Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th August 2011 Written Episode

Mein aa gai
To update you guys on the Mami and BLah ki amar prem kahani
Oyeee…saarrry saaryy!!
I mean Naani and Bakri ki prem kahani…
Oyeee…again saarryy sarryyy!!!

I mean we are seeing every possible love angle other than the one they keep on showing on the montage na

Okie so here is the brief Live update…
Will udpate in detail later…

Short update

Naani catches La and bigada nawab laal handed…I mean red handedand kicks her out of the room and tells her to be ready early in the morning for Arti…which apparently La had to be translated for!!
Blah (LA) doesnot know Arti Where has she landed from…Plato
Bigadanawab (ASR) shuts the door on Naani\’s face (Arre pehle hi kiya hota…we would not have been subjected to La\’s blah blah)
Mami sees Naani and La convo and getting hyper on what will happen in the morning…I swear if she takes half the care of her hubby and Pantu beta (Aakash) as she takes of of La she would not have to sing lalalalala
Mami keeps on mumbling in sleep on waking La early in the morning but apparrently gets late in waking herself and so we see mami getting ready in the morning in a hurry (Wah wah! Kya nazara hai)
Blackva (Shyam) calls Khushi and asks where she has been and our Jhalliphulli (Khushi) tells him about her new shop and how she was about to leave Delhi but then changed plans and our blackwa all proudy pompous that it was his thought that stopped her
Blackwa in good mood and Anjali notices this and gets happy
Naani waiting for Blah in the pooja room with the whole family and Mami goes to do wakey wakey Blah blah!! but naani stops her…and ofcoursse Mami makes some blah excuse which her blah husband bhanda fodoes her excuse but she manages to escape to give fire alert to blah blah
Bua telling Jhalli phullli that she could have learnt sewing but apparently she had to learn frying and now they are stuck with it (Arre Bua ,,,it has been ONE day in the business..even Dhirubhai Ambani cannot get breakeven profit of the first day) give the jhalli phulli some break…
haye haye Maami trying to jump from the window! to wake Blah blah!
sleeping booty kabhi nahi uthi Maami is soo funny
she wakes up the female kumbhkaran
and Jhalliphulli gets idea and Nandkisorrreee gets afraid of her ideas
she gets idea of giving mitahis in hotels so that they can make just as much as they require then tehy will supply in 2 stars and then 3 stars and hten 5 stars and finally nandkisorrree agrees…
Arti time and naani wondering and waiting ( I swear all these people do is eat and do puja..aur koi kaam toh hota hi nahi hai ghar mein)
and Blah enters in a navy blue sarong like dress
And Maami impressed she came so early and Blah blah blahs that she has not taken bath while coming here and ophcourse Naani hears this…argghhh can they stop this naani blah nonsense
Naani shouts at Blah
Precap: Jhalli phulli and the bigada nawab thinking about each other

The detailed will be up later

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