Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th July 2011 Written Episode

The episode starts with the last scene. Ring ceremony is going on (Love RaYa expression Shipra congratulate both of them and ask ayesha to take picture with them. Shipra is taking pictures with Ram Both families congratulate them and having pictures with Ram and Priya. Mamoo comes to ayesha and say what happen are you fine? Ayesha say yes i am fine. Mamoo say i know why are you upset today where priya is sitting you have to b there but some time luck play with us Priya call Ayesha for picture. Ayesha say to mamoo that she don\’t have any problem in this she is happy for priya,she deserve all this and if this happen cuz of her luck then she is proud of her luck Ayesha leaves.

Mamoo say there should b mamoo photo also and he sit between Ram and Priya. Neha and Vikram congratulate RaYa. Natz on phone saying that i can\’t come i am busy in my bro engagement. This is family scene just like HUM AAP KE HAI KON Then she saw karthik and say the person on phone that if you insisting so much so how can i say No. Natz goes to karthik who is standing with guests. she went to him and Hug him (Natz is totally mad) Karthik taker her on side and say what are you doing? There are so many people in the party. Natz say we are engaged and we are not like Ram and Priya boring couple Then she say let\’s go somewhere karthik say are you mad my sister engagement is going on. Natz say this is my bro engagement also. Come with me it is the biggest designer party and he use to like me now i want to show him that whom i have choose. Karthik say what i am not a think that you want to do my exhibition. Then he say infact i want to take you home today we have arrange Kulfi Party for Priya Natz say don\’t b childish i will throw Party for Priya. Karthik say you are impossible and he leaves. Natz call and say 15 min to that phone person

Vikram take camera from camera man and say RaYa that now i will take your engagement picture. Then he say to them that i am not taking your passport size picture so please come close. RaYa come close but still there is space between them Vikram say o Priya that you can see Ram size if he is alone still he didn\’t come in frame and you are sitting so far Come close RaYa again come close. Vikram say more close this is a romantic picture Then he say to Neha that they will not agree like this. Neha pushes Priya on Ram.Vikram take picture and say Perfect
Neha say to Priya let see your room. Ram say what is the use to see room. Neha say after some days you both will get married then that room will b her room also. Ram say after some days not now there is nothing to see in room. Neha whatever is in room Priya will decide what to change and what not. She take Priya upstairs. Ram angry how can she decide Vikram say you are getting married not get use to it Ram say SHUTUP and goes upstairs.
Shipra goes to miss jaffery and say i like your page 3 and she suggest her that there should b some thing about Past like i am ex bormishwar Shipra leaves. Scene shift to Natz who is in Party dancing with friends everyone asking for karthik. Natz say to her secretary that bring karthik in any case otherwise you will loss your job.
Neha showing Priya Ram\’s room. Vikram ask do lyou like your future room? Priya say it\’s nice but lil dark. It just like Ram define. She the saw books and say Shakespeare. I din\’t expect this. Vikram say this is not Ram taste. The designer who design this room say to put books here it will look Good. Ram say it\’s necessary to tell everything Priya puts the book back but with wrong side Ram say her that you are putting it wrong but she didn\’t listen and goes with Neha to see Window. Ram takes the book out and put it in right place. Priya saw this and say i will try to remember this that you like everything perfect.
Vikram intercom and ask for drinks and snacks. Priya say here you order food by call. Ram say yes house is big so we have to. Priya say in my home doesn\’t happen like this. Then she say when i make food i call everyone and then we eat in dinning table. Ram say there should b privacy. Priya say if privacy mean that you should get away from each other then i guess it should good there should b no privacy but then she added this my view.
Neha show Priya Ram\’s wardrobe and say that after marriage more then half of the wardrobe will b yours. Ram say What. Neha say women thing are more then men so that\’s we need more space then she say i have given only two shelf to Vikram and he is perfectly ok with it. she ask vikram I am right baby? Vikram say Yes. Ram say baby so where you put your rest of things BABY Vikram say you have to adjust after marriage. Ram is all confused. Priya say to herself i can\’t believe this that this all is happening with me. The person whom i don\’t like i have to share my life with him
Episode Ends
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