Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th August 2011 Written Episode

The episode starts with Priya family comes in Ram\’s home Everyone meet each other. Dadi say that\’s good that you all have come but one thing i want to say that you should wear goggle today. Don\’t know what will happen when you will see Punjabi\’s arrangements. Nani you have not seen our arrangements that\’s why you are saying like this (Yeh dadi ka background music change karvao.. aisa lagta hai koi tiger aagaya) Sudhir ask Nani let we go inside (Han lagta hai andar jaane se pheley hi bahir nikalvae gi) Nani say yes but where is Ram. Neharika say Ram will b here soon you all come inside.

Neha say to priya that she is looking really beautiful (wo to hai kisi ki nazar na lagey) Everyone goes inside. Priya was about to fall (sambhal k larki) Natz and Priya are having mehndi on their hands. Songs are playing on the background. Natz and Karthik eye romance is going on ( sabar nae hota inse) Natz say this is my special mehndi so it should have great color. Ayesha putting mehndi on Neha daughter hand. She say that sister don\’t you know how to put mehndi look at priya\’s hand her mendhi is on full hand then she say i also want that mehndi. Priya say you will also have same mehndi but there is one condition then you also have to get marry like me.

Dadi say that in our family there will name of our son in our daughter – in law hand so write Ram name on priya\’s hand. Nani say if this is so there will b karthik name on Natz hand. Dadi agrees Karthik say to sudhir it\’s strange that dadi and nani agree on one thing Nani say write Ram name proper in priya hand.. It should b big like my son in law Priya say then my hand will small for this Nani and priya both laughs BALH music in background and priya laughing and Ram in hospital

Natz say to neharika that how can i spoil my mehndi design by writing karthik name Neharika say it\’s only karthik name nothing will happen. Dadi say to Natz that don\’t do what you want. The one who is coming in your life you don\’t have place in your mehndi. Then dadi say make them write the name. Natz say okay dadi and they she say to mehndi girl that write as small as you can.. Dadi then say to girls that let\’s dance now

Neharika and shipra dancing then Dadi and Nani also dance mamoo ji also dancing Dadi then ask neharika that where is Ram? Neharika say he is busy in meeting. Dadi say he is working on his mehndi also. Neharika it must b important he will come soon

Everyone is dancing. Shipra say to priya that Ram is not here call him and asked him. Priya
call Ram and ask him where is he? Ram say i am busy in meeting and i can\’t talk. Priya say Mr kapoor today\’s your sister mehndi you should b here meetings can b later also.. Ram say i can\’t even talk right now. Priya say ok if you think you are right then i will not ask anything.
Priya is sad Shipra say did you call mr kapoor. Priya say he is busy in meeting. Shipra say maybe he is buying company for you Priya say the person who can not give his company to someone how can he buy company for someone (nice dialogue)

Vikram say to Ram that why he is lie to priya? Ram say so what can i do? and i didn\’t lie i have called office employes there will b meeting soon so i tell her in advance (wAH) Ram then say try to understand they all are celebrating their it\’s her mehndi today how can i spoil it. Vikram say if you will not tell her then whom you will tell? Ram say to my family and i have already told them. Vikram say after marriage your family definition will b changed you are getting married to priya so now she is your family so from today you have to share everything with Priya. Ram say i don\’t know her properly how can i share everything. Vikram say the one whom we get married is our life partner and we have to share everything and priya has right to know everything about your life and you have to give this right to her. Then he say now i am telling her truth and he call priya.

Priya picks the phone Vikram say Bhabhi. Priya say Bhabhiii? (Parvati Bhabhi.. oppz priya ab bhabhi ki aadhat daal do) Vikram say i am vikram speaking. Priya say oh okay. tell me. Vikram say actually ram lieto you today at office Ram BP was very high so we admit him to hospital. Priya say why he lie to me. Vikram say no he didn\’t lie actually he didn\’t want fuction to b spoiled. Priya say i understand but he should tell me. Vikram say yea i know but you know what bhabhi Ram has ego problem and he even don\’t know where to show ego and where not. Priya is all quite. Vikram say that\’s why i am telling you all this. Priya say its\’ okay.

Ram say what happen what did she. Vikram say nothing when i tell about you she gets quite. Then he say let me tell you one thing i see some caring in priya\’s when she was quite. You are really lucky that you will have priya (so true)

Office staff come. Ram say to them that i will not b able come in office for 2 days as it\’s my sister marriage. Vikram say ram you have to rest Ram say let me do it\’s all for Natz. i feel good when i do something for Natz. When ishika get married i gift her company now i have to give fashion house to Natz. Nurse come to check Ram\’s blood pressure. Priya come there. vikram ask nurse is there any improvement Nurse say no there is no improvement and there is no chances in future also. Ram say how can you say this in front of patient. Priya standing and seeing all this. Nurse say if patient is doing all his work in hospital so what can we do. Ram say just give me 5 mins. Vikram saw priya and say Bhabhi. Ram say bhabhi?Vikram say my bhabhi. Ram say who is your bhabhi. Vikram say i don\’t have 10 bhabhis. i have only one bhabhi. Ram then saw priya. BALH song in background.

Episode Ends

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