Pratigya 17th August 2011 Written Episode

Amma suspiciously asks Difficult Singh the reason for his nocturnal visit , Difficult Singh replies that he came to check the condition , Amma sarcastically tells Difficult Singh that She is not a honored guest who has come for a royal visit and wonders at the concern of Difficult Singh …Difficult Singh manages the situation by pointing out that the girl\’s well being is very vital for SS\’s welfare ..Amma refutes this saying that her Son will get his father back and this girl will be the pawn .

Krishna comes stalking followed by the voice of right/wrong Pratigya..Krishna demands to know the reason for the crowd ** Uh, baba, I know that DS is generously endowed but comparing him to crowd , tcha..How rude **…DS tries to downplay the seriousness of the situatioon..but he had not reckoned Amma and her love of Situation, Amma pips up saying that DS was greatly concerned about the hostage Baba had brought and had come up here to check … An irritated Krishna who just wanted to sleep promises to find a solution, orders piyasiya to lock up the room n handover the key..glancing both at Pratigya and DS Impartially informs them that no one will come anywhere near the room and if they dared then !!…the group walk back to their respective rooms after few exchange of glances between DS n Pratigya..


The Girl in Green, wakes up ..bangs on the door n hollers for someone to open the door.. Amma who had been slicing the Apples orders Piyasiya to check upon the girl .. Piyasiya goes up , does the needful ..gets to know that the girl is thirsty n the girl requests water to quench her thirst.. Piyasiya goes down, informs Amma that the abducted Girl, Sunehri wants some water..Amma\’s twisted brain thinks up some sick game.. tells Piyasiya that she herself will give the water to Sunehri ..orders Piyasiya to get the keys from Krishna ..Piyasiya goes to do her bidding , gets the keys and hands over to Amma.

Amma takes the water and goes upstairs , opens the door ..walks into the room ..smiles pleasantly at the Girl ***Hisss, away, Girl ..Away from Amma ** .. Amma says that since A thakur girl has come to their house, it is only befitting that she must be treated right..Sunehri looks on quietly..Amma continues her good natured bantering for a while… replies gently and with affection that Amma has brought her a glassful of water..Sunehri stretches her hand to take the glass..Amma slowly and deliberately pours it on the floor ..Sunehri is surprised, watches Amma\’s action quietly..Amma tells Sunehri that she can quench her thirst by licking the water of the floor .. Amma squats on the floor opposite to Sunehri …comments with mild amusement and a dislike whether Sunehri expected royal treatment, Amma continues to taunt Sunheri… Sunehri being a true blue Tahkur begins to get angry instead of being scared.. Amma notices this, holds Sunehri\’s jaws firmly, barks at Sunehri for even daring to look at her, pushes Sunehri\’s face to the side and promises o gouge out Sunehri\’s eyes !!

Amma finishes her taunting session adn turns to leave..The unexpected happens, Sunehri suddenly attacks Amma , twists her hand and begins to holler that she is a Thakur\’s daughter and will not be cowed so easily ** Ufff, looks like a WWF match , Kane vs Cena ..who wins ..start polling ** A frightened Amma who never expected the victim to raise up and teach her a lesson , shouts for help !! She calls out to Krishna, Shakthi, Piyasiya … Krishna along with the ever present shadow Pratigya ** How come, all of a sudden kitchen duties has ceased for Pratigya ** n Piyasiya trundle in .. Pratigya rushes in and frees Amma ** Wah, Wah ..Arre Huzoor wah Pratigya boliye ** Amma begins to tell her version of half baked truth .. tells Krishna to teach Sunehri a lesson.. but before Krishna can even think of one Sunehri bursts out and narrates her ordeal at the hands of Amma..An angry Pratigya berates Amma for her petty mindedness , tells her that till y\’day Amma was worried whether SS would be getting his medicine and food but now Amma herself is treating this innocent girl like an animal.. tells Amma that she can expect goodness only when she herself does a good deed ** No , Issues with the words, but the tone..the tone …** orders Piyasiya to get food and water to the girl while Krishna begins to return to the standby mode ..Piyasiya hesitates and gives a sideways glance at Amma, Pratigya with oodles of confidence assures Piyasiya that nothing will happen and that Piyasiya should get the food.. Amma stands there tossing her head and rubbing her wrists, fuming in silent anger ..

Ganga gets Sunheri some food and water and maintains a incessant enquiry about Butter Singh and his activities, Praises SS , tells her that the inhabitants of the Haveli are good souls and not to be afraid !! Ganga again wants to know why Butter Singh demanded ransom and why he abducted SS..Sunheri is uncomfortable..sensing her discomfort..Ganga keeps silence, urges her to finish eating and sits by


DS is trying to convince Shakthi that keeping BS\’s daughter will only increase the troubles for SS and that Shakthi must convince Krishna to release the girl before some unfortunate things happen to SS…

Krishna walks by just then along with his faithful Shadow..Shakthi stops Krishna and tries to reason with him.but Krishna is adamant about not releasing the girl..Shakthi tells him that his actions may actually spur BS to greater mischief and the turmoil will worsen further,,Krishna looks at him levelly , informs Shakthi that the situation has already worsened and that there is nothing to worsen anymore, asserts that only SS\’s release will free the gril from his clutches , warns everyone again against taking any action…walks away into the room..

Shakthi turns towards DS , exclaims that Krishna will not listen to anyone and that he has made up his mind.. DS quietly threatens Shakthi , reminds him about the unpaid ransom, promises that if Shakthi does not get the Girl released , then Shakthi\’s treachery will be brought to light ..after that Krishna will not leave him to live in peace…Shakthi appears scared at this thought..Ds leaves after giving one significant look at Shakthi.


Pratigya is arranging her sarees and hanging them in the closet or rather she is arranging one blue sari and tries to hang it on the closet rod..Krishna walks in..removes his watch, asks Pratigya to handover the towel , Pratigya takes the towel and throws it on the bed, instead of handing over to him.. A exhausted Krishna reins in his temper after one annoyed look at her.. Pratigya is busy hanging that same blue sari on the closet rod ..but the sari has a mind of its own..the hanger does not stay put ..Krishna asks for a shirt..Pratigya temporarily rests her battle with Blue sari, takes out a shirt and throws it on the bed..An annoyed Krishna who mas maintaining a tenuous control over his temper snaps, holds her arms demands to know the reason for her rude behavior ..Pratigya blurts out that she is very much disappointed by Krishna\’s action ..Krishna looks surprised

DS = Difficult Singh/ Sankata Singh

BS = Butter Singh/ Makhnu Singh

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