Sapno Se Bhare Naina 16th August 2011 Written Episode

The scene starts with Sonakshi telling convincingly to Naina, her good intentions, and on her face, one sees all sincerity, which sways Naina, into believing her and is almost convinced that waiting for some more time, so that she finds an opportunity to let her parents know. Later, Sonakshi leaves and Naina gets a call from Daksh, and she lets him know that Mr. Joshi might not have said anything about the previous night, since Sonakshi did not tell him about it. Daksh is surprised and she tells him, that she met Sonakshi who told her that. But Daksh finds it hard to believe Sonakshi\’s motives.

At home Supriya is getting ready to go home, and with all sweet talk, she enthuses the family by her cordiality and tells how much she cares for Akruti, and wishes her well. Sonakshi measures her closely, as she watches for her reactions. Then when she turns to Naina, and warmly praises her, almost instinctively, and wishes her the best, and tells her that she too will find happiness, as she has a very good heart and nature. Sonakshi suddenly becomes insecure, and the expression on her face changes, to find that her mother has feelings for Naina. The mother asks her to come with her, but she tells she will wait a while and meet Daksh, and she sends her mother home, to go alone with their driver.

Sonakshi goes to Vibha, and in the room, rummages through some of the clothes of Daksh, and romanticizes, and finding her face sullen, the mother asks her what is bothering her. Whether her son said something to her. She tells that he too is sullen, and wanted to talk to her about something. Then Sonakshi bursts into tears, and cries in her arms, and tells her that Daksh does not love her. He did not even wish her with any affection for her birth day. The mother finds an excuse for her son, and tells her that it is his nature, but she is sure he will spend his whole life dedicated to her, and gives her promise to Sonakshi telling her that she will see that they two will be together. As she is speaking to Sonakshi, in another room, two other people are figuring out how to get out
of their problem.

Daksh and Naina discuss the nuances of Sonakshi\’s position. Daksh wants to unburden himself, and tell his mother everything. Naina asks him to be patient, but he can not trust Sonakshi, and tells Naina, that he has no feelings for her, and the whole engagement was a face saving device, and he went through it, as he had no hope of being with his true love, Naina. But now things have changed, and he can not let things go on as normal. He wants to set things right, and so they decide to go down and meet the mother, and as they near her room, Daksh hears Sonakshi crying and telling his mother something which disorientates him, and both Naina and Daksh watch the scene between his mother and Sonakshi.

Daksh is cut to the core, as his mother is making a vow to sacrifice her son, on the altar of Sonakshi\’s wishes. How unfair, this situation he finds himself in. Here, he knows for sure, that this girl, has not done all this play acting for nothing. It is her way to get what she wants, and she is not only a giddy headed person, but she is a lawyer too, and has learnt the scheming methods from her father. Her other gift is acting, and it is so good, that she can put any one, off their guard. The mother tells her son, that he should take care of Sonakshi, and they all decide to go down to have their meals.

At the dining table, Sonakshi and Rohini make eyes to each other as if they have conspired on doing something. The mother as usual, behaves as if she is a dumb, doting woman, who can not see the subterfuges of people. Rohini advises Sonakshi that she should be a good cook, to entice Daksh. She tells her that she is not only a lawyer, but also a good Chef. So Abhi was the first Chef, and now they have Sonakshi, a lawyer, actor, chef, who sometimes acts like a giddy headed school girl. Lots of talents, are packed in that precious girl. As Daksh and Nain come down to eat, and Naina takes her seat next to Daksh, his mother, requests Naina to move next to Rohini, and let Sonakshi have the seat next to Daksh. She reluctantly but sweetly, moves to the seat next to the vamp, and starts her meal. Sonakshi tries to make a conversation, with a grumpy Daksh, who does not look at any one, but his plate, and at Naina\’s face from time to time. Rohini notices this, and tells him, that a husband should take hints from his wife, and not strangers, meaning Naina and she just puts her face down feeling out of place. Daksh does not reply to Sonakshi, and his mother wants him to talk to her, but he does not care even to his mother\’s advice.

In the pre-cap: Sonakshi, tries to woo Daksh, with her sweet talk, and tells him, that she loves him very much, and she will never be separated from him, and will not allow any one to take him away from her. As he tries to come close, she gets a rude jolt, as he shouts at her, and looks sternly at her face, with such anger, she becomes tame.

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