Balika Vadhu 13th July 2011 Written Episode

At haveli\’s hall,
(Gauri\’s shouting, Jagiya stops her)
Gauri continues by saying JaAn marriage was a child marriage and is aillegal one. But they r married in adulthood legally, so she is called the DIL of the house not anandi. All should know the laws first before saying anything.
Basant angrily shouts at her by saying insults of elders can be permissible in her house not here. Gauri replied her parents gave all sansakar to her that\’s y she didn\’t say anything till now. But is this the tradition of this haveli that outsiders can say anything to the member of the family and no one stops them. Without any fault she was blamed, but it is enough now that\’s y she is reacting like that .Her husband tries to speak but all shut him up .All listen to them silently and it is called coward ness.
Jagiya gets angry and scolds gauri that is enough now, Gauri tries say something. But Jagiya says gauri to Shut up, enough is enough, this is enough now. Gauri is heartbroken and rushes back to her room. Jagiya follows her.
Ds is smiling. Rest r tensed and shocked. Anandi overhears while coming back from outside.
All the village ppl and sarpanch leave from there. Sarpanch saw anandi and blessed her.
Bhairon was unhappy and angry and tells Ds that all those things r happened just because of her decision that outsiders r pointed finger at them.Ds assures him by saying she has full faith on her plan .

At Jagat-gauri\’s room,
(gauri refused to say sorry)
Jagat tells gauri if she wants the rights as DIL then she should keep patience and behaves well to elders. What she did is her fault. She should say sorry to everyone. Gauri refused by saying its not her mistake then y she is going to say sorry without any fault. Jagiya again gets angry and shouts that she thinks that it is not her mistake but he thinks that its gauri\’s fault. Now he is going to say sorry on her behalf .Gauri tries to stop jagiya but Jagiya left

At the hall,
(Jagiya says sorry. Anandi defends Gauri)
Basant angrily shouts saying something about gauri like who is she, how dares she, how could she behave like this .J comes there ,ds says to j that G should takes care of haveli\’s reputation. both educated but she behaved very badly.
Jagiya accepted it by saying G made a mistake , she should not behaved like that and says sorry to everyone.
Anandi says all r blaming G, but what is her fault. If she had, then all have to understand y she behaved like that. J married to G. so G is the beendni of the haveli, All should understand this. what she said is not coz of her ill manners ,it is her pain.
Gauri listens all these from above and surprised.
All r surprised too. Sumitra asks her she is the one who was insulted by G most. Now she is defending her. Anandi replies gauri has the right and she is asking for it.
Bhairon says what G is asking for is Anandi\’s right. Anandi replies it is his love but Jagiya married to gauri. He gave her the right of a wife to gauri . so she has the right of DIL too. Truth can\’t change by Bhairon\’s words. Husband-wife have own rights on their relationship.

(Gauri tells Anandi to stop fighting for g\’s rights)
Gauri tells Anandi that how a person could do those things to be like MAHAAN.
She came her to get the right of beendni of the haveli . It is her fight, she can fight for it, she didn\’t ask to take her side .

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