, as she sees and hears people talking in English, then you can talk in first class English, just like how I can talk now. The secretary looks at Savita very closely and Savita asks why are you looking at me, go and get the remote, I will also teach you some English on the TV. The secretary gets the remote and Savita puts on an English TV show. Savita is trying to watch the English show but the secretary keeps saying she can\’t understand any of this, and says since you know, can you teach me? Savita says at least let me watch this. Savita watches the show in enjoyment, the secretary tells Savita that she does not even know what they are talking about. Savita says they are talking about a business and one guy is asking another guy how much money they need, and how to earn more money to build the business. Savita says that they are rich people, so they talk like rich people. Savita says that we are also rich too. Savita gives the secretary the cards, the secretary protests but Savita says that she wants everyone to know that her business is running great. Savita watches something very funny on the English TV show and laughs very hard. The secretary also begins laughing hard with Savita and Savita gives the secretary a strange look.

Deshmukh House in the kitchen

Archana is making food when Aashna comes in the house calling for Archana. Archana comes out and welcomes her and sits her down, she tells Aashna the food will be ready in 2 minutes. Archana goes back to the kitchen to make food. Aashna asks if the food has been made. Archana says yes it has been made, just wait 2 minutes. Archana gives Aashna fresh Kenda Pov and sits down with her on the table. Aashna praises the food and says my work is finished, so now tell me why you have called me here. Archana says I needed your help. Aashna says help? Archana says yes, and tells her whatever happened in the party. Aashna interrupts and says it\’s not your fault at all, and says Manav reacted a bit too much, and says you don\’t have to know English in order to be smart, you become smart by your thinking, and I also said this to Manav. Archana says yes Aashna Ji, but Manav is not wrong either, he just wants me to\’ Archana says leave this, I will tell you know why I have called you here. Aashna says yes. Archana says that she wants Aashna to teach her some English for the next two days, so that when I go to the party, I can talk to some people in English. Aashna thinks to herself, Archana and Manav\’s way of understanding of each other, they are made for each other. Archana says will you help me? Aashna smiles and says of course Archana, but I will need something in return. Archana says last party, you got me ready right? This party I will prepare you, and get you ready in Marathi style. Aashna says ok, I will teach you English, and you will get me ready in Marathi style, right? Archana says definitely. Both Archana and Aashna are very happy and smile at each other.

Precap: Archana and Manav are at the Deshmukh House. Manav is asking about his food and drink. Archana says she will make food for him. Manav says I mean, have you, his sentence trails off. Archana says I have eaten my dinner, and my friend came over so I ate, and I was thinking you would come late.


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